Wordless Wednesday – The Stare

Legend - The Stare

Photo Of The Week
Legend – The Stare

Thought For The Day
When addressed,
A gentleman cat does not move a muscle.
He looks as if he hasn’t heard.
Mary Sarton

This week I am designing my creative space.
In my previous home,
Legend loved to hang out in the Paper Palace.
Now, it appears that Legend’s favorite spot is
The Creative Corner!

Every day, he saunters to the best seat in the studio –
A window perch where he can see what’s happening in the world!

Already he is making new friends in the neighborhood.
One day, a hummingbird flew right up to Legend and
Hovered in front of his nose to say hello!

Legend is a sweet companion by day…
But when night rolls around,
Mister Naughty Pants likes to rear his mighty head!

Mister Naughty Pants does not like being told what to do.
He does not like being asked to leave his favorite hot spot.
He believes he deserves an all night pass to Studio 54!

So, when I announce to Legend that it’s time to go,
By some innate process I do not understand,
Legend undergoes a radical transformation and
Morphs into Mister Naughty Pants!

All of a sudden my sweet cat
Becomes hard of hearing…
Glares at me defiantly…
Quizzically trills at me as if he doesn’t know what I want…
Curls into a cute kitty ball and hunkers down…
Runs around the room in amusement as I try to shoo him out!

In the end I prevail…
But I can’t help but feel that Mister Naughty Pants
Is planning some devious strategy behind
The stare!

Wordless Wednesday – October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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91 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – The Stare”

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  1. stevebethere says:

    What a fantabulosa stare Legend see I was right you are a poser LOL

  2. Penni says:

    How Majestic !!!!


  3. Christy Ann says:

    Love this one! Very regal.

  4. melody says:

    Legend sounds like a hoot! I just posted about my ‘Olive’ yesterday; http://melody-mae.blogspot.com/2012/10/from-miss-olive.html
    She turns crazy at night too, jumping and spinning and running from room to room and catching imaginary creatures! LOL

  5. Christina Morley
    Twitter: tinarobmorley

    You certainly captured an awesome stare from Legend! I really enjoyed this one!

    Tina @ Amanda’s Books and More

  6. Judy Haughton-James
    Twitter: james_judy

    Quite a stare! Wonderful cat. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Wayne says:

    That is intense.

  8. alissa apel
    Twitter: AlissaApel

    That is a strong stare for sure.

  9. Melissa says:

    What a great looking cat. And that stare is just priceless. I wonder what’s going through his mind.

  10. Meryl says:

    WOW that is some stare!!! LOL. Have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  11. Monica
    Twitter: OlderMommyStill

    Very regal and lion like!

  12. Really majestic stare there Legend. Happy WW

  13. Paula J says:

    I’d be scared if he looked at me like that! Looks like he’s in charge 🙂

    Happy WW!

  14. Tiffany
    Twitter: momtosprouts

    Oh he is gorgeous!!! I love him~ and of course, he is planning something… 🙂

  15. Claudia
    Twitter: Imagesbycw

    Your cats are soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pics every week with us.

  16. Kris @ Beyond the Whiskers
    Twitter: beyondwhiskers

    Looks like a scene from the Lion King.

  17. Aussiepomm
    Twitter: aussiepomm

    Oh yes, I have a cat that sits and stares very much the same…

    Mines up as well at AussiePomm – Movable Feast?!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  18. What a stare indeed!!

  19. hahaha!!! that is such a cute story! He is soooo regal with that mane! You are so blessed to have him in your life 🙂

  20. Dawn
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    Oh that Mr. Naughty Pants! I love the stare and the story! Thanks for the sweet share- so love your boys! Not sure I will link today but will catch up at the end of the week. Pressing on with the 31 days- it is quite the challenge! Blessings to you in your new creative space. Hugs to the boys! Especially from Ashley and Aurora (My girls!)- Dawn

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Kudos to you for that 31 day challenge!

      I JUST looked out the window (where Legend is hanging out) and noticed, for the first time, that one of my neighbors has a cat…
      A pretty red and white kitty is sitting looking at us from another window!

      I don’t know if Legend has noticed or not, but that is just another reason to make sure the boys stay supervised at all times!

      • Dawn
        Twitter: breathoffaith

        Oh my! Do the boys go outside? My girls are indoor only. Hmmmm. They might be jealous of the new hottie on the scene! lol- BTW Love the tea picture with the bear! Can’t wait to see your space when it’s satisfactory to you!

      • Create With Joy
        Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

        No, my boys are strictly indoor cats too! The reason they are not allowed in my room unsupervisd is that it is on an upper level and they like to lie in the windows and lean against the screens (Maine Coons are cold weather cats… we do not live in Maine!) I am terrified of them pressing against the screen and falling out (they are HEAVY!) In our previous place, Tsunami actually knocked the screen out partially but thankfully did not go through and I caught him in time. I try to break them of the screen-leaning habits but they are like kids… the moment you turn your back, even if for a moment, and turn around again… they are doing something to make your heart skip a beat!

        I thought of your kitties and how jealous they would be when they heard about the new neighbor! This is the first cat I’ve seen since I’ve been here. We live in dogland – most of our neighbors have multiple dogs!

        Don’t worry, though, Legend and Tsunami are QUITE loyal! 🙂

  21. Lisa says:

    What a pose! 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  22. Rina says:

    The stare freezes me lol!

  23. Danielle Royalegacy
    Twitter: Royalegacy

    Those eyes! Yowsa!

  24. Susan says:

    Wow…what a beautiful cat!!

  25. Mimi says:

    I feel like he’s staring right through me. hahahahaha He looks hypnotized!

  26. A very lionesque stare he’s got.

  27. debra says:

    That kitty is a beauty for sure and your story is funny as can be….my kitty is on the windowsill watching the critters and birds for most of the day as well! 🙂

  28. Charlotte says:

    He looks scary this week. Thanks for linking up, I have done the same.

  29. Kate says:

    Very intense indeed. Love the story and the new nick name.

  30. Cathy Kennedy
    Twitter: greeneyestale

    Cats can stare a hole through you, I think. I remember one time house sitting my BIL & his wife one summer, waking up to Mischief (their very hateful kitty) staring down on me like a Vulture. I was certain if I had not woken up she would have gone for my throat in my sleep. So creepy! Thanks for hosting.

    Sunset at Fort Loudon Lake

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Ah, Mischief… that name says it all!

      My sister had a black cat named Midnight that hated men. She dubbed it her attack cat. Made her dating life VERY difficult for the longest time!

      Have a wonderful week!

  31. Sylvia Phillips
    Twitter: SylviaPhillips8

    Naughty Mr. Naughty Pants! I never can disturb a cute little cat all curled up in a ball sound asleep!

  32. Lori says:

    How amazing that you were able to capture that “stare” so well in a photo–amazing job! Thank you for hosting…Lori

  33. xoCATox says:

    Wonder how long he can go without blinking? 🙂

  34. funthreads says:

    Hahaha. We had a cat that would stand up and turn his butt to you when you talked to him. When you finished talking to him he would turn around and lay back down. Cats! LOL

  35. Nina
    Twitter: mamastreasures

    Good morning Ramona – linked up to my WW post, and now I’m off to visit some of the other participants. Thanks so much for this fun blog hop . . . .it is truly one that I look forward to every week. Have a blessed and joyous Wednesday, my friend! BIG Hugs, Nina

  36. One could interpret that stare in many ways, but I think you are right … Mr.Naughty Pants is thinking of ways to avenge your insensitive ejection from “his” room. He looks very serious about it too … I would be concerned. Watch your back!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Andrea,

      Legend often comes up and taps me on the shoulder, back and leg while I am at the computer. At least I have thought it was him seeking attention. Now your comment has me wondering… maybe it is Mister Naughty Pants seeking his revenge for those late night evictions! 🙂

      Have a great day!

  37. Crystal C says:

    What a beauty. Very lion like

  38. Anjanette @MommaYoung w/linky
    Twitter: MommaYoung

    LOL he looks totally mesmerized. LOL

  39. Ugochi says:

    Very curious stare I must say! Thanks for the party Katie, have a super blessed day!

  40. Rosey says:

    Too much of a beauty to be a beast. 🙂

  41. Sarah says:

    Beautiful photo.

  42. angie says:

    he looks pretty sassy love cats and he or she looks pretty fine

  43. Xmasdolly
    Twitter: Xmasdolly

    Well, I’ve seen that stare before when one of the kids just drifts off to Mars or Jupiter somewhere. LOL That’s too funny. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Sparkle
    Twitter: sparklecat

    You look stunning this week, Legend!


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