The Wellness Revelation – Book Review

The Wellness Revelation

The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton – Book Review How would your life be different if you could lose what’s weighing you down and be free to live the life you were created for? That’s just one of the tantalizing questions that Alisa Keeton, the founder of the Christian-based program Revelation Wellness, asks you to […]

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The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less – Book Review

The Weight Loss Shift

The Weight Loss Shift by Michelle Hastie – Book Review Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Are you tired of trying diet after diet and exercise after exercise regimen without long-lasting success? Are you tired of tying your self-esteem to the image that you see when you look in the mirror, […]

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Skinnytaste Fast And Slow – Book Review


Skinnytaste Fast And Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix And Slow Cooker Recipes Are you looking for a cookbook that can help you achieve your personal and familial health goals – a book featuring mouth-watering recipes that are relatively quick and easy to prepare – a collection that offers a wide range of recipes including vegetarian, gluten-free and […]

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The Dude Diet – Book Review


The Dude Diet by Serena Wolf – Book Review Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nutritionally-challenged guy with a broadening waistline asked a health-conscious chef (who just happens to be his girlfriend) to help him lose weight and improve his diet? The answer lies in The Dude Diet: Clean(ish) Food For People […]

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Meditate Your Weight – Book Review

Meditate Your Weight

Meditate Your Weight – A 21-Day Retreat To Optimize Your Metabolism And Feel Great – Book Review Okay, before I begin to review this book, I’m going to be totally honest with you: meditation is not my thing. Sitting quietly in a dark room, taking deep breaths, chanting mantras and doing all the things one […]

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Transform – The Secret To Unlocking The Perfect You – Book Review


Transform by Dede Barbanti – Book Review If you could choose anything you wanted to help you achieve your health and fitness goals what would it be? Would you pack your bags and book a vacation at a wellness spa like my husband? Would you purchase a membership at your local gym like my neighbor? […]

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Stop The Diet I Want To Get Off by Lisa Tillinger Johansen – Book Review

Stop The Diet I Want To Get Off

Stop The Diet I Want To Get Off – Book Review Are you looking for reliable, common-sense information about what you should and shouldn’t eat, but find it hard to navigate through the countless maze of diets that promise miracle results, but never seem to make a dent anywhere except your wallet? Would you be […]

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Who’s The New Kid? By Heidi Bond

Whos The New Kid

Who’s The New Kid? – Book Review As the mother of a beautiful but once morbidly obese girl, Heidi Bond knows what it’s like to fear for her daughter’s future. She knows what it’s like to watch her 3-year old daughter gasp for breath each night because she has sleep apnea. She knows what it’s […]

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Slimming Meals That Heal by Julie Daniluk

Slimming Meals That Heal

Slimming Meals That Heal – Book Review If you are trying to improve your health due to chronic illness, food allergies, or obesity, consider adding Slimming Meals That Heal – Lose Weight Without Dieting, Using Anti-Inflammatory Superfoods by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Julie Daniluk to your health and wellness toolkit. Slimming Meals That Heal explores the […]

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Harley The Cat – A Weight Loss Success Story #HillsPet

Harley - Thumbnail

What Should You Do If Your Cat Is Overweight? For the past few months, Create With Joy has participated in an exciting campaign designed to raise awareness of the plight of overweight pets and to help pet parents learn how they can prevent or reverse that trend in their pets. According to the Banfield Pet Hospital State […]

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Redefining Love Leads To Healthier Pets – #HillsPet

Magellan - The Day He Arrived

How Do You Show Your Pets Love? Four months ago, Magellan – the latest addition to our feline family – sauntered into our lives. As you might imagine, we anticipated his arrival with great excitement. We were eager to bond with Magellan and show him just how much he was loved! Creating strong bonds of […]

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Pets Gain A New Leash On Life With #HillsPet Metabolic Diet

Magellan 2

Moments With Magellan I am blessed to be Magellan’s mom. Magellan is an active, healthy, 6 month old Maine Coon kitten who is growing by leaps and bounds! Magellan has a hearty appetite – but he is always on the move, always burning off calories – always keeping us on our toes! Today, Magellan is […]

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The New Bible Cure For Weight Loss by Don Colbert, MD

he New Bible Cure For Weight Loss

The New Bible Cure For Weight Loss – Book Review I am always on the look-out for information that will help my family lead a healthier lifestyle. Frequently. I find myself gravitating towards books that deal with the topics of health, nutrition, and weight loss. The problem with reading these books is that everyone in […]

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