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Know Orphans

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Know Orphans – Book Review

If you are considering adopting a child and want to learn if transnational adoption is right for you…

If you hear God’s call to “care for orphans” and want to learn more about how you can become involved…

If you want to learn more about how other churches and ministries are responding to the global orphan crisis so that you can be part of the solution…

Then add Know Orphans – Mobilizing The Church For Global Orphanology by Rick Morton to your list of must-read books!

Know Orphans is Rick Morton’s provocative follow-up to Orphanology. In his latest book, Rick provides families and churches with the biblical framework for a gospel-centered response to the growing global issue of orphan care.

Rick addresses three distinct areas associated with global orphanology in this book:

  • First, Know Orphans provides readers with realistic perceptions of the challenges and rewards adoptive parents face in transnational adoptions. Rick provides an in-depth look at criticisms of the movement, discusses the need for reform, and provides an honest evaluation of what adoptive families can expect.
  • Next, Know Orphans offers solutions for the church in remedying the ills and deficiencies surrounding the church’s role in equipping and supporting families before, during, and after the adoption process.
  • Knowing that the church’s response and attitude should be one that goes beyond adoption, Know Orphans also addresses the complexities of how Christians are to respond ethically, compassionately, and comprehensively to the biblical call to care for orphans.

Know Orphans is a well-written and well-researched book with the potential to change your perspective on adoption – and on the world you live in!

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

About Rick Morton

Rick Morton

Rick Morton is the Associate Pastor for Discipling and Equipping at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, Tennessee. He and his wife Denise are the parents of 3 children who joined their family through adoption from Ukraine.

Together, the Mortons played a part in co-founding Promise 139, an international orphan-hosting ministry based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In addition to local church ministry, Rick has spent more than a decade as a college and seminary professor.

Rick has served on the faculties on New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Bryan College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary teaching in the areas of youth ministry, Christian education and leadership, and he was one of the co-founders of Clarity Publisher and innovators of the Student Life and Life Bible Studies which were the first online Bible study series for students and adults.

Rick is a preacher, conference leader and author with numerous articles and books to his credit.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.


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  1. LuAnn Braley
    Twitter: KentuckyGal

    I appreciate the honesty with which Mr. Morton infused the book. Adoption, while a worthy goal, is not all hearts and flowers. It’s good to have eyes fully open going in. Those not called to adopt personally can still contribute to the care of the world’s orphans in some other way.

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