WOYWW 32: Two Cats & A New Project

I am always excited when I have a chance to photograph the boys together, so imagine my delight when I walked into my studio and saw Tsunami and Legend lounging on my desk! I nonchalantly hunted for the camera so they would not suspect the paparazzi was about to overtake them. See how they went on alert the moment the camera arrived? Nonetheless, the photo shoot went quickly, and everyone’s day was off to a good start!

Today I’m making a tag book for a friend. The flowers in the baggie are from WOYWWer Nikki – the rest of the items are from one of the new monthly kits that I received from Stamping With Loretta! I’m in the process of lining up the goodies they sent me to see what I want to use for the book, then digging through my own stash to see what complements the theme. If you’d like to see how my tag book turns out, tune in later, as I’ll be posting my project once it’s completed!

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  1. downrightcrafty says:

    wow what a perfect photograph, the lineage is just amazing how thoughtful of them, I think the sun must have been warming the desk. Thanks for the snoop
    Kate xx

  2. Neet says:

    I am in love – no prizes for guessing – two adorable fur babies. They are gorgeous. Now did I come on here for a snoop or to drool over two cats.

  3. Helen says:

    Great looking desk!

  4. Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... says:

    Lots of yumminess, and two very handsome boys.


  5. jude says:

    Another very busy desk will pop back later to see the tag .Have ahappy Creative Wednesday
    hugs judex

  6. Cheryl says:

    oh morning,hun oh your cats how super cute,are they what a fantastic picture they are looking as though to say so we are on your desk,what you going to do about it oh love it,great things on your desk too,look forward to seeing the finished,item,hugs cheryl xxxxx

  7. Minxy says:

    Aw what a nice way to start your creative day.. a kitty welcoming committee, happy tagging

  8. Sue says:

    Hi ya
    aww what a gorgeous piccie of your cats, they are pretty, luv all the pretty tags on your desk, have a great day, sue,x

  9. Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts says:

    He he! lovely fluffy friends. My dog always knows when I'm trying to take a picture & hides!!!
    Loving the tags. Would very much like to see the finished product. I'm going to become a follower so I can pop back when you've finished x x

  10. Sunshine Girl says:

    Love the look of the tag book – cant wait to see the finished article!

  11. Hands to Work, Hearts to God says:

    Oh what a treat- to see those gorgeous cats lounging side by side! What fun to make a tag book with lots of colorful paper!

  12. Linda Elbourne says:

    That is a great picture and the new project looks interesting too … all in all a fabulous WOYWW post – TFS!

  13. Stressed Stamper says:

    wow tey will need some brushing – what posers!…nice production line going there

  14. Liverpool Lou (Anne) says:

    The tag book is a great gift. Ahh those cats are absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    Anne xx

  15. WW says:

    Those papers look like a lot of fun to play with.

  16. Darcy says:

    stunning photo, really cool! that tag book is going to be gorgeous, look forward to seeing it finished.

  17. Dawn says:

    The boys are handsome as heck! My girl runs to me when the camera comes out! I have a lot of nose shots because she has to get as close as can be.
    Great shot!

  18. Spyder says:

    Love the pussy cat and those tags look like they could be great fun to play with. Have a Great WOYWW!! ((Lyn))

  19. joey says:


    oooh those kittys are too cute! enjoy making your tag book


  20. Flip-Flop Creations says:

    Looks like it's going to be a nice tag book. Your kitties are gorgeous! ~jeni 🙂

  21. Violets Corner says:

    Love your super cute cats!


  22. angeleef says:

    That 'awareness' look looks familiar. I used to be like that when a picture was taken untill I got braces and now can't stop smiling at pictures 🙂 The moments… It's needed if you want to make a nice scrapbook lay-out isn't it? 🙂
    And so much nice stuff on your desk/floor/whateva! Naughty you, using up Nikki's flower stash!!
    Have a lovely day
    ** Evi **

  23. Jane says:

    Your cats are gorgeous!
    Love all those goodies too!

  24. Melissa Miller says:

    WOW! Your kitties are so gorgeous! They make me smile. My big cat Chestnut says *meow* to yours.

    Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa 🙂

  25. Phree says:

    Gorgeous cats, they look so comfy. Lots of lovey stash on your workspace too, have fun creating with it.

  26. judie says:

    those cats are just sooooo gorjuss !!!

    cant wait to see what you have made later on

    judie xx

  27. Daniele says:

    cute kitties

  28. Sid says:

    Tag along time, great cats too !!

  29. Sheila says:

    Sweet cats. Thanks for sharing your space.

  30. Serendipity Stamping says:

    Beautiful furbabies! I have an American Bobtail. Lots of goodies out and ready

  31. Paula Gale says:

    OMG Ramona – i'm in heaven – i've had my long overdue fix of the boys.

    Hopw you are well. sorry i've not been by for a while – but i'm here now and could just ruffle all that tummy fur on your darling boys!!!


    Paula x x x

  32. Loretta Rodger says:

    Oh what lovely kitties, wish I wasn't so allergic! Enjoy the tag goodies, so glad you made a nice book for a friend! Thanks for letting meknow what is up in your stamping world, it is much appreciated.

  33. Lavinia says:

    Hello! I love the tag book you made is great! Love that Acylic look! The cats are Beautiful! I love the picture of them both. How come cats scarper when the camera comes out??? My Mr Binxz does the same thing too! Have a great week Princess!

  34. Andrea - Wales, UK says:

    The boys are gorgeous and I checked out the finished Tag book in your newest post and it is really lovely, like you said a great way to use up leftover papers. I'm sure your friend will adore it.


  35. Julia Dunnit says:

    Ah, a work in progress shot that truly explains why you need a long desk – those amazing cats; they seem to know where you'll be! I'm late to visit and so have had the pleasure of seeing the finished book – love it..and love the simple sentiment of your intention – to brighten a friends day. Perfect friendship.

  36. Anonymous says:

    OMG, those are gorgeous kitty cats! Are they Maine Coons? They look like it. I have three MC cats and they are a precious breed. Love your blog. Marcy

  37. Bluefairy4U says:

    Wow what two beautiful cats. Looks like you got your hands full and all those lovely tags. good luck and hugs Jo. xxxx

  38. Carola Bartz says:

    I LOVE the tag book – and those two cats are gorgeous!!!

  39. Penni says:

    Fantastic Kitty Photo!!!

    My two boys have been to the "Cat Hotel" for a week while we went for a family holiday to London. It's the first time I've put them in a Boarding Cattery, but they survived and so did I LOL !!!! Since we fetched them home on Friday, they haven't left me alone, I think they missed the love of their mummy!!!

    Have a great week.


  40. Rita says:

    Great picture! Funny how they are so alert to the camera. Looks like a fun project, too. 🙂

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