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Snap It Screen Capture 3.7 Software

Have you ever sat down to write an article for your blog, only to discover that you lacked the perfect screen shot to illustrate your point?

Have you ever wanted to announce the winner of your latest contest or giveaway, but gotten stumped over how to show the image of the random number generator box in your post?

Snap It Makes Capturing This Image Easy!

Have you thought about writing tutorials, but lacked the technical capability to capture screen prints with ease?

Thanks to Diegus Software, these scenarios will soon be a distant memory!

Snap It Screen Capture 3.7 is an easy-to-use program that allows you to capture images of your entire screen – or portions of it – in two easy steps!

Camera Icon On Menu Bar

When you run Snap It, a Camera Icon appears on your Menu Bar to let you know that the Screen Capture function is ready to use! Whenever you want to capture an image:

1. Press the Print Screen key and a little icon that looks like a cross appears on your screen. Position the cross in the upper left hand corner of the part of the screen you want to capture, then hold your left mouse button down and move it across the portion of the screen you want to capture. You will see this area encapsulated within a box. Release the mouse button.

The Easy To Use Snap It Menu

2. Right click on the Camera Icon and use the Save As function in the Menu Box to save your image to the location of your choice! It’s that easy!

Test The Software

If you would like to test this software for FREE for the next 14 days to see just how easy it is to use, verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements needed to run the program. Then, download it and review the online documentation to get started!

Get The Software For FREE

Snap It Screen Capture 3.7 normally costs $17.99, but as a Create With Joy reader, you can receive this software for FREE! Simply test the software, post a review of Snap It Screen Capture 3.7 on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or any Social Forum, and send the link of your review to Julia Taylor at (be sure to let her know that you saw this offer at Create With Joy!) In return, Julia will provide you with a valid registration code that grants you full access to the software!

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    I downloaded Snap It Screen Capture 3.7, the product is excellent and I highly recommend the product. It's easy to use and does a great job. Make it a Great Day, m

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