WOYWW 2 – Cat Chat – Frugal Finds

This is my second What’s On Your Work Desk Wednesday Challenge post and I am still feeling a tad shy about baring my mess for the blogosphere to see, but today, I’ll dip another toe into the water and give you a larger look at my clutter!

I am blessed with a large workspace – or what would be a large workspace if only I could keep it clear! Of course, when it is clear, it is filled with kitties anyway, but fur angels I do not mind!

Once again, Legend is taking center stage for this shot. He is enjoying lounging on a relatively clear space for once!

My desk is L-shaped, and the first photo shows that the base of the L has become a clutter magnet over the past week. The most interesting items in this photo are the pretty lavender mailbox (that calls to me – “alter me for the spring!”) and the new basket it is sitting in, for they are part of my Frugal Finds from Michael’s Dollar Days Extravaganza this weekend! Here are some of the treasures I unearthed last Sunday – all, of course, sprawled messily across my desk!
The second photo contains a peek into the basket. I purchased four rolls of beautifully decorated packaging tape which, of course, will not be used for wrapping packages, but will instead decorate cards, ATCs, scrapbooking pages, and anything else I can think of! They also had stamps – my other Achille’s heel! I purchased every inspirational word stamp I could find, and one alphabet stamp to use as a monogram (since I couldn’t afford the entire alphabet!)
I love beautiful office supplies. One of my goals for the new year is to beautify my workspace, inside and out! Because I particularly dislike plain manilla folders, I could not resist adding these beautiful folders to my shopping cart when I saw them! I had been planning to alter some folders this year and I still may, but this will give me a head start on chasing down some of my unruly paperwork!
I also love journals and notebooks so I was amazed by the selection they had in their dollar bins! I could have spent the day going through them all but I was good and limited myself to two. I am an avid note taker so I go through notebooks in no time at all!
And, because I’m picky when it comes to interiors, I was thrilled that the insides of these books are pretty and color coordinated as well!

Now, these were great finds for a dollar, right? But the best part was I had a 20% off of my entire purchase coupon – so all of my dollar items only cost me 80 cents that day!

So, what do you think of my mess? My frugal finds? My ever faithful crafting companion? Are you ready to join in the cathartic fun? Share your comments with me, then jump over to Kindred Spirit Julia’s Stamping Ground to see more workspaces and join in more WOYWW fun!

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  1. NormaJean says:

    Hi I love your space, and your great finds. funny how kittys are mine do the same thing,they either lay across my desk on in my chair..
    hugs Norma

  2. Wipso says:

    Lovely crafting space. Great finds. Glad you've joined in the fun.
    A x

  3. Linda Elbourne says:

    You might be new to this … but you are good at it … love your finds … I love stationery too … have to buy it everytime I see it … see you next week X

  4. Julia Dunnit says:

    I think it's an attention thing with Legend. Not because I'm a cat therapist or anything, just becaue if I was visiting you, I'd want to sit at your desk and gaze too…..your shopping spree and the reasons for it – could've been ME! Except the inspirational stamps..I am at last, over them (probably because I have so many!) ….one day I'll point you to my blog post about it! Great WOYWW Ramona – no need to be shy….and I'm so happy to be working with something you like. Mmmmmmmmmm. Basic Grey….!

  5. Linda Elbourne says:

    Am I going ever so slightly mad … I am sure I left a comment earlier today … spooky???
    I think I said … this might be your first time … but you are very good at it :0) I love stationery too … a lot … well it was something like that anyhoo!

  6. Kay says:

    What a gorgeous kitty! That workspace is not messy, trust me and I love your finds.

  7. Linda Elbourne says:

    What a doughnut … you probably have n't approved my first comment yet … Hey Ho! Now you have … erm… three *LOL*

  8. Twiglet says:

    Thanks for dropping into my blog – I shall be back to look at all your gorgeous card making!

  9. Pam says:

    Loving the tape and those sentiments stamps and who would't love the kittie, although I am glad he is on your desk and not mine as I'm alergic!!

    Hugs Pam

  10. Susie Sugar says:

    Oh those stamps are lovely I want them …..I mean I need them !! lol
    Hugs Susie xx

  11. butlersabroad says:

    Love the clean desk, there's a girl after my own heart!! I too have some of those rolls of packing tape for $1, but I've never seem those lovely stamps at my locals Mikes. But I did score today in the clearance section of the bridal dept and got loads of beautiful tiny flowers for pennies.

    Love the kitty, when I was growing up mine would cling to my shoulder where ever I went, must have been a parrot in a prior life!


  12. Nicks says:

    Now…. come on be brave we want to see the rest of the desk!
    Love your Bargain buys, dont think we would find anything so gorgeous in our Pound Shops!
    Your Cat it beautiful and very similar to my childhood cat Mindy xxx

  13. Ann says:

    Some grand names your cats have there. A grand crafting space too and all those lovely bargains. Waiting to see what you make with them.

  14. Linby says:

    oh I love that tape and the rest of your finds – lovely journals. The wooden stamp on my desk is from http://www.123stitch.com/ originally I used them for my x-s supplies but now they do stamp stuff too.They are a US company so shipping would be cheaper for you!

  15. Julia Dunnit says:

    Ok Ramona, here's the 'controversial post' on my blog. Actually, it was quite early in my blog days and I think it was quite mild…certainly took me a whole paragraph to get round to it..you may need to make a cup of tea before you access it then!

  16. christina d says:

    Gee, I wish I had your at. I seem to miss the good sales. I am working on my work space too so I have more room for art.

  17. Gez says:

    Hi Ramona, you have a lovely workspace & your cat looks adorable. Well done on the finds. Thank you for visiting my workspace. Have a great weekend. Gez.

  18. Reta says:

    I'm back this morning playing catch up on your latest postings of Christmas cards, bargin shopping and working on your work station with Legend. He's a real ham when it comes to taking his picture.

    I really enjoy your explainations on how you created each listing with your various supplies etc. Have fun and keep up your creations for us to view.

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