Can The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Help You Get Fit? #SprintMom

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Can You Really Get Fit With A Smart Phone?

Samsung Gear Fit & Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Phone

My mobile fitness journey began the day my Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear Fit entered my life! Have you begun your mobile fitness journey? If not, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is the perfect phone to start with!

When I became the proud owner of my first smart phone – the Samsung Galaxy S5 – and the companion Samsung Gear Fit watch and activity tracker a few months back, I had no idea how much fitness technology was about to transform my life.

But, as I learned how to use the built-in fitness apps to monitor my activity levels, nutritional habits and sleeping patterns, I soon discovered that I had the knowledge, tools and motivation I needed to improve my health right in the palm of my hands!

I began to eat better. I began to move more. In the process of making small, sustainable changes, I lost close to 20 pounds!

So, it was with great excitement that my husband and I recently attended a local Sprint Fit Live event to experience the next evolution in mobile fitness technology – the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Is The Next Evolution In Mobile Fitness! What Makes It So Special?

Amy, Nathaniel & Heather

Amy, Nathaniel and Heather treated us to a fact-filled presentation and a hands-on demonstration of Samsung’s latest mobile smartphones and wearables – brimming with fitness technology!

We had the opportunity to interview Amy Johnsonbaugh and Heather Wong from the Sprint Corporate Communication Team and attend a fitness demonstration with personal trainer Nathaniel Gosselin. In the process, we learned everything we could about the dazzling Sprint-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Phone and the Samsung Gear Fit Watch!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport in Electric Blue & Cherry Red

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport comes in two gorgeous colors: Electric Blue and Cherry Red!

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport phone is like the Samsung Galaxy S5 on steroids. It’s has all of the great features that I’ve grown to love in the Samsung Galaxy S5, plus a few new features that I wish my Galaxy S5 had!

The first thing you notice about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is that it’s built for ruggedness, yet it’s a beauty to behold! Who can resist the gorgeous Electric Blue and Cherry Red tones that the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport comes in?

Certainly, not me!

I would definitely purchase a phone in either of these stunning colors!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Activity Zone

At first, this screen looked familiar – but wait! New functionality! New apps!

The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport is water and dust resistant like the Galaxy S5, but it’s built with a texturized body. This feature is important because it makes the Galaxy S5 Sport easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hand (trust me – this happens!)

The Galaxy S5 Sport is designed with three hard keys built into the bottom of the phone, This makes your phone easier to operate when you’re on the move!

The Galaxy S5 Sport also features the Samsung Activity Zone, which provides access to preloaded content like a barometer, compass, flashlight and stopwatch from a single screen!

What distinguishes the Spring Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport from all other smart phones on the market, however, is that it is specifically designed with your active lifestyle in mind!

Sprint Fit Live Takes The Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport To Unprecedented Heights In The Mobile Fitness Arena!

Sprint Fit Live Screens

Don’t you love how Sprint Fit Live gathers all of your Fitness apps and information and places them on two convenient, customizable screens?

Through a special collaboration with leading health and fitness companies Under Armour, Map My Fitness, and Spotify, Sprint and Samsung Telecommunications America have teamed up to bring you a complete mobile health and fitness package called Sprint Fit Live, which provides instant access to everything you need to stay fit in one convenient place!

You’ll “Live The Healthy Lifestyle” by receiving updated smart, contextual health and fitness content in one centralized location.

You’ll even be able to customize the look and feel of fitness tracking, education, music and healthy living content displayed on your wallpaper or full screen experience!

Sprint Fit Live Brings You Exclusive Benefits

In addition, as part of Sprint Fit Live, you’ll also receive these exclusive perks when you invest in the exclusive Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport phone:

A Year Of Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness Screens

You’ll receive a Free One Year Subscription to MapMyFitness, which uses GPS to track all fitness activities, and records workout details including the duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled on an interactive map.

3 To 6 Months Of Spotify Premium


You’ll receive either a Free 3 or 6 Month Subscription to Spotify Premium (based on your phone plan) that provides exclusive access to over 20 million songs – perfect for walking and working out!

$50 Savings On The Samsung Gear Fit Watch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

For a limited time, you can purchase the Samsung Gear Fit Watch for just $99.99 when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport or any other Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Don’t pass up this amazing offer – that’s half of what I paid when the Gear Fit was first released!

The Samsung Gear Fit is a combination watch and activity tracker that has many features I love, including the light 1.83 Super AMOLED display that I am constantly changing the colors on – the built in pedometer and heart rate monitor – and the ability to alert me to incoming phone calls and messages. It even has the ability to track different types of exercise and locate your phone!

My favorite feature is Gear Fit’s ability to monitor my sleep activity and store that information in S-Health. Unlike some of Gear Fit’s other features, sleep tracking is only available through the Samsung Gear Fit Watch and not through the phone.

Part Of The Sprint Spark Network

As an added perk, your new Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Phone will run on the Sprint Spark network, which enhances the phone’s LTE service and allows for high quality video!

Affordable Plans!

With Sprint Easy Pay, you can invest in better health through the Sprint-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport and Sprint Fit Live with $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.09 or $200 with a 2-year contract (MRSP $649.99).

Here’s How To Get Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport With Sprint Fit Live

Sprint Store

Six months ago, I didn’t own a smart phone and was one of the 70 million Americans who could have easily been called a couch potato.

Now, I’m one of the 55 million Americans – or 32% of mobile device users – who has a fitness application on my device and are finding a way to use mobile technology to make a positive difference in my life!

If you’d like to see first hand how the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, the Samsung Gear Fit and their innovative partners can help you reach your health and fitness goals, visit the Sprint Website to find a store near you!

Share Your Thoughts!

Have you ever used a smart phone or a fitness tracker to monitor or improve your health? What were the results?

Are you interested in improving your health and excited about the possibility of having a personal coach with you at all times in the form of your smart phone?

What features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport and/or the Samsung Gear Fit are you must excited about?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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