Grow Your Blog Party 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015

Welcome To Grow Your Blog Party 2015!

Welcome to Grow Your Blog – an event created by Vicki Boster at 2 Bags Full to help creative bloggers grow their blogging community!

I am a second-year participant and I’m delighted you’ve stopped by!

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself and my blog. If this sounds like a place where you would feel at home, I’d love to invite you to join our wonderful community of creative individuals.

The Story Behind Create With Joy

Create With Joy

My name is Ramona and I’m the founder of Create With Joy – an inspirational blog that celebrates creativity in all its facets! We provide our readers with ongoing opportunities to connect – to make new friends, to meet kindred spirits, and to be a part of a creative community. We love learning what inspires you and discovering what you’re passionate about!

Here are a few things I am passionate about and some of the things you’ll discover as you explore my blog!

Arts & Crafts

God Is Our Refuge And Strength Card

I love creating beautiful things. I enjoy Art and Crafts of all types, but Paper Crafting is my passion. I’ve created DIY Craft and Tutorial projects for several major brands and Design Teams and won a number of design challenges since starting this blog.

Please join me each week as I share my latest creations and the inspiration behind them at Create With Joy!

Scrumptious Recipes


Do you enjoy creating and sharing great meals with your loved ones? Do you love testing new recipes and learning new techniques?

Whether you’re looking for something healthy, comforting or decadent – if you’re looking for delicious food – my husband and I would love to share our favorite recipes and culinary tips with you!

Together, we’ve created recipes for several brands and even won a few cooking contests – but nothing brings us more joy than the smiles and complements we receive from those we serve in love!

Be sure to check out our latest recipes!

Inspiring Books

Dancing On The Head Of A Pen

Are you a reader in search of an inspiring book? Are you an author in search of an authentic review? I love to read, review and host giveaways of inspirational books for readers of all ages!

I review books for numerous publishers, publicists, book tour companies and independent authors.

I’m also a Brand Ambassador for Chicken Soup For The Soul!

This year, I’ve launched a NEW community just for book lovers called the Book Nook at Create With Joy! I invite you to join us and to check out our latest Book Reviews!

Fabulous Felines

Magellan - National Answer Your Cat's Question Day

I love animals of all kinds – but my Maine Coons are an indispensable part of my family. They enrich my life in ways I cannot begin to measure and  form an integral part of my blog!

They bring joy to everyone they meet. Frequently, my readers share that they stop by each week with their children just to get their feline fix!

My cats educate readers on important issues regarding feline health – share public service announcements – represent major cat brands – and even make guest appearances on esteemed blogs such as Guideposts!

But – most importantly – my cats are my friends – my family – my constant companions. I love them deeply and cannot imagine a world without them!

Click here to learn more about my Maine Coon Cats!

Grow Your Blog Through Our Creative Communities

Connecting with creative bloggers and building community is a vital part of our mission at Create With Joy.

Each week, I offer several opportunities for you to gather with other kindred spirits – to share your creativity – and to inspire one another!

If these things resonate with you, I cordially invite you to join us for:

Inspire Me Monday – Nurture Your Creative Spirit

Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy

Inspire Me Monday is a place to share your creative inspirations, sharpen your creative vision, and showcase your creative talents!

Each week creative bloggers from all genres gather to celebrate their creative diversity and to honor our featured guests!

Our party opens on Sunday and remains open all week.

Won’t you inspire us with your creativity?

Wordless Wednesday – Share Your Memories Through Photos

Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy

Wordless Wednesday is a place to make memories and share memories through creative photography. It’s also a place to share your special stories. Don’t let the name throw you. You’re welcome to join us whether you’re wordless or wordy!

All family friendly photos are welcome – but we’re especially excited when pet lovers join us, since our Wordless Wednesday party is the place where our cats hang out!

Our party opens on Tuesday and stays open all week!

Won’t you speak to us through your photos?

Friendship Friday Blog Party & Social Media Boost

Friendship Friday at Create With Joy

If you’re interested in sharing your favorite posts – networking with other bloggers – learning about upcoming blogging events – and growing your social media accounts – Friendship Friday is the place to be!

Friendship Friday is a favorite place to relax each weekend and to meet our Featured Friends!

Our party opens on Thursday and stays open all week!

Won’t you stop by and connect with us?

The Book Nook At Create With Joy

Book Nook at Create With Joy

We’re currently celebrating the grand opening of a new community – The Book Nook at Create With Joy!

This community and party is the place where book lovers gather to share their favorite books and to learn about exciting events that are happening throughout the blogging community!

If you love to read books – write books – blog about books – or promote books and literacy in any way – there’s a place for you in this community!

Our party opens on alternating Fridays and stays open until the next party begins!

Won’t you add us to your reading list?

Stay In Touch

Thank you so much for visiting! Now that we’ve met, let’s stay in touch!

1) Please leave a comment so I’ll know you visited and can get to know you better!

2) Follow my blog and social media accounts and let me know how you’ve connected so that I can reciprocate!

I look forward to seeing you at our parties and helping you to grow your blog!

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21 Responses to “Grow Your Blog Party 2015”

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  1. Shroo says:

    Happy Blog Party Day! This is a great post with so many fascinating links and networking opportunities. Once the hecticness of today has passed, I’m very much looking forward to returning and reading your excellent posts. Really happy to have found you! Best wishes – Shroo:)xx

  2. I’m not a crafter or much of a chef, but I love the versatility of your blog. You seem to cover a wide range of topics!

    • Hi Stephanie, you might not be a crafter or chef, but I just visited your blog and it seems we share a mutual love of writing and books!
      I hope you’ll join us at the Book Nook at Create With Joy – would love to connect with you and help you to “grow your blog” long after this party ends! 🙂

  3. I already visit your blog and hear from you regularly but thought I would just say hello as I am visiting here via the Grow Your Blog hop. Have a great day. Sunshine Girl – Grow Your Blog Section 24.

  4. Gloria says:

    Welcome to the Grow Your Blog Party! I am one of Vicki’s volunteers and wanted to stop by and share how excited she is that you joined the party. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and love how you’ve made every one welcome. You have lots of ways to stay connected with your friends and I might give them a try soon. Thank you for joining in and hope you find lots of new blogs and new friends. Your work is beautiful! Gloria

  5. How fun to have found you via the GYB party! You’re certainly in the thick of creative connection aren’t you? And how lucky to have such gorgeous feline pals. I look forward to playing in some of your gatherings, but in the meantime Happy GYB Day.

  6. I enjoy your blog and visit often! =)
    Your book reviews, cards and recipes are wonderful!

    And, your Cats are so pretty!

    Have a great week!

  7. channon says:

    It was fun reading and getting to know you better.

  8. Your is one of my favs! O my gosh wow! Inspire Me Monday!

  9. tina says:

    Hi I visit often but don’t comment much, but we have a lot in common, I just followed you via facebook and hope you’ll visit my new blog – have a great week.


  10. Julie says:

    Hi Ramona, I’m visiting from the GYB party too. I really love your blog and all the different variety of things that interest you. I love that you are starting a book link party too! Thanks for being such a sweet and nice blog friend. I have a giveaway on my blog and hope that you can find the time to stop by. Thanks.
    Julie at Julie’s Lifestyle

  11. Gentle Joy says:

    Thank you…. it is good to know what is available. 🙂

  12. SuZeQ says:

    You throw a great party. Thank you for inviting me!

    So that you know, I’ve become a Follower and when time permits, I’ll be back to see what other beautiful things were made by your hands!

    What this party is all about is to GROW your blog and I’m hoping to do the same. When you get to Section One, check out A Country Chic Retreat and SuZeQ Creations, my personal blog, in Section Fifteen I’d love for you to follow and subscribe to.

    Happy crafting!

  13. Molly says:

    Ramona – I am thrilled we connected at last night’s #NewYearBooks chat!

    I love the various creative communities you have developed here, and I hope to participate on a regular basis 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Molly – it was a pleasure to meet you too – it’s always a joy to make a new friend, particularly one with so many shared interests!

      I look forward to getting to know you and to seeing your creativity at some of our parties! 🙂

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