Wordless Wednesday – I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Tsunami - I Can't Belive My Eyes
Photo Of The Week
Tsunami – I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Thought For The Day
We cannot without becoming cats,
Perfectly understand the cat mind.

– St. George Mivart

Some days, even Tsunami is amazed by the Legendary antics of his brother – or at least those of his brother’s body-invading twin, Mister Naughty Pants. What mischief has caused Tsunami to take refuge in the rafters, where he watches wide-eyed with wonder?  You can read all about Mister Naughty Pants in this week’s WOYWW post!

Wordless Wednesday Week 5 – Week Of February 1, 2012

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49 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – I Can’t Believe My Eyes”

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  1. claire says:

    Sweet,thanks for hosting 🙂

  2. Tsunami really has an amazed look on his face!:) Lovely cat! I am happy to link up again this week. Have a good Wednesday.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hey Ramona! I love seeing you kitties–they are beautiful!!

    Have a WONDERFUL week! =D

    • Thanks Carolyn – I’m glad to see you’re back with WW this week!
      I do hope you make it back for WW – you really won’t believe what Legend – aka Mister Naughty Pants – got into this week!

  4. Such a beautiful cat!! I am a new follower to your blog. Happy WW.

  5. Marcie says:

    Love the picture.

  6. Trisha G. says:

    Gorgeous eyes! My mom’s kitty (Crystal) has eyes like that!
    Momma T and Baby E

  7. Extraordinary: one pupil is larger than the other! Great photo. Thanks for sharing this, & have an eyes-wide-open WW…..

  8. Dave Keller says:

    The facial expressions from cats is priceless.

  9. Sarah says:

    Adorable kitty.

  10. Beautiful cat… her eyes have a deep soul.

  11. Ginger@NJAMT says:

    Gotta love me my weekly “cat fix”… 🙂

  12. Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers says:

    Tsunami looks very regal as if he’d never get in any trouble himself. 🙂 Happy WW!

  13. Tsunami looks so serious in that shot. Thanks for the linky

  14. veronica lee says:

    Gorgeous cat!

    Happy WW!

  15. Deanna T. says:

    That is one great photo of one gorgeous feline.

  16. Those eyes are gorgeous!!!

  17. aquariann says:

    He is sooooo pretty. ^.^

    -:¦:- WW: Dwarf Crocodiles -:¦:-

  18. Karly @ Three in Three says:

    What a gorgeous cat! And I love the names!
    Thanks for linking up with my, I appreciate it!

  19. Karly @ Three in Three says:

    Ha ha ha, that should say me, not my!

  20. momto8blog says:

    we would like to borrow this cat to get our voles!!

  21. Sparkle says:

    More often than not, I find the antics of my roommate Binga rather unbelievable.

  22. Run DMT says:

    What a gorgeous cat! He looks like he’s saying “You must be joking.”

  23. I think Mister Naughty Pants was gearing up for Cat Appreciation Month!! We sure can relate to his antics here!!

  24. Kylee says:

    What a beautiful kitten! Also, I have been having trouble linking again. I have a feeling that it is something on my end. But to add the button, all you have to do is copy and then paste into my post right?

    • Yes, you can save the blog button by right clicking on it and uploading it to your account – or you can use the blog code which I’ve now added to my sidebar by popular request! 🙂

  25. What a beauty that wild one is!

  26. Nancy @ Joyful Altitude says:

    Very cool photo. Pretty cat. Thanks for hosting.

  27. Tiffanie says:

    Hello! I love your blog! I am your newest follower!

  28. On behalf of SS and BB, I am wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

  29. Nina says:

    Hello my friend . . . . . I’m a bit late getting here today but that is because I was working on the February issue of the Ruby for Women magazine. Got it finished up and published this morning, I hope you will stop by and take a peek! Hope you are having a blessed Wednesday and a productive week. I’ll try to stop back on Friday to link up. Hope to see you soon, Nina @ mamas*little*treasures

  30. That cat just knows that he is gorgeous!
    Royalegacy’s WW w/LINKY

  31. Ramona,

    I love the picture of your cat! I love cats but my kids are highly allergic to them. I have a dog instead. Thanks for sharing this cute picture!

    Nicole Weaver

  32. Martina says:


  33. Very Smart Eyes, Great Capture!

    Happy WW, Thanks for the Linky!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  34. He looks so soft, I just wanna hug him.

  35. anita says:

    beautiful eyes…and he looks much sweeter than his naughty bro!

  36. Kate says:

    So cute and cuddly. So fluffay!

  37. What a fluffy cat… He is absolutely adorable…

    Thanks for sharing this with us…


  38. amy says:

    What a gorgeous cat! And a great picture. I think “Wordless Wednesday” is a fabulous concept. I’ll have to join next week! Thank for linking up through NOBH. Smiles –


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