WOYWW – My Tea Bear by Lynn Lupetti

My Tea Bear by Lynn Lupetti

Happy WOYWW dear friends! This week I am designing my new play space and wanted to show you my first addition to The Creative Corner. The painting is My Tea Bear by Lynn Lupetti, who I met many years ago while honeymooning in Carmel!

I chose this piece of art for The Creative Corner because it speaks to my imagination and my heart. It transports me back to childhood and memories of a time when anything was possible. How many of you remember hosting tea parties for your animals or dolls?

Do you have a favorite piece of art in your creative space? If so, please share it with us at:

Inspire Me Monday

WOYWW 2012 - Paisley Button

Legend is also loving the new space… perhaps a little too much! If you’d like to read about the latest antics of Mister Naughty Pants, you’ll find him at this week’s Wordless Wednesday, giving me “The Stare”!

Legend - The Stare
Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more updates from my new play space!

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  1. patsy
    Twitter: Patsypat

    Oh migosh! Legend looks like a regal LION in this picture!!!! :^) Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. Evelyn
    Twitter: betteronabudget

    I agree, he looks like royalty!!

  3. Shoshi says:

    Wow Joy, what a gorgeous painting, and as always, what beautiful kitties! They both look very regal and grand, not a bit like our 2 girlies! They are both beautiful, of course – Beatrice is so soft and fluffy and chats away to us all the time, and Phoebe’s a fat hefty little lump! Definitely not regal…

    Lynn Lupetti’s style is somewhat reminiscent of Norman Rockwell, another wonderful American artist who captures those magical moments so well! I am sure your painting, with its lovely associated memories, will bring you lots of inspiration in your new creative space!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and I’m so glad you like my tiger! I’ve now finished the page, and done a blog post about it, if you want to hop over and see the final result. I’ll pop over to Inspire Me Monday and see what it’s all about – I haven’t really got the time or energy to join another blog hop at present, but if people would like to see what I’ve done, perhaps I could be a guest contributor lol?

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #2

  4. scrappymo! says:

    That painting is going to look lovely in your newly designed craft space.You will have to show us the finished results!
    Scrappymo! # 26

  5. Inkypinkycraft says:

    A great painting, have fun in your space, trace x 46

  6. Cindy says:

    Lucky you – new play space!! I am nearly starting to outgrow mine – there’s nothing for it, one of the kids will have to go! (only joking). Legend looks gorgeous, and why wouldn’t he like your play space, you’ll be there! Thanks for popping by to see me, Cindy #17

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Legend and I had a GREAT playtime yesterday – I found a new toy for him and he couldn’t get enough of it!
      He is bored by his old ones… have to keep them fresh (although, lately, I think I have been his biggest play toy!)

  7. BJ says:

    Thanks for stopping by and looking round my room I have; an embroidery I did in my teens, a tapestry I did of the desert in America, a handmade lace swan, an embroidery I did a few years ago and some stamped trees. I have a print from Ikea up too but there again I did frame it myself. Ah I have an original painting of some fairies in a ring. I think my mother acquired it from the painter in exchange for driving lessons in the 60’s. BJ#8

  8. Helen says:

    Beautiful picture Joy. I do remember playing tea party and you also bought to mind playing shop and many happy hours in the garden brewing foul smelling concoctions from flower petals – No Chanel No 5 for me 😉 Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 16

  9. Okienurse says:

    Gorgeous painting. Love it! It will look awesome in your new space. I think I agree with Shoshi that Lupetti does have a lot of Rockwell in style! Love Legends main…very regal! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #91

  10. Minxy says:

    All the art I have in my room is either pieces I’ve made or from friends, these are the things that inspire me. Enjoy your painting x
    Happy Wednesday
    Hugz Minxy #7

  11. Joanne says:

    That really is a lovely picture but it’s your puss cats that attracted me.
    Joanne #106

  12. Buttons says:

    What a lovely picture. Yep, I remember hosting many a teaparty with a host of bears, dolls etc. Water for them though, not tea!! Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #6

  13. Angie ...aka Shozzy says:

    The more I looked at your picture the more I could see why you love it …it truely captures the imagination of a child. I am glad handsome Legend love his new space xx#79

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks Angie – he has a much better view than from the previous place – right now he is fascinated by a squirrel nibbling on leaves in a nearby tree! 🙂

      I love the expression on the little girl’s face, and the first gift my husband gave me while we were dating was a HUGE stuffed bear like the one in the photo – so this really brings back happy memories for me!

  14. Sylvia Phillips
    Twitter: SylviaPhillips8

    The painting is so cute! Enjoy your new space!

  15. Twiglet says:

    A lovely picture – couldn’t you just write a great children’s story to explain it ! x Jo

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Twiglet,

      Wouldn’t her art be the perfect backdrop for the right children’s book?
      I was reading about her on her website… her art is own by the White House, the Vatican, and other illustrious collectors…
      who would have ever have thought I’d be in THAT company! 🙂

  16. Brenda says:

    Beautiful painting for your new room. Lucky you honeymooning in Carmel, beautiful place. Hope you like the bread rolls recipe.

    Brenda 3

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      LOVE Carmel – it is truly one of the most special places I have ever visited!
      Those bread rolls sound awesome – thanks for the recipe share on your WOYWW post this week! 🙂

  17. tricia f says:

    Legend looks a real lian and very regal. Just lost my dainty little 3 legged cat and really missing her presence.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tricia 105

  18. Carole says:

    It’s true Legend must be from a long line of royalty. Looking very much like a Lion. The Tea Bear is a delightful addition to any creative space. As I look around my space I see many little things that delight me, whimsical things , like a jar of crayons, or a tray of trinkets. I saw your comment on the Gillian’s blog and was sparked to take a look because “Create with Joy” spoke to me.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks for stopping by Carole – I’m hoping to find and display lots of previously packed trinkets and whimsies in my new place!

      I’m glad you like my blog name – I like yours too! 🙂

  19. Sandy Leigh says:

    Awww…I’ve always loved tea parties and still do! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #13

  20. Pamela says:

    I have a picture of my sister and I (old black and white) wearing “babushkas” and sweaters having a tea party out in the middle of the yard. No bears though. I had a tea party with my granddaughter last week.

  21. Sounds exciting…was hoping you were having time to settle in. Love the Photo and oh your big beautiful cat Legend!~ He’d have lots of fun with my big Baxter (20lbs) and his thinner brother Bailey (11lbs)..they always find their way to anything new.
    Good Luck with finishing up your details, hopefully unpacked and taking time to rest.
    #141 this week.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks so much – would LOVE to see photos of Baxter & Bailey – why don’t you share them with us one week on Wordless Wednesday? (you can be chatty if you like!)

  22. Paula Gale says:

    High Ramona

    What a lovely little picture – i’ve never seen that before, but you’re right, it does envoke memories of pouring pretend hot water. I had a porclain tea set too which chinked when you put the teapot lid on. Wonderful!

    I want to know more about your move because I hadn’t read about it. Have you moved very far, was it to get more space for all of your crafting stuff? lol.

    I’m off to see those pics of the naughty but gorgeous boys – thank you for already stopping by.

    Paula x x x

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Paula,

      I actually have less space for my crafting stuff in the new place than I did in the previous one…
      Will be paring down…
      But the new place is WAY better than the old one, so it is worth the sacrifice!

      Have an awesome week (and who can resist a bit of naughtiness in our cats?) lol

  23. Paula Gale says:

    oops – I meant Hi. Sorry – I was distracted!!!

    Paula x x x

  24. sandeeNC says:

    ahhhh…but he DOES deserves to stay in the window perch for as long as he wishes, he is after King of his domain..and you are but a mere servant in his royal palace! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂

  25. Carol N says:

    Legend definitely has that regal look!! Beautiful! And your painting is definitely inspirational! Hope you have a wonderful day and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #30

  26. butterfly says:

    You can really see the “big cat” in this photo – not so far removed from the lions as we might think! Have a great week…
    Alison x

  27. Bernice says:

    A lovely painting for your creative corner – I think my favourite is a cross stitch picture that says ‘Only dull women have immaculate homes!’
    Bernice #10

  28. I love your tea party picture. It is a wonderful fantasy piece sure to inspire you to many creative moments.
    Your kitty is beautiful! What a face!!

  29. Spyder says:

    Legend is looking very dapper today…watching you craft I should think! Lovely picture too…. I did have a tea set…never had a dress like that though! I wonder what the picture is, in the picture!?
    Have a crafty week HApPY WOywW ((Lyn)) #25

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      How did you know? Legend is like my guardian cat… ever casting his watchful eye upon me! 🙂

      GREAT question about the picture in a picture… it is three bears in the woods!

      Have a wonderfully creative week! 🙂

  30. sandy :) says:

    Yes I remember having tea parties with my pet dog and cat and of course my teddies.. Ahh the memories very cute picture. Sandy 🙂

  31. Katherines Corner
    Twitter: goaskkatie

    part cat part lion! Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy weekend wishes xo

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