WOYWW 31: Lounging With Legend, Playing With Paper Artsy


Happy What’s On Your Workspace Wednesday! Today Legend is cat-napping (it’s too hot to do much else!) and I am tidying up my workspace before I delve into my August projects and swaps.

I do have a new addition on my desk I thought I’d share – it’s a piano lamp my husband bought for me several years ago! I have needed a desk lamp for quite some time because the lighting in my workspace is poor (great by day – non-existent by night!) but the original light bulbs made the lamp way too hot for desktop use. So, my husband replaced the original light bulbs with cooler, natural daylight-emulating bulbs and this lamp has now found a new home!

How many of you know WOYWWer Leandra Franich, the owner of Paper Artsy? I met her a few months ago through WOYWW and am so thankful for the connection! If you love collage stamps and art products but are unfamiliar with Paper Artsy, you have got to pay them a visit! Here is a sampling of some of the goodies Leandra sent me in my PaperArtsy Mega Goodie Bag (above)!

Now, I was so impressed by my interactions with Leandra and the quality of her products, I recently decided to splurge on a few more Paper Artsy goodies! Shopping is easy for international shoppers due to the inclusion of the Select Currency feature in the top right corner of their online shopping site. Shipping rates to the US were great, and the delivery time was good – all in all, a wonderful experience!

I treated myself to a beautiful package of unique papers (my husband loves them!) and this awesome art stamp. Beside the stamp are some of the cool extras Leandra included in the package! Thanks, Leandra, for such a wonderful experience!

Now, if you would like to see what the other WOYWWers are up to, please leave a comment so I’ll know you stopped by, then hop on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground for peeks into the lives of crafters around the globe!

Finally, hurry over to the Verve Blog Hop and My Vintage Christmas Giveaway for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!

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  1. Merideth says:

    Thanks for following me at , I followed you back!

  2. Evelyn says:

    A good collection of pens and papers!

  3. Wipso says:

    Really love all your Paperartsy stash on show.
    A x

  4. Cheryl says:

    Oh loving the stamps I too buy of paper artsy,they are brilliant I bought the house stamp too and those papers,are lush just may have to stop by and pick those up too wondeful,lamp too hugs cheryl xxx

  5. TinaB says:

    I don't know what I wanted to grab first, the stash or the cute cat! xx Love for you to pop to my blog for the chance of some candy :0) xx

  6. JoZart says:

    Love that elegant lamp. Glad you found Leandra and all her fab supplies and now you'll wonder how you ever lived without PaperArtsy stuff!
    Jo x

  7. Lizzybobs says:

    Fantastic stash love those stamps thanks for sharing ((HUG)) Liz ;o)

  8. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    Legend looks good and I love that lamp. Those stamps are really artsy. My kind of artsy, even. But I'm just not crazy about clear stamps. They don't stick to my block and I have enough trouble stamping as is (grin). Happy WOYWW.

  9. minnie_mac says:

    Love that gorgeous tiger on your desk. Glad you have discovered the delights of Paper Artsy stamps.


  10. Phree says:

    Gorgeous cat! The piano light looks great.

  11. mckinkle says:

    Fab desk and your cat is stunning!

    Love all of your new stash!

    Keryn x

  12. Nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely crafting space and the wonderful stash.


  13. Rosie says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my desk, and for letting me know you are another FM sufferer – there are lots of us out here in the art world. I always tell my Beloved that staying home to make art is one of the few compensations of the condition!! Lovely pussycat and I'm a Paper Artsy fan too – I have a whole shoebox full of their stamps …

  14. Julia Dunnit says:

    Gosh Ramona, you 're showing work in progress! Incredibly neat and tidy as always though! So happy to hear of your successful connection with Paper Artsy through WOYWW!

  15. Marlene says:

    Sure looks like lots of goodies there!

  16. angelwhispers says:

    Love your work desk it just soooooo tidy!!!!

    The pussy cat is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing Chanelle xx

  17. Lori says:

    So nice to see a stamping cat! I spend a lot of time cleaning up after mine. She loves bottles of reinkers and EP!

  18. Sid says:

    I'm a great Paper Artsy fan too I have loads of stamps and they do great stash too. Lovely to see your desk area !

  19. Helen says:

    Ah, LOVE paperartsy – and Leandra is lovely, I have met her several times now at various craft events. I'd have the whole set of her stamps if I could!

  20. Serendipity (Christine) says:

    Gorgeous cat alert – gorgeous cat alert! Perfect place to nap :-))

  21. Heather x says:

    Loved the snoop around honey, lots of goodies there :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  22. Reta says:

    Is it the heat of the day or the work load that requires Legend to take a nap? At three years old he shoud be able to kick up his paws and stay up a little longer! (Smile)

    The lamp looks great on the desk,and I'm glade you're finally able to use it. Also I don't think Legend can knock it over as paper towels are his thing to play with. LOL

  23. Penni says:

    Legend's looking especially fine today.


  24. jonaks says:

    oh Legend is so cute and your stash is really tempting. Happy creating!

  25. Rita says:

    Legend knows to take it easy in the heat. 😉 Great lamp and new goodies! 🙂

  26. Violets Corner says:

    Such fab goodies to drool over!


  27. Samantha says:

    AW! Legend is so pretty. Absolutely a cutie (:
    Ha what can I say. I love cats (:

  28. Sofia says:

    LOVE your markers!


  29. Linda Elbourne says:

    Leandra is a star* Not sure why she has n't ever sent me a goodie bag though … oh … perhaps she meant for you to share yours … with …erm … Me :0)

  30. Minxy says:

    such a regal looking puss, the perfect companion for any craft space 🙂
    am drooling over your PA goodies.. that Leandra is a star isn't she

  31. NancyC says:

    I love all those pretty and unique papers–they are so fun to create with! You have a lot of yummy recipes and creative ideas here! I added myself as a new follower of yours…I'm following through my Twitter account, which is fairly new. Thanks again for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  32. Chrissie says:

    Yummy stash and regal looking feline!

  33. The Crafty Chick says:

    Wow you're like a secret shopper or something.Of the nicest kind! Glad you liked the mega goodie bag and the stamps you chose are among my faves!
    Have fun with all your rubber goodness…next you have to start a Hot Pick Collection…they are awesome! And honoured with all the nice comments you got from other PA customers! Thanks for sharing

    Leandra (PaperArtsy)

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