Organization: Beautiful Bountiful Buttons

I’m not sure when my fascination with buttons began, but somewhere along the line, I discovered that buttons were good for more than fastening one’s clothes, and a love for this versatile embellishment was born!

I collect buttons in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

I count pretty delicate buttons with intricate floral and filligree designs among my favorites.

I adore butterflies, dragonflies, and other unusual shapes.

I prefer shankless buttons since I use them for crafting and not for sewing.

I like the threaded look but sometimes decorate them with rhinestones and other sparkly gems.

I currently store most of my buttons in a Cropper Hopper Embellishment case, but in the right environment, I could easily envision a shelf or a spice rack lined with symetrical jars filled with a rainbow of these beauties as well.

Here are a few cards I’ve created that highlight buttons as an embellishment:

You can read more about With Love, my Vintage Lace and Button Card, here. You can read more about my White On White Flower & Button Card here.

If you would like to celebrate your love of buttons with other aficionados, then check out Button Floozies!

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  1. Wipso says:

    Thanks for sharing those with us. I just love buttons too. I have very happy memories of playing with Mum's button box when I was a child 🙂
    A x

  2. Marlene says:

    Ooh…pretty buttons!

    If you haven't already, invest in a button shank remover. They're not expensive…and they're super easy to use. Suddenly opens up a whole new world of buttons out there! 🙂

  3. Jan says:

    Beautiful cards and I'm lovin all your buttons! Mine are all in jars and yours are so organized 🙂

  4. Stef H (Glitterbabe) says:

    oh i have a ton of buttons myself and am constantly looking at them. i once HAND SEWED buttons on tennis shoes. do you know how hard that was??? try to get that needle thru the sneaker and the grab it to pull it thru – yikes. the buttons were all different shapes & sizes. but i'm rambling. your button cards are gorgeous!

  5. Karen B. says:

    Oh, look at all those pretty buttons, great way to store them too.

  6. Loretta Rodger says:

    Buttons are one of my fav embellishments as well. They can be fun or a serious embellishment according to the project. But they are always fun! Thanks for your great blog!

  7. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oh they look like real treasure in colour sorted, properly organised safety. I will not be showing you my cheapskate coffee jar filled with assorted buttons lest you judge me slovenly!

  8. Mary says:

    Love the way you have displayed your button collections! Buttons are so interesting and so much fun. Mine are mostly in jars and tins so I don't see them unless rummaging around.

  9. Deb says:

    What a great collection – I just love all of the different colors. They definitely look like treasures when organized so nicely. I also like what you do with the buttons. I'm always collecting buttons, but not so great at using them!

  10. marsha says:

    Ooh, another button collector, I love buttons too! Your cards look fabulous using the buttons and love the all white.


  11. Twiglet says:

    We saw some fab buttons at the WonderWool fest yesterday! Pretty expensive though!

  12. ByLightOfMoon says:

    You have beautiful organization skills. I only wish I could be so good. I try but I am overflowing my drawers and I am in plastic bins. Now, I have to downsize all of them!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  13. MrsGsines says:

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  14. c.w.frosting says:

    Great organization trick… will help me not have to dump all my buttons out of a jar to look for what I need & then lose them putting back into jar =) Following from the Alexa Hop!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

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