Why Is Bible Journaling Important? Inspiration And Tips


If you are looking for a meaningful way to deepen your relationship with God, then the spiritual discipline of Bible Journaling is for you! No matter where you are in your spiritual life – whether you’re seeking God or embracing His goodness, whether you’re living in fear or walking in faith, whether you’re growing in […]

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The Book Nook At Create With Joy #26 Featuring Attend

Book Nook 200

Welcome to the Book Nook At Create With Joy! Welcome to the Book Nook at Create With Joy – a place where book lovers from around the world gather to share their collective love of books, reading, and all things literary! We are a family-friendly community of bibliophiles from all backgrounds – readers, bloggers, book […]

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Craving Connection – Book Review

Craving Connection

Craving Connection: 30 Challenges For Real-Life Engagement – Book Review Each of us was built for community. We were designed to develop lasting friendships and to live in thriving relationships with one another. But – in a technological age where we often don’t know the people who live around us, where we often lack the […]

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The Parables Of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional – Book Review And Giveaway

The Parables Of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional

The Parables Of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional – Book Review Have you ever done a Bible Study that focuses specifically on the parables of Jesus Christ? I haven’t – so I was particularly delighted to discover The Parables of Jesus Coloring Book Devotional by Laura James and Katara Washington Patton – a book that invites […]

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Learn How To Worship God Through Scripture Doodling

ScriptureDoodle And ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises – Book Review One of my biggest blessings this year has been browsing the websites, blogs and social media accounts of the talented women who fill their Bibles and spiritual journals with page after page of inspiring artwork filled with praises and prayers to God and beginning the process of […]

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66 Ways God Loves You – Book Review


66 Ways God Loves You by Jennifer Rothschild – Book Review When you read the Bible, how do you approach your time in God’s Word? Do you come to the Bible to study its precepts – to learn doctrine and theology – to find out God’s will for your life? Jennifer Rothschild says that God’s […]

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Christmas Quiet: A 25 Day Devotional Coloring Book – Review And Giveaway


Christmas Quiet: Receiving The Gift Of His Presence – A 25-Day Devotional Coloring Book – Review The holidays are upon us and it’s time to make some very important choices. Will you spend your days frantically running from activity to activity on our over-stuffed calendars, trying to find happiness in things that are fleeting, or […]

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40 Days To A Joyful Motherhood – Book Review


40 Days To A Joyful Motherhood – Devotions And Coloring Book To Nourish Mom When we enter into motherhood and move through that new season of our lives, it’s often challenging to find time to care for and nurture ourselves in the midst of raising a family. That’s why Sarah Humphrey – a wife and […]

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The One Year Book Of Healing – Book Review

The One Year Book Of Healing

The One Year Book Of Healing by Dr. Reggie Anderson – Book Review Dr. Reggie Anderson – a highly acclaimed, award winning rural doctor and Christian author – wants to share what he has learned after practicing medicine for over thirty years: that God loves us and wants to heal us of those things that […]

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The Book Of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn – Book Review

The Book Of Mysteries

The Book Of Mysteries – Book Review September 6, 2016 marks the launch of a book that is like no other book I have ever read – a book with the power to transform your entire perspective on life. If you would like to explore the revelations the Bible contains in ways you’ve never heard […]

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365 Pocket Morning Prayers – Book Review

365 Pocket Morning Prayers - Packaged

365 Pocket Morning Prayers – Strength And Joy To Begin Each Day If you are interested in improving your prayer life or are looking for a portable prayer book that you can use as a daily devotional, then 365 Pocket Morning Prayers – Strength And Joy To Begin Each Day is worth considering! 365 Pocket […]

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