WOYWW 6 – Cats – And A New View!

Today, the furr-purrs and I decided a new view was in order, so we packed our bags, so to speak, and went a travelling!  Not that we went far – does the ever peaceful Tsunami look like he wanted adventure – or a catnap? 
But we did make it to the other end of the house, where we  camped out in front of the tv for a few hours making cards – and a mess – until it was time to pack it all up again. 
Today’s photos were taken near the beginning of craft time – the table was covered by the time we were done!
Now this photo is for our faithful leader Julia at Stamping Ground, who has been hoping for a close-up of this since I first joined WOYWW!  It is one of several of my CTMH ermbellishment organizers – simply my favorite organizer in the whole house!
Now for those of you who would find today’s post incomplete without a photo of Legend (yes, my boys have their own fan club!), here is my ever-faithful sidekick. He faithfully guarded my supplies while Tsunami napped!
That’s it for today’s edition of WOYWW. Don’t forget to sign up for my One World One Heart Giveaway – I am accepting entries through Valentine’s Day, and announcing the winner on February 15th!

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  1. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oehmgeeeeeee, that has to be the most posh, most beautiful, most organised organiser I have ever seen! Legend and Tsunami combined can't distract me from that! The highly poilshed and reflective surface of the desk not only makes a fab photo of Tsunami, but does you huge credit as a Suzy Homemaker too!

  2. butlersabroad says:

    Now that's what I call an organizer! Makes a lovely ophoto all on it's own, as does Tsunami, love the reflection.


  3. Paula Gale says:

    your boys are super handsome indeed! Being a cat person… what stash??

    I agree with Julia about the photo in the polished surface of the table – very effective.

    Paula x x x

  4. Penni says:

    Tsunami & Legend are soooooo beautiful. I just want to hug them, they are like big teddy bears – adorable.

    I've even been in the Internet to see how much they cost and what they need care-wise, and I know I CANNOT have any more cats at home. We have two and as they are indoor cats I definately don't want anymore using a litterbox. But I can still drool until the time is right!!!! I've seen a few different colours, but my favourites are like yours and I have also seen some beautiful blue / grey ones.

    I'll be saving my pocket money until the time is right and in the meantime I'll just have to drool over your beauties!!!


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