The Truth About Grain-Free Cat Food & Hills Science Diet Cat Food Giveaway

Legend & Tsunami

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Disclosure: This original post and giveaway is sponsored by Hill’s.

How To Pick The Healthiest Cat Food For Your Pet

All of my life I have suffered from allergies. For a long time, I attributed them to factors beyond my control. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of my symptoms could be alleviated by a change in diet! If you could improve your health by making healthier food choices, wouldn’t you want to make that change?

The same principle applies to our precious pets!

What we feed our pets plays a huge role in their overall health. That’s why it’s so important for pet parents to choose a high quality pet food that’s specifically designed with our pet’s specific health and nutritional needs in mind.

Cat & Vet

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How do you know which pet food is best for your cat?

First, food containing high quality, natural ingredients is important, but that’s only part of the story. Natural ingredients in and of themselves do not guarantee optimum nutrition.

Second, good nutrition isn’t just about ingredients – it’s about the right balance of ingredients!

Keep the following principles in mind when selecting healthy cat food for your pet:

  • Nutrient excess can lead to certain health conditions.
  • Nutrient deficiency can lead to certain health conditions.
  • As  ingredient quality increases, so does a pet’s ability to absorb and use the nutrients for optimum health.

Is Grain-Free Cat Food The Right Choice For My Cat?

Cat At Home

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of finicky cats, but did you know that cats can also be allergic to certain ingredients in the foods that they eat?

That’s where grain-free pet food comes into play.

Grain-free pet food is designed for cats with allergies or sensitivities to grains. If your cat has itchy, dry skin or an upset tummy, switching to a grain-free diet could help your pet avoid the ingredients that cause these reactions!

Here’s a few more things you should know about grain-free cat food:

  • Just because pet food is labeled grain-free does not mean that it is carb-free or high in protein.
  • Grain-free pet food often contains alternative ingredients such as sweet potatoes that provide similar or higher carbohydrate levels to the grains they are replacing to ensure that the food still meets your cat’s complete nutritional needs.
  • Grain-free pet food is only a healthy option for your cat when the ingredients are precisely balanced.

Remember – the most important thing when it comes to your cat’s diet is finding a food that provides balanced nutrition and is designed for your pet’s needs – whether it is grain-free or not!

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Grain-Free Cat Food Giveaway

Hills Science Diet Grain Free Cat Food

Photo Credit: Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Now, all of this information might seem like a lot to digest, but here’s one thing I know: you can count on Hill’s Science Diet to provide your cats with the nutrition they need!

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the new Hill’s Science Diet Grain-Free cat food – a product that:

  • Offers the precise balance of nutrients your cat needs for optimal health without any grains!
  • Contains REAL CHICKEN as the FIRST ingredient (Tsunami’s favorite food!)
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

According to Hills, the grain-free natural ingredients in Science Diet support healthy kidneys, immune system and good vision while providing nourishment for a radiant and lustrous skin and coat. Prebiotics promote nutrient absorption and digestive health as well!

Enter The Hill’s Science Diet Adult Grain-Free Cat Food Giveaway For Your Chance To Win 1 Of 4 Prizes

Cat At Mealtime

Photo Credit: Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Thanks to the generosity of Hill’s Science Diet, I have the opportunity to offer FOUR Create With Joy readers the opportunity to win the NEW Hill’s® Science Diet® Grain-Free cat food for their favorite felines!

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 4 Winners (US/Canada) will receive 10 pounds of Hill’s® Science Diet® Grain-Free Adult cat food.

To enter the giveaway, submit your entries through the Rafflecopter form. This giveaway is open to US/Canadian Create With Joy readers, 18 and older, through Friday, September 27 at 11:59 pm PST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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53 Responses to “The Truth About Grain-Free Cat Food & Hills Science Diet Cat Food Giveaway”

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  1. Dawn St Amand Paoletta
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    Oh boy, my kitties have different issues. Ashley and Aurora both could benefit from this food, because they both have different issues. Ashley actually has problems with constipation Aurora is just very finicky and sensitive digestive.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      This could be a great food for your cats to try Dawn! Tsunami sometimes scratches for no good reason so learning about how grain-free food could help was really beneficial!

      Best of luck to you! I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to share this prize with 4 lucky readers!

      (Please help spread the word!)

  2. Jay @craftyspices
    Twitter: CraftySpices

    While we don’t have cat’s, you point some interesting facts for cat lovers/owners.
    We’ve missed you over at crafty spices, hope to see you around.
    Happy Wednesday !!!

  3. Aubrey says:

    I wish more people understood that their pets’ health is just as important as our own. My cats eat grain free but I also learned in research that looking at the ash and magnesium levels are just as important (especially for preventing UTI). My cats also get byproduct free food. I also don’t feed them beef because cats would not eat beef in the wild. They’d go for the fish and birds. I try to do what is most natural for them, which is why they get wet food often because dried is not what they’d generally eat and can also lead to UTIs if not balance with some wet food. Thanks for raising awareness on this topic!

  4. Michelle says:

    My cats Meemo & Princess would love the taste of real chicken, not artificial flavoring. I’ve been feeding them grain-free foods for a couple years now and their coats are so much softer. Thanks for this opportunity!

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with grain-free food Michelle! I love hearing how the change in diet has made a difference in their coats!

      My cats are like yours – they love the taste of real chicken as well! 🙂

  5. Madonna says:

    My cats seem to get upset tummies a lot. I actually had no idea that cats could be gluten intolerant. I will have to try this out and see if that helps. BTW I just adore your cats. They are so fluffy. :). I have 3 fluffers myself.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      I learned a lot while researching this article as well! I hope you have a chance to try this out – I’d like to hear if it helps (and I’m sure everyone following this post would love to know as well!)

      Thanks for the complement on my cats, by the way! I would love to see photos of yours! I host Wordless Wednesdays each week and we have a number of pet who make regular appearances!

  6. I do not have kitties (I am allergic to them but think they are so cute) However, I do have dogs and they have benefitted greatly from Science Diet Sensitive Stomach food! Scottie Dogs have touchy tummies but I have eliminated that problem by using this food. I tried changing to the brand that was suggested by a rescue group upon the adoption of my latest Scottie so that after the puppy stage, they could both be on the same food but my older dog started having digestive problems so I switched him back (gradually) to his Science Diet. Problem solved! I plan on integrating the Science diet into the puppy’s food when it’s time for him to get on “big boy” kibble in a few months. Hope it works as I don’t want to be serving up two different brands! Your kitties are beautiful and they are lucky to have a “Mom” who loves them enough to be so careful.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks for sharing your great experience with Science Diet! I know they make an extensive line of pet food for both cats and dogs.

      A few years ago, our vet recommended Hill’s Feline Dental Health Food for Legend. She sent me home with a homemade sample bag filled with some sample food for him to try since he is somewhat finicky. I put the food in my drawer and forgot about it.

      Later that day, when I opened the drawer, Legend discovered it. The next thing I know, he stuck his entire head in the bag trying to get the food out! He actually got his head stuck in there (SCARY!) Fortunately I was there to rescue him.

      Anyway, he absolutely LOVED the Hill’s Science Diet food and every time he eats it, he thinks it’s a huge treat since he associates it as being a special treat from mom, especially for him!

  7. Amy Orvin says:

    My cats will definitely like the first ingredient , REAL CHICKEN! They love chicken and I think the taste will really satisfy them.

  8. Missy says:

    Some of my cats like dry food, but we are very picky about what we will feed, so
    I can’t wait to check out the ingredient list to see what is in it!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      You’ll appreciated the wealth of info that Hill’s provides on their website!
      I’ve included a few links to informative articles within my post for additional information!

  9. Rita Sarao says:

    My cats will love that the 1st ingredient is real chicken!

  10. Colleen says:

    I would like to hope that my cats would like the flavour of the product. They are a bit finicky and picky at times!

  11. Christina Morley
    Twitter: tinarobmorley

    I got my Chicken Soup for the Soul book and I’ve shared my delight on FB with you and my readers. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t “liked” your FB page until I tried tagging you. That’s when I went in search for it via your blog and now you’ve got my “like” too. God bless!

  12. Joyce says:

    My 6 cats are all rescued so they are very grateful for the food they get every day. I buy dry food in large bags and it is a good quality but not as premium as Hills. I think all 6 would enjoy experimenting with a new flavor, and if they like it, then I would switch to the brand permanently for the sake of their health.
    Thanks for a great give away!

  13. Michelle
    Twitter: DishofDailyLife

    One of my four kitties does seem to have a more sensitive tummy than the others…I wonder if grain free would help her! I’m willing to give it a try. I’m already buying higher grade food for them. They also get wet food for dinner. Great giveaway….crossing my fingers!

  14. Our kitties would love this healthier food. One is a bit overweight and needs a lose a few ounces, and the other one occassionally has digestive problems.

  15. Elena says:

    My cats will love this because they have sensitive stomachs. They like grain free food better than corn based foods.

  16. Mary Havlovic says:

    Gizmo would love to try this new food out. He currently eats Science Diet Hairball Control and has done well on that food. No more hairball issues

  17. brett says:

    We have 2 little kitties- I’m wanting to try grain free so we can have them be the healthiest they can be. We had a cat who passed 2 Christmases ago at 14 1/2 and we’ d like to have our furry family members live long lives.

  18. Sara Grivas says:

    I think how it would make them feel since it’s not all filler junk like the cheap brands., USA

  19. Jessica P says:

    I am getting a kitten within the next month and would love to have such a reputable brand in the home. I think it would keep her healthy and strong!

  20. Adrian says:

    I would love to win some catfood. We not only have our own cat Yeti, plus our St. Bernard – and we’ve also been feeding a neighbor’s cat Moo Moo (she looks like a Jersy cow) so a little extra catfood coming our way would be very helpful.

  21. Sarah says:

    I have tried lots of different foods with my kitties as Darla has skin allergies. None of them seemed to do the trick really. Anyhoo – I never struggle to get them to eat their food anyway!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  22. Kim Henrichs says:

    I have three cats and two kittens, and the three adults all eat different diets. The youngest of the three is currently on a grain free food, but I would love to buy one more affordable and by a brand that I trust!

  23. Venus
    Twitter: vluvscinnamon

    I agree. We feed Cinnamon a grain -free dog food and she has no upset tummy. Before we made the switch her tummy had issues.

  24. Switching my pets to this soon!

  25. Kitties Blue says:

    The last grain-free the kitties tried was NOT a hit! A couple have some problems with digestion, and I would really like to find something that suits them better. Please enter us in your giveaway. And if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll drop by to see us today for our birthday party and commentathon. You could win $$ for your favorite shelter/rescue. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  26. lemon123 says:

    Your cats are beautiful.

  27. Melissa S says:

    I think my cat would like Hill’s because it’s made with real meat.

  28. Shelley P says:

    My cat would like most that real chicken is the 1st ingredient. Shadow has a sensitive tummy and I think grain-free would help with that.

  29. I hope she likes the taste. She’s finicky all right!

  30. Carol Samsel says:

    Received my package from Hills this week and my kitties love the food!!!! Usually if I try giving them something new they just look at me like I’m being evil…with the Hills they just started chowing down immediately 🙂
    Thanks so much for hosting this give away !!


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