Wordless Wednesday – Visiting The Vet

At The Vet With Tsunami

Welcome To Wordless Wednesday At Create With Joy!

Recently, I’ve been reading about ways to keep our pets healthy.
Inspired, I thought I’d dig up a few photos the paparazzi took
During Tsunami’s early visits to the vet and
Promote good pet care among our readership.

I even asked our civic-minded Tsunami to
Share a few thoughts about his experience.

Naturally, he agreed to do so.

If you have ever wondered what goes through your pet’s mind
When you take him to the vet –
Here’s a chance to peek into the mind of a pet firsthand!


What do you mean, I’m at the vet?

I thought we were going to the beauty parlor!
I’m here for a bath and a massage!


You want me to get on that scale?
I don’t think so!

Did I Hear Dogs

What did I just hear?
Was that a dog?
Don’t tell me that they let dogs in this place!

How Long

How long did you say that wait was going to be?
I have places to go and people to see!


At last!
Something to play with!

This is more like it!

Heart Exam

Hey – don’t get fresh with me – we just met!
You haven’t taken me out to dinner
Or brought me catnip!
I am
NOT that kind of cat!

Oh well guess the PSA needs a little more work!
At least no vets were harmed in the shooting of this pictorial…
And I’m sure that Tsunami isn’t looking at the vet’s jugular
In our feature photo…

Seems Barbara Webster was right:

One reason we admire cats is their proficiency for one-upmanship.
They always seem to come out on top,
No matter what they are doing,
Or pretend they do.

Thanks for joining us for
Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy.
Have a fabulous time at this week’s party!

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96 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Visiting The Vet”

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  1. Tsunami is quite the gentleman about it all. He perhaps would be a little more vocal if he was getting shots, which he should get every year (in keeping with your remind your readers to take good care of their pets). My Boyz don’t take to the Vet quite so easily. Their little brains would be thinking “Get me the %**!# out of here”. They were raised by a feral Mom who taught them to fear the unknown. Diva The Devil Child, on the other hand, would be saying … “What’s in it for me? What do you have that I could play with or eat. If I have to be here, I intend to enjoy myself.” They are all different and wonderful:)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Your comments are so funny Andrea.
      I must say, they were much more compliant as kittens than they are now.
      As kittens, they did not mind the car travel – now, I get the requisite protests!

  2. Loy says:

    I loved the captions–“I’m not that kind of cat!” very funny. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Tsunami’s behaving well. That pic of him on the sink, so cute.

  4. I’m a bad cat mom. I’ve had mine for a little over 2 years and haven’t taken him in for a check up!

  5. You did a great job at the vet. I know some dogs that have issues going. Happy WW!

  6. Erika says:

    Tsunami is one laid back cat! Every cat I know spits feathers at the mere mention of a vet!

  7. JP @ A Quiet Corner
    Twitter: IamjpJP

    My Vet here in CT is great with my dogs…it makes all the difference as a pet owner!…:)JP

  8. kymi says:

    This was such a cute post! I always admire the way your cats look they are very gorgeous. Have a super day!

  9. Natashalh
    Twitter: natasha5887

    What a fluffy kitty! I love his ears, too.

  10. Melissa B
    Twitter: RecentBooks

    I love your comments for your Vet visit! =)
    Great photos! =)

  11. Sorry, Tsunami; the vet visits never get better! Hugs & belly rubs!

  12. Jennifer
    Twitter: jennyevolution

    Thanks for linking up to Wordless Wednesday Bloggers!


  13. beautiful card! Love the Tsunami photos and story!
    Have a great week. Vickie #11

  14. Paula J says:

    Tsunami’s commentary is pretty funny! When my cats go to the vets they lean up against me and hide their heads under my arm.

    Happy WW 🙂

  15. Lisa Isabella Russo
    Twitter: artbylr

    That is one seriously adorable kitty! He also seems to be pretty okay with his vet visit, which is fantastic.

  16. Janet Roper says:

    What a very brave and relaxed cat for the vet visit! Please let me know the secret to that 😉

  17. Amy says:

    That is such a beautiful kitty! So sweet. 🙂

  18. Lily @Militaryfamof8 says:

    I just love his look 😉 and the captions are awesome!

    Thank you for hosting WW with a linky, I have a linky on mine as well if you’d like to visit 😉

  19. Jeri Lynne says:

    My furry children always give me the cold shoulder after vet or spa days. Spoiled brats! Have a great week, y’all!

  20. Kiks says:

    somebody’s being pampered 🙂 lovely cat…

  21. Joyce says:

    He is just so beautiful! One of my cats, Charlie, is laid back at the vet like he is….the staff is always amazed. Guess they don’t see that very often!

  22. Kate says:

    I tell the guinea pigs they are going for a manicure when I take them to the vet.

  23. Michelle @ The True Book Addict
    Twitter: truebookaddict

    Great shots and, Tsunami, you’re a card. 🙂 It was really great of the vet to let you take her picture too.

  24. Sarah says:

    Your cat is gorgeous and I love the name! My Cats tear through the house like Tsunami’s sometimes – usually just after being fed! Protein rush!

    They are usually pretty cute and purry at the vets and they make the vets go all gooey eyed! Murphy does a good line in swearing sometimes though.

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  25. Kaye Swain says:

    Oh my, you should hear me laughing right now! Especially since I have a granddog who makes the reverse comment at the vet – “What do you MEAN? HOW can they allow CATS in this establishment. The HORROR of it all….” 🙂 Have a blessed and beautiful week.

  26. Hazel Moon says:

    Our dogs are NOT fond of visiting the VET either. Thank you for sharing your cats visit to the Vet at Tell Me a Story. It looks like it might have been a fun visit.

  27. Julie MRB says:

    What an utterly adorable cat! Those tufty ears are just great.

  28. mel says:

    Haha I love the play by play- too funny! Tsunami is just adorable!

  29. mel says:

    SO SO CUTE!!!!!


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