Dancing On The Head Of A Pen by Robert Benson

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen – Book Review

Are you a writer or creative individual who is seeking wisdom, direction, encouragement and inspiration when it comes to honing your craft?

If so, may I recommend placing Dancing On The Head Of Pen – The Practice Of A Writing Life by Robert Benson on your must read list?

Simply stated, Dancing On The Head Of A Pen is one of the most inspirational books on the art, craft and discipline of writing that I have read in years!

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen isn’t a how-to manual on how to craft a scintillating short story or pen the next great American novel.

It doesn’t tell you how to edit your book, find a publisher, or market in the age of social media.

Instead, Robert’s book focuses on the timeless things that motivate writers, fuel writers, make writers tick.

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen deals with the inner lives of writers and captures the heart and spiritual essence of the writing process.

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen is written for people who write not because it’s something they aspire to do, but because it’s who they are.

While the book’s primary focus is on writing, Dancing On The Head Of A Pen will also appeal to other creative individuals such as artists, musicians and painters who are drawn to a life of artistic expression.

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen contains 12 wonderful chapters that are vignettes on various aspects of writing. Some of my favorite chapters in the book include:

  • Go To Your Room – On The Discipline Of Being A Writer
  • Six Hundred Words – On Writing Every Day
  • Under The Influence – On Reading To Write

One thing I particularly love about this book are the wonderful quotes that are woven throughout.

Here are a few gems for your enjoyment:

As long as we have stories to tell to each other there is hope.
Henri Nouwen

Putting a book together is always interesting and exhilarating… it is life at its most free, if you are fortunate enough to be able to try it, because you select your own materials, invent your task, and pace yourself.
Anne Dillard, The Writing Life

A distinct relationship exists between the caliber of the writing of the writing you read and the caliber of the writing you make.
Robert Benson

The one quandary I had when reading Dancing On The Head Of A Pen was whether to devour the book in one sitting or to slowly savor and ponder over each of the author’s words. If only more authors elicited such a response!

I solved this problem by reading the book with a pen in hand for note-taking…

I highly recommend Dancing On The Head Of A Pen to those of you express your heart, soul and creativity through the art of writing or through other artistic endeavors!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

About Robert Benson

Robert Benson

Robert Benson is the author of numerous books, including The Echo Within, Digging In, and Home by Another Way. A retreat leader, Benson writes and speaks often on the life of prayer and contemplation, the practice of faith and spirituality, and the art and craft of writing.

Robert is a graduate of and an adjunct faculty member for the Academy for Spiritual Formation, a program of The Upper Room. He is married to literary agent Sara Fortenberry.

Robert lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

He dances on the head of a pen every day no matter where he happens to be.

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  1. I have never heard of this author nor have I heard of this book so I am quite pleased to read this review. I’m always on the lookout for new writing books. I am curious: did you read it all at once? Sometimes when I read a book all at once I go back and re-read more slowly. Right now I have the new Natalie Goldberg book and its difficult to not just cuddle up in a chair and read.

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Hi Julie,

      Glad you stopped by – you will enjoy this book!

      I had to read it all at once to review it, but I will be re-reading it at a more leisurely pace and savoring it because that is the type of book this is!

      Would love to hear more about the new Natalie Goldberg book – if you review it, be sure to share your review at one of my parties and leave me a comment so that I can stop by!

      Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a terrific book — I love the quotes you chose.

  3. Tina at Mommynificent
    Twitter: mommynificent

    I have the perfect friend to give this book to! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again next week.

  4. Christina Morley
    Twitter: tinarobmorley

    Hi R.! I thought to check out the link on Booknificent Thursday. I loved the captivating title. It sounds like a book that will remind me of what I should be doing. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to writing. Thanks for sharing!

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