WOYWW 45: The Altered Torso Project

he Altered Torso Project - Fashionista & Kindness

Happy What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Last week, I shared that I was participating in the Art Every Day challenge at Creative Every Day. I’m thrilled to report that this challenge has been just what I’ve needed to get my creative juices flowing! I’ve had more ideas flowing through my mind than I can keep up with – and I’ve created more projects than I’ve had the time to post! So, today, I thought I’d bring you up-to-date on the Altered Torso Project!

Philosophy Behind The Project

My original idea behind this project is to create a series of 26 tags – one for each letter of the alphabet – that represents some aspect of myself. When the torsos are complete, I’ll have, in essence, a mini Book Of Me. I’m not sure how I’ll store the completed torsos yet – I have several ideas but have not settled on one. I’m also not sure as I go through this process if I’ll stick with the ABC concept or end up creating whatever strikes my fancy. But, heading into the project, that is the place I am starting from.

For more details about the individual tags, please visit the links below:

Altered Torso 1 – Fashionista
Altered Torso 2 – Kindness

Frisky Felines

Now, if you are in the mood for your weekly feline fix – be sure to check out my latest pictorial, Baby Tsunami At Play! If you are a fan of Tsunami’s, you will not want to miss these photos!

Join The Fun

Creative Every Day
What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday

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41 Responses to “WOYWW 45: The Altered Torso Project”

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  1. Pam says:

    What a great idea to get the creative mojo flow go! I love the altered torso idea. Keep creating with joy girl…it's the only way!

    I think we are #2?

  2. Toodles and Binks (Galaxy Girl from UK STampers) says:

    Ohhh I love those.

    Kay (no.15)

  3. Mandi says:

    Super torsos, love the little belt it looks FAB
    Happy WOYWw
    mandi xx

  4. jude says:

    Gosh love your torso's and hope we can see the completed album of you in time .what fab idea!Have great wednesday
    hugs judex

  5. Chrissie says:

    The torsos are looking good… I love the kindness one!
    Have a great day!

  6. The Taming of the Glue says:

    The torsos are a great idea…think I'll wait till all the Xmas cards are made before attempting any long term projects! Pam (24)

  7. Terry & Kim says:

    I LOVE the kindness torso. What a great idea!

    Terry #21

  8. Sue says:

    Hi ya
    oh your torso looks fabulous, luv the sound of a toso book,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue.(23)

  9. Bleubeard and Elizabeth says:

    Not only did you beat me to the punch at Julia's you also beat me to CED. What can I say? I didn't post till midnight, but I may have to make two posts on Tuesday from now on (grin). happy WOYWW (#5).

  10. akilli melek says:

    I like the book of me torso idea, glad you got your mojo back. caroline #6

  11. Wipso says:

    Cute altered torsos 🙂 Love the Tsunami photos
    A x

  12. Morti says:

    Lovely work as usual!

  13. Paula Gale says:

    well done on this inspired idea to find your mojo again… if it takes you in a different direction – isn't that what creativity is all about? Go with the flow… I have many ideas in my head and my problem is starting them… too many incidents of procrastination i'm afraid with me.

    I popped over to see the boys – divine – and fix fulfilled!!!

    Paula x x x

  14. Susan Allan says:

    Sounds like a very theraputic activity…I like the two torsos you have shown…Oh to be that thin!!!
    Sue xx 60

  15. Ciara says:

    Great torsos – hmm, that sounds kinda weird doesn't it?!

    Happy WOYWW!


  16. voodoo vixen says:

    I love the torso's, they are going to make such a fun mini book when they are all finished. Annette #58

  17. Ohhh Snap says:

    Love the torsos. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them :D. TFS!!


  18. Maria (inkymits) says:

    Great torso's!

    Maria x
    #84 i think

  19. butlersabroad says:

    Wow indeed! Although I can't think much beyond Christmas cards right now!

    Brenda 90

  20. Tracy Evans says:

    Great torso's and what a wonderful feeling to have so many ideas flowing. Have a great day, Tracy Evans x

  21. Spyder says:

    I love the music torso best, fabulous!
    Happy WOYWW!


  22. sasa says:

    Really great idea – and so personal – the torso book will be fab – and quite agree – don't have to do all the letters! Have fun and keep those juices flowing!

  23. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oh great idea for torso use! It will make a compelling book, whether alphabetical or otherwise and of course, if you enjoy making the tags, you'll find it becomes a book without effort!

  24. karen says:

    These torsos are fabulous! Aha, it was you who told me about Create Everyday in November! I am trying but I am not posting everyday. I have created in some way everyday though, so thank you! It is a great idea and I see it has got your mojo in overdrive!
    Happy WOYWW!

  25. Kalyber says:

    what a fun challenge. Love the torso shape and how you've embellished them

  26. Dotty Jo says:

    Great post, thanks for sharing! Jo x

  27. Kym's Crafty Cards says:

    Some fab altered art here. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 35)

  28. The Crafty Goat Girl says:

    Great desk and creativities, thanks for sharing, Heidi (#30) x

  29. She says:

    Great Torsos. S x #12

  30. Scrapcollectr says:

    Great project and it's nice that it's ever evolving….maybe an ABC book maybe not….Happy WOYWW!

  31. Hazel says:

    Glad the mojo is flowing well – love the torsos (I did some recently and really enjoyed them) x Hazel #100

  32. Mrs A. says:

    Love your idea. These toro's are cute. Love the necklace and belt.

  33. Sherry Goodloe says:

    Love both of these!

  34. kelly says:

    Great Idea, Paper Princess. We spend most of our time, scrapping or cardmaking for everyone else. It's great to take time to think about ourselves.


  35. peggy aplSEEDS says:

    these look like a lot of fun to make.

    you got the verse for my AB page right! i'll let you know what the colors of the copics are.

  36. Andrea - Wales, UK says:

    Fab idea and I love the Torso's.


  37. Violets Corner says:

    Fab torsos and idea!

    Maarit #34

  38. Dragon says:

    What an unusual project but how clever… I think it's a lovely idea and a great way to get your mojo going!!!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Love your torso idea – and I particularly like the one with music notes and flowers, I think it's the shades of browns couple with the music that appeals. Regards, Elizabeth

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Oops! forgot to sign myself of as #63

  41. Jo Davies says:

    Just trying to catch up with WOYWW…. what lovely lovely altered torsos, great idea, beautiful!

    Hugs Jo (64) xxx

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