Natural Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats Review

Tsunami Discovers Natural Balance Perfect Bites
Hi everyone, it’s Tsunami! Did you know my parents call me Mister Nose? That’s because I can sniff out good food the moment it comes in the door!

Today, Mom brought me a box filled with free goodies from  That box smelled rather extraordinary, so I went to check it out. When she opened it up, out popped two bags of Nature Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats – just for me!

Natural Balance Perfect Bites in Salmon and Rabbit

(Okay, I know I’m supposed to share them with my brother. But – he’s not around at the moment and I am – so these treats are mine – all mine!) sent me two of the three Natural Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats flavors to try out – Salmon and Rabbit. (Too bad my favorite flavor, Chicken, wasn’t in the box, or I would have gobbled it down in one sitting!)

Mom decided I should sample the Salmon because her first pet was a Rabbit, so she didn’t feel quite right offering me that choice!

(Not to worry! Dad has no such compunctions. I’m sure he’ll sneak me a bite when Mom isn’t around!)

Natural Balance Perfect Cat Treats - Salmon 1

See how Dad spoils me! He feeds me treats right out of the palm of his hand!

(Notice how focused I am on each little morsel? I don’t want to miss a single bite!)

Of course – when I get hoggy – his hand gets tired and onto the table it goes!

Natural Balance Perfect Cat Treats - Salmon 2

Fortunately for my figure, Natural Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats are only 1 calorie per treat – so it’s okay to splurge!

And, like other Natural Balance products, they don’t include corn, soy, wheat, or any artificial flavoring colors! That’s probably why they taste so good!

If you’re looking for some healthy treats for your cats – give Natural Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats a try! And, if you’d like to learn why Mom relies on Chewy.Com to deliver our cat food to our doorstep – check out her Chewy.Com review!

Disclosure: Mom and I received samples of this product for review purposes (although – let’s be honest – Mom did not sample the product!) We were not financially compensated for this post. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own, based on our experience with the product.

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  1. Ruth Hill
    Twitter: ruthhill74

    Our 14 cats would love these! Following you from Caturday hop.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      14 cats? Did I read that right? Wow, Ruth – you might win the award for “most cats in one household” award!
      Please – join us for Wordless Wednesday and post some photos! 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I LOVE posts from the cats mouth! It looks as though Tsunami likes those lovely treats anyway 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

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