Book Blogger Hop – May 11-17, 2012

Book Blogger Hop at Crazy For Books

Time for another edition of the Book Blogger’s Hop – hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books! This week’s question is:

Who is your favorite book character?
I’ll give you a maximum of two choices, but they have to be from two genres

Frodo Baggins

This is a challenging question, but the first character that came to mind was Frodo Baggins from The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy! I like Frodo for many reasons:

  • He’s a loyal friend.
  • He knows how to have fun.
  • He isn’t afraid to face a challenge.
  • He doesn’t lose hope, even in the face of adversity.
  • He faces his fears.
  • He isn’t afraid to ask others for help.
  • He has heart.

So, who’s your favorite character? Let me know and if you’re visiting from the Book Blogger’s Hop, leave your link so I can visit!

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5 Responses to “Book Blogger Hop – May 11-17, 2012”

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  1. The Muggle says:

    Frodo is definitely great!
    Happy Friday 🙂

    Old email follower (amugglesmagicalbookblog at yahoo)

    The Muggle
    Nominate Your Book Boyfriend

  2. Jenna says:

    Excellent choice. LOTR has a lot of great characters

    My hop response

  3. Kelly says:

    While I too love Fodo, I think Sam may be the more loyal friend. He followed his friend’s dream in order to protect Frodo. Following one’s own dream is a challenge but a friend’s? Wow.
    I have also always had a fondness for Emma from Austen’s book of the same name. She is so flawed but with good motives and I can relate!

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