Waiting For Wonder – Book Review


Waiting For Wonder – Book Review

What would your life be like if others knew you and identified you for the thing in your life that you were most ashamed of?

Could you imagine walking into a room of strangers and being introduced as a (fill in your own nightmarish blank)?

That’s how Sarai – wife of Abram – is introduced to us in the Bible, according to Marlo Schalesky, the author of Waiting For Wonder. Sarai is introduced to us as barren – the most shameful, hopeless, and cursed of conditions in biblical days – with her childlessness emphasized in case we missed the point.

Thankfully for her, that is not the end of Sarai’s story.

In Waiting For Wonder: Learning To Live On God’s Timeline, Marlo uses the story of Sarai and Abram (along with examples of other biblical and modern-day contemporaries) to show us how God can call us and take us from the place of our deepest shame and use those experiences to transform and redeem us and others in our lives.

Through her biblical teaching, Marlo also helps us to gain insight and trust in the God who keeps the promises He makes but does so in His own timing.

Waiting For Wonder is a beautifully written book that will deepen and sustain your faith as you work through the wounded places in your life.

I highly recommend this book to you!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.


About Marlo Schalesky


Marlo Schalesky is an award-winning author of ten books, including Wrestling with Wonder: A Transformational Journey Through the Life of Mary. A regular speaker and columnist, she has also published nearly 1,000 articles in various Christian magazines, including “Focus on the Family,” “Today’s Christian Woman,” “In Touch,” and “Marriage Partnership.”

Marlo lives with her husband, six young children, nine horses, two dogs, five cats, two parakeets, ten rabbits, two chinchillas, three hamsters, and a bunch of fish in a log home in Salinas, California.


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  1. Marie Moody
    Twitter: Xmasdolly

    Dang, this woman has a full life that’s for sure.. I had four children and I thought that was a lot. WHEW! I would love to get this book and let my son read it. In accordance as to what is going on with his life right now I’m sure it would help him tremendously. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LuAnn Braley
    Twitter: KentuckyGal

    Well, we’re close in number to the author’s family’s pets…but ours are just dogs and cats. :O) Sounds like a great book! I don’t worry about being introduced any certain way, I just worry that there’s like a billboard above my head that announces all the bad things I’ve done or that I am (and yes, don’t worry, I know there’s not one really there.) 😉

  3. Brandi Raae says:

    Sounds like another good book! Goodness, you are inspiring me to get my bloggy act together. I’m already behind on posts this year. 🙁

    Thanks for linking up with Literacy Musing Mondays!

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