Jessie’s Mae’s ATC

Today’s ATC is the fourth card I’ve completed for the 10-month ATC Names Swap I’m participating in.  If you’d like more information about this series, see Dawn’s Name ATC.

Jessie Mae provided me with a wonderful list of Favorites from which to draw inspiration for her card.  I knew that I wanted to use her favorite color, Red, from the start, but Jessie Mae will be surprised to learn that I did not originally intend to design an Asian card for her.  My original plan was to create a Ladybug card, since that was unique to the lists I had reviewed to date.  I found three types of ladybugs to choose from when I sat down to create her card, and I eagerly anticipated that moment for over a month!

Of course, wouldn’t you know it – when the time finally came to work on Jessie Mae’s card – I could not find those ladybugs anywhere!  I searched high and low, to no avail.  Ladybugs are tiny little creatures, and those bugs went into hiding!

So much for planning.  Back to the drawing board I went.  I reviewed Jessie Mae’s list again, and experimented with ferns and flowers, but ultimately decided to created an Asian-themed ATC for her – in part, because I felt inspired by the Asian papers and products I was surrounded by for another project I was working on!

Jessie Mae’s card has a black cardstock base, which is hinted at through the sheer vellum kanji border.  Although neither of us read kanji, Jessie Mae tells me the characters say, “Jessie Mae is beautiful and wonderful”, so I believe her!  The handmade paper and the gold photo corner add texture and elegance to the card. 

I don’t remember which alphabet I ended up with, but I lay down and pulled up three sets before finding a font I liked.  The vellum border and black and gold floral medallion are from NRN Designs.

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  1. christina d says:

    It came out beautiful. I know that JM liked it, that's for sure. Shame the ladybugs hid. Maybe they flew away home! LOL!

  2. The Paper Princess says:

    Thanks Christina – and wouldn't you know it, a few days after I mailed JM her card, those sneaky little ladybugs reappeared? Oh well, now that I know their favorite hiding spots, that just means that JM may get a surprise in the New Year! 🙂

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