Casting The Net by Pam Rhodes

Casting The Net

Casting The Net – Book Review

When I was a child, I was raised in a religious tradition that put religious people on a high pedestal. I was taught that people of the cloth were different than us – holier, wiser, and not prone to the same mistakes or yearnings as us “mere mortals”.

Obviously, that type of upbringing led to much heartbreak and much disillusionment over the years.

If I’d read a book like Casting The Net by Pam Rhodes early on, I might have had a different perspective on the struggles of those who serve in ministry.

Casting The Net – the second book in The Dunbridge Chronicles – is part of the ongoing story of Neil Fisher, a second year curate at St. Stephen’s whose assignment in the small town of Dunbridge proves to be anything but dull!

As a young single vicar, Neil has been trained to minister to the spiritual needs of the church – but now he is faced with real live people with real live problems. We are privy to his behind-the-scenes spiritual struggles as he attempts to minister to those under his care – and resolve his own spiritual questions and issues that arise along the way.

We are also privy to the diverse band of characters that live in the town of Dunbridge and attend St. Stephens – including meddling moms, nosey neighbors, and husband-seeking singles!

Neil is not your typical priest or pastor – at least, he’s not the typical priest or pastor you’re used to reading about in most conservative Christian fiction books!

Nonetheless, Casting The Net portrays a real man and a real community dealing with real life struggles while trying to live out their Christian faith in the best way that they know how.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book as Neil attempts to administer grace to one of his parishioners during a very difficult and spiritually trying time:

I don’t know all of the answers, Jeannie. None of us can. But I do know without a shadow of a doubt that prayer has power. God listens and he cares. We pray every day for his will to be done – but we have to allow that to happen, even when we can’t understand.

If you’re looking for a different type of story – check out Casting The Net.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

About Pam Rhodes

Pam Rhodes

Pam Rhodes is an English television presenter who is best known for presenting the long-running religious television program, Songs Of Praise, on BBC.
Pam also writes for the UK National newspaper, the Daily Mail, and is a successful novelist. Her published works include The Dunbridge Chronicles Series, With Hearts and Hymns and Voices, and four other novels.

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