Wordless Wednesday – Paper Pusher

Paper Pusher

Welcome To Wordless Wednesday At Create With Joy!

Most days, when you see him,
Tsunami seems like the bastion of calm…

But behind that seemingly peaceful exterior
Roars the heart of a ferocious beast!

Tsunami loves to visit my husband’s work area.
Part of his daily routine consists of
Traipsing across my husband’s desk,
Stepping onto my husband’s chest,
And lunging into his arms,
Demanding love and attention.

Tsunami head butts and lounges in my husband’s arms
Until they go numb from Tsunami’s weight!

Then, he stretches across my husband’s desktop
And surveys his playground – his urban jungle!

The problem with this scenario is that
Tsunami likes wide open spaces.
He wants that desktop all to himself!

Considering Tsunami’s bed-hogging and sofa-hogging ways,
This should come as no surprise to anyone.

Today, the paparazzi walked in on Tsunami while
He was trying to clear off my husband’s desk,
Item by item, with his paws,
Stretching and pushing each item to the floor –
Starting with the Inbox!

The expression on Tsunami’s face at being caught red-handed
Was absolutely priceless!

On the other hand, Legend, my floor-dwelling kitty,
Was most grateful for the timely intervention…

Beverly Nichols once said:

Most of us rather like our cats to have a streak of wickedness.
I should not feel quite easy in the company of any cat that
Walked about the house with a saintly expression.

Saintly or Wicked – which do you prefer?

Thanks for joining us for
Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy.
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92 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Paper Pusher”

Read below or add a comment...

  1. Karren Haller
    Twitter: Myllls

    Tsunami looks calm today, and all fluffy like our Scruffy! But his personality and traits are more like our Digger, he is always up to something, especially when he wants his attention, we might as well stop and pet scratch or brush him, otherwise he will not give up. And he does keep us entertained, differently all day everyday!!. Have a great rest of your week!
    Karren 🙂

  2. Antonette says:

    Awww how cute! I hope you have a wonderful day and week. Take care!

  3. Meryl says:

    Great expression and pose LOL! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  4. Jamie J says:

    Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday! Your cat looks so relaxed amongst the chaos.

  5. Mystery Case
    Twitter: msmysterycase

    Rather cute! Happy WW, looking forward to linking up again next week.

  6. Jennifer
    Twitter: jennp6

    Cute photo! Thanks for hosting, have a happy week!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤… Jennifer

  7. Loy says:

    I wouldn’t trust a saintly -looking kitty either! Thanks for hosting WW!

  8. Oh makes me think of trying to read a paper with a cat around! Impossible!

  9. stevebethere
    Twitter: bethere2day

    Tsunami in a very relaxed pose this week heheh!

    Have a purrrfectlicious week 🙂

  10. Hahahaha… love the name Tsunami and it must fit him well. Love the post.

  11. Kristen @ My 3 Little Kittens
    Twitter: my3lilkittens

    I absolutely LOVE kitty cats and have several of my own…..I prefer mischievious kitties for sure! Tsunami is obviously aware that he deserves to lay on that desk however he sees fit….so he does…*smile

  12. Heather McD
    Twitter: heathermcdougle

    I love the look on his face. I see that look on my cats a lot.

  13. Michele
    Twitter: crazyforinfo

    I just want to use him as a pillow!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      He LOVES being used as a pillow!
      He is too big for me to hold – but he loves for me to stretch out on him, wrap my arms around him, and lay my head on his belly!

  14. Nikki says:

    How cute is Tsunami! And appropriately named, it seems 🙂

  15. Dawn
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    Hi Ramona, oh that Tsunami- he is too much! Or is he just enough? lol.
    I have linked up a picture, withthe poem I wrote to accompany it- so it is a wordless Wednesday with words offering! lol The picture is so great- it inspired me to write a poem!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Oh, I can’t wait to check it out!
      Be sure to enter the Life After Art giveaway Dawn – you will LOVE the book!
      By the way, are you aware that your girls have competition?
      A few other kitties have been courting my boys these past few months…

  16. Sophia says:

    How else would he earn his keep? He has to work. Nice pic.


  17. Judy Haughton-James
    Twitter: james_judy

    Tsunami is one cool cat! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!

  18. kewkew says:

    Oops, caught! Silly kitty. Love the look

  19. So cute! A cat wandered into my dorm room in college, but after a few days I realized that her “paper pushing” was totally preventing my getting any serious work done. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      A cat? Distract? Never (they say) – never!

      Tsunami is climbing back and forth across my desk – my lap – my keyboard – and the window – back and forth – as I try to type and work on a crafting project that involves sticky things!

      Good thing I know nothing of feline distractions! 🙂

  20. Lily @Militaryfamof8 says:

    I love him!!! lol

    Thank you for hosting WW, I have a linky on mine as well;
    if you would like to stop by 😉

  21. Ai Sakura
    Twitter: Aisakuraharuka

    Sounds a lot like my kid haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  22. I can so relate! haha My Monza and your Tsunami look very much alike! LOVE cats. :-)))) Your post gave us such a chuckle. Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday, so much FUN!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  23. veronica lee says:

    Tsunami never fails to entertain us each week! Love that cat!!

    Happy WW!

  24. As always, beautiful cat!

  25. LuAnn Braley
    Twitter: KentuckyGal

    Hope you like my entry today. 😉

  26. Evelyn
    Twitter: betteronabudget

    As usual, I love the picture! And I’d have to say that I prefer Saintly…at least when it’s in my house. I think Wicked is great when I don’t have to deal with it…so much more entertaining! ha ha

  27. Cafe au lait says:

    Love the surprised look of Tsunami.

  28. adinparadise says:

    Love Tsunami’s attempt to look innocent. 🙂 Here’s my contribution to Wordless Wednesday:

  29. Penni says:

    I love reading about Tsunami – he and Orion are so alike!
    I hope you like the photos I’ve posted today for Wordless Wednesday.

  30. Sparkle
    Twitter: sparklecat

    Tsunami would HATE my human’s uber-cluttered desk… or maybe see it as a challenge!

  31. Love it – just lovely! WOOF!

  32. Too funny! 🙂 Puts me in mind of a cat we had long ago that would sit right next to whomever was doing their homework at the time…preferably on a piece of paper or notebook

  33. Diane says:

    Thanks for hosting 🙂

  34. Natashalh
    Twitter: natasha5887

    I always love seeing your way fluffy kitties!

  35. Marine Wife, Mommy & Life says:

    Thanks your for hosting hun!!

  36. Mary says:

    Smiling as I sit on my bed with 2 of my cats sleeping beside me! Aren’t cats just so cool!! Happy WW!

  37. Star Traci
    Twitter: TracisStar

    Not called Tsunami for nothing!

    Happy WW!

  38. Chris C says:

    Thanks so much!!
    Adorable pics!

  39. Your words and my life with my cats seem to be the same … only I have to say, that you can express it beautifully. The clearing of the desk, the hogging of the bed or the chair, the head bumping … must be a cat’s life 🙂 That is why we love them so much … they can be outrageous and get away with it … we can’t.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  40. Just like my little Rascal and Ozzy who love to visit me when I am working on the computer. Love it. Cats are the best. Happy WW!

  41. Gracie says:

    Aww! She is too cute!

  42. Bailey says:

    There is no privacy with the paparazzi.

  43. posh says:

    Your kitty is too cute 🙂

  44. Lisa says:

    Love that kitty! 🙂 Ours were very interested (and climbing in) my kids’ Easter baskets! 🙂


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