The What If? Book Of Questions by Miggs Burroughs

The What If Book Of Questions

The What If? Book Of Questions – Book Review

I have always loved asking questions. I enjoy books that raise interesting questions to wrap the mind around. So – when I had the chance to review The What If? Book Of Questions by Miggs Burroughs, I jumped at the opportunity.

I must say – this book was nothing like I expected!

If you’re looking for a book of fun and fluffy questions to sit down and discuss with a friend – think again!

The What If? Book Of Questions To Some Of Your Most Revealing Answers On Love And Health Wealth & Happiness is a collection of seemingly simple yet surprisingly deep and often profound questions that began churning in Migg’s mind 18 years ago during the aftermath of his divorce.

At the time, Miggs’ therapist gave him a homework assignment to write down all of the questions that addressed his worse fears – you know, the kind that reflect those “what if” scenarios that run through your mind. As Miggs worked his way through that assignment, over the course of the next year, he was surprised to find his energy and focus shifting to a more positive place.

Ultimately, the questions Miggs asked began to change from questions that reflected his worse fears to questions that reflected fresh possibilities for a brighter future – and hence, this book was born!

However, the What If? Book Of Questions turned out to be an idea that was truly ahead of its time!

In 1995, Simon and Schuster rejected this book for being “very cute… (but) also very small.”

Today, size no longer matters, and the What If? Book Of Questions is creating a sensation!

Here’s what people are saying about this book:

Miggs is creative. When he attacks a problem, he does so with intelligence, insight, and humor.
Martha Stewart

They’re calling it “Outsider Wisdom”, when a non-professional like Miggs Burroughs, at age 67, writes his first book ever, on how to navigate life’s challenging risks and rewards.

What I love most about the “What if?” questions that Miggs asks is that they open doors to new opportunities that we probably haven’t thought of before.

Here are a few of my favorite questions to give you an idea of what you will find in this book:

What if you come across a dark empty page in your life? Can you find all of possibilities hiding there?

What if bad habits are just yesterday’s choices? What new habits can you choose today?

What if you only have one more day to create a positive change in your life? What are you waiting for?

The book is punctuated by charming Victorian illustrations.

The What If? Book Of Questions by Miggs Burroughs is the perfect gift for yourself and your hard-to-shop-for friends.

Enjoy this book. Use it often. It will give you much to think about!

The What If? Book Of Questions – Miggs Burrough At Westport Library

Listen to Miggs share the story of The What If? Book Of Questions in his own words in this fun video! If you are reading this book review in a format that doesn’t show the video, visit the The What If? Book Of Questions book review at Create With Joy.

About Miggs Burroughs

Miggs Burroughs

Miggs Burroughs is a graphic artist and lifelong resident of Westport, CT. When Miggs was 20, his very first painting was accepted into Silvermine’s prestigious Art of the Northeast show. At age 26, he was the youngest person ever chosen to design a Commemorative U.S. Postage Stamp. Shortly thereafter he illustrated several covers for TIME Magazine, one of which resides in the Smithsonian Institution.

Miggs has designed hundreds of award-winning logos, websites and print material for global companies as well as non-profit organizations. He recently won acclaim for his work with lenticular imagery, which has been exhibited in several one-man shows and is held in several private collections.

Miggs graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University and has taught graphic design at Fairfield University and UCONN.
As part of the healing process after his divorce in 1995, Miggs compiled a list of “What if” questions, which are now creating a sensation in book form.

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