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Are you a blogger, small business owner or brand who is looking for an innovative way to generate publicity, grow your business, or increase your social media presence without breaking the bank?

If so, you might be interested in a new service called AdvoWire – the latest brainchild of HireInfluence!

AdvoWire makes it easy for you to spread the word about nearly anything you’d like to promote by leveraging the reach of others on social media. They are so eager for you to try their service, they will even give you $5 to get started!

Here are a few highlights of how their service works:

First, you Set Targets that define your campaign: this includes identifying the location of your preferred audience, industry or niche markets, and the specific times and days you want your content shared. You can adjust your campaign along the way to maximize results.

Next, you Assign Content for each social media network you want to share your campaign on, including Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. You can upload media files to enhance your visibility and engagement.

Finally, you Enter The Budget that you’d like to spend each day and designate the amount you are willing to pay for each share. AdvoWire helps you by recommending starting points based on the specific network and the minimum sixe of your potential Advocate’s audience.

AdvoWire also provides you with detailed engagement and conversion reports that make it easy to monitor your successes along the way!

Ready to get started? For more information, visit AdvoWire today!


Disclosure: This is an original post written on behalf of AdvoWire. Although they have sponsored this post, Create With Joy only shares information that is relevant to our readers.

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