Wordless Wednesday – The Original Keyboard Cat

Tsunami - Keyboard Tray 1

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Quote Of The Week

The mathematical probability of a common cat
Doing exactly as it pleases

Is the one scientific absolute in the world.
Lynn M. Osband

The Original Keyboard Cat

These days, Magellan reigns as King of the Keyboard
But did you know that the tradition of commandeering keyboards
Actually began with brother Tsunami?

A perusal through our digital photo files turned up evidence that
In his early days, Tsunami had the same habit of
Disrupting schedules by disposing of his human’s keyboards
By any means possible so that he could lounge in
This most coveted of spots:
The computer keyboard tray!

Tsunami - Keybaord Tray 2

(Felines of the Internet –
If you could explain what the attraction is to this
Narrow, ever-moving shelf –
I’d be forever in your debt!)

The only thing that disrupted
Tsunami’s love for this spot was a
Cat induced disaster…

One day the shelf could no longer support the weight of
My ever-growing Gentle Giant jumping upon it and it went
Crashing to the ground with a loud crash,
One of the many cat-astrophes we survived during his youth!

Chat In The Comments

Tsunami - Keyboard Tray 3

Does your pet have a favorite place to hang out –
Particularly one you’re not so fond of?
Either way, we’d love to hear about it –
Share your stories with us in the comments this week!

Reasons Cats Love To Sleep On Your Computer

Wordless Wednesday – Week of April 28, 2015

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87 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – The Original Keyboard Cat”

Read below or add a comment...

  1. Pet’s do seem to find the most unusual places to sit, not to mention they end up making that spot their very own. LOL

    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus says:

    Hi Ramona,

    My cat Elli loves sleeping right on top of my husband! He doesn’t care how busy my husband is at the time either he just bullies his way on his lap or chest and makes himself comfortable. We laugh just about every night because he thinks he is invisible or something as he makes his way across the bed or the couch. During the day he sleeps in our closet but comes out 15 minutes before my husband gets home for work which amazes me everyday because my husband gets home at a different time everyday! He is quite the character! I’ll see if I can get a picture of him and add it to the linky along with my post!

    As always thanks for hosting and I hope you have a great week!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

    • What a wonderful story Lysa – I love how you describe Eli as a “cat bully” who is intent on having his way and time with your husband, regardless of what your husband is doing! I SO get that! Magellan is currently in that same phase of obliviousness. His latest trick is to run through the house during out-of-the-blue bursts of playtime using us as launching posts (we both have the bruised rib cages – or so it feels from his heavy thunder paws – to prove it!)

      You have a wonderful week too – hope to see you again for Friendship Friday! 🙂

      • Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus says:

        Thanks Ramona! Elli, short for Elliot, or Mr. E as my husband calls him is our furry child and is rather spoiled! We have a blue nose pit bull and a bull terrier and both are terrified of Elliot! It is so funny when the dogs start crying because the cat has them trapped on the couches. When Elli was younger he use to do the same thing as Magellan and not only did my ribs feel bruised but my legs and arms as well. He is a BIG cat and rather heavy, not overweight just HUGE!

        I will write a reminder for Friendship Friday on my calendar now so I don’t forget.

        xx Lysa

      • That’s so funny! I used to have one cat – a very sweet cat, actually – who used to take no nonsense off our dog, who also treated him with a wide berth of respect…

        Can’t wait to see photos of Mr E (whose reputation is now preceding him) as well as your dogs!

        Can also add you to the Friendship Friday list if you like! 🙂

  3. Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus says:

    I just added an older post with Elli to the link-up! Yes, please add me to the Friendship Friday list that would help a lot! 😉 Elli is a sweetie but had never seen a dog until we got our first one. I rescued Elli when he was barely a month old so we have a very special bond as you can imagine. I kept his Mom until he was done nursing but she was not a nice cat at all and would attack my daughters so I had to get rid of her. :'(

    • Wow, Eli looks like a big lug of a cat – so sweet, so lovable – no wonder you have such a special bond! I bet having a dog invade his home was quite the shock to his system!

      I don’t currently have a dog but when I did, he was there first, but that did not stop any of the kittens that joined the household from walking in and assuming that the place was there kingdom from day 1 – dog/servant included!

      I use to find it incredulous that those little tiny creatures would have the gall to go up to the dog bowl while the dog was eating and push him aside to get to his food (when they had full bowls available at all times) – but obviously it wasn’t a “hunger” thing…

  4. Beautiful captures…Thanks for hosting…

  5. Ivy@Reinvestorwealth.com says:

    These cat pictures are really beautiful.You have captured them well….

  6. stevebethere says:

    What a cute story haha! Magellan looks so comfy you never know he might type you something one day heheh!

    Have a typetastic week 🙂

    • Magellan manages to find ways to reprogram my keyboard by hitting mystery key combos all the time – I am always worried about him disabling and shutting my system down!

  7. Claire says:

    Aww beautiful pictures Joy, your cat is so sweet 🙂

    Thanks for hosting…

  8. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you for hosting another week of great link ups! I love your cat and the beautiful pictures you take! Have a wonderful Wednesday! xx Ashleigh

  9. Mystery Case says:

    Great post. Our new cat has been a tad out of sorts with the jigsaw puzzle on the table. Two nights in a row we’ve found the whole thing on the floor. Too funny.

    • I just returned from watching The Voice with my husband. As I sat down to enjoy the show, I noticed that the beautiful Asian plate my husband displayed on the speaker next to the TV was missing so I asked him what he did with it. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about so I turned on the light to investigate. You guessed it: our gorgeous plate – a gift from me to my husband – is now smashed to pieces. Magellan is the culprit (he’s the one that goes flying like Superman through the house). Since I did not hear it go crashing, I guess it must have happened during my afternoon walk – which explains why he was skulking in the bathroom instead of stalking me at the door when I returned home!

      Aside from the puzzle (I used to have a huge board to cover mine so the cats would not hunt and lose my pieces) – how is he adjusting to life without his brother?

  10. Our cat at home loves to sleep at the back of my computer tower before! He kept messing up the cords =P

  11. Magellan certainly has his way of making you pet him. Yesterday, I was very angry with our little Tommy for “helping” me make wire rings for a show. I forget that he’s only 2 and wants attention.

    They want it when they want it.

  12. Cats do seem to find some interesting places to hang out.

  13. MB says:

    Such a photogenic cat! He’s fabulous and he knows it 😉

  14. Patricia says:

    Magellan and Tsunami look so soft and fluffy. I bet they love to cuddle with you.
    Although I don’t see pets ( of ours) in my future if I ever did it would be a cat. ( Don’t tell that to my grand-puppy!)

  15. Well, and I can see that computers were made for more than the humans to communicate, they are very attractive to furry little balls of fur.

    The photos are so reminiscent of what our cats do, they seem to think it is their highway passing through to the other side of the table and a spring board to the next level. Oh and Sabrina’s favorite thing is to lay her head on the key board where the fan blows the hot air.

    I cant walk away from my computer without making sure there is nothing left upon the screen where unwanted letters are written or messages could be sent out and almost always have to hit the escape key.

    Have you ever thought or imagined what the techs think when they open computers to clean them and find that it is growing a hairy mess. (lol I always mention, we have cats)

    Thanks for hosting, this has been a fun one, hope you have a great day!
    Karren@Oh My Heartsie Girl

  16. Laying on a keyboard is much better than eating a keyboard. My son’s dog ATE my husbands computer keyboard!

  17. Great pic and we know who runs the house.

    Don’t have any pets, which is sad to say.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Yes, you definitely have picked up on the pecking order in our roost…

      I hope you are able to bring some pets into your home one of these days. They add SO much life into a home!

  18. Joanne says:

    Thank you for hosting! I added mine – April: As Seen On Instagram [LINKY]

  19. Michelle says:

    Our two dogs lay wherever the sun is shining in from the outside. They sprawl out like they are tanning. When my daughter’s dog visits, she does the same thing and we then have three of them at the same time. Add some sand, water, a cocktail and they would be at the beach!

    • That is so funny! I know we have trouble maneuvering in the house at times when the cats are sprawled on the floor in our path. Can’t imagine navigating around three dogs!

  20. Thanks for the party! My cat, Koko, loves to sleep on the changing table in my twin girls’ bedroom. It’s right in the sun and has a nice soft cover so I can see the attraction, however it is inconvenient when I need to use it! 🙂

  21. Hi there, what a cute story. Whenever I’m on my computer, my pet dog always ends up near me and usually ends up in the cords too!

  22. Hi Ramone, so cute how the cats like to sleep by the computer. I like the buzzing sound of the computer and the warmth it gives too. 🙂 Have a great day!

  23. Karen W says:

    He looks so comfy there.

  24. I don’t know much about cats but I can see why a keyboard tray would be appealing.
    Have a great week!

  25. Marti's DIY says:

    He’s a beauty. My cat isn’t interested in the keyboard – as long as one of our hands is petting him while the other hand is typing.

  26. Mary Denman says:

    Our cats sleep, well, where ever they want….on the computer keyboard, my lap while I’m on the computer, my bed, the back of the sofa, the middle of my dining room table, kitchen chairs, the pillows on the bed in my guest room (which means always stripping the bed and washing it right before company comes!)…..

    I put up the portraits my sister painted of my two Dukes today for you to see! Plus others that she’s done.

    She’s so talented!

    Thanks for hosting!

  27. meowmeowmans says:

    Zoe has been known to try to climb right onto my keyboard as I’m typing. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting, Ramona! Have a great day!

  28. Abrianna says:

    What pretty silver tones he has in his fur. My cat likes to sleep on clothes while you are folding them and on the bed while you are trying to make it.

  29. Gattina says:

    So cute ! Yes my cats have favorite napping places, but they change their minds every week at last !

  30. Diana says:

    My cat’s favourite place is my seat on the couch – if I get off it he gets on regardless of where else he could sit or lie. Even if hubby and I are both seated he has 4 other places he could be but he still heads for me and expects me to move.
    Your cats are cute 🙂


  31. Bee Halton says:

    Your Wordless Wednesday’s make me want to have a cat again :-). Do you think cat’s hang out on their human’s keyboard when you should have a break or should be doing something else? Just a thought….. thanks for sharing these great pictures

    • Welcome Bee – I hope you will soon be paired with the purr-fect cat!
      I know my cat ALWAYS wants me to take a break and play with him – probably isn’t a bad idea!

  32. Emma says:

    What a beautiful kitty!

  33. Pip and Ruby says:

    What beautiful, soulful eyes! Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  34. Kitties Blue says:

    Mom always figured the warmth of the computer was a big part of our attraction. Tsunami certainly was an adorable little guy! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calsita Jo

  35. Candi says:

    Our cat loves to sleep on piles of books. Whenever any of the kids are studying, he will come up and lay on the books-then look completely offended when he gets shooed off, lol. 🙂 This is my first Wordless Wednesday post, thank you for letting me join in!

  36. Gorgeous assistant. My daughter’s cat also loves to type. 🙂

  37. Mary Denman says:

    Hi Ramona, I think I forgot to hit the submit button last night to comment!

    Our cats love all kinds of places to call their own. My bed, the guest room pillows, my lap…computer filed or not….The last place I was sitting, under the piano (while it’s being played).

    I put up the portraits my sister did of Duke the first and second! Plus other portraits she’s done. I hope you enjoy them!

    Have a great day Ramona!

  38. Our cat enjoyed sleeping on our heads at night.

  39. Janice says:

    Oh to be a cat who could lounge around anywhere! 😉

  40. Robin says:

    Magellan is such a cutie! It would be hard to push him away from the keyboard with that darling face 🙂

  41. Emilie says:

    They really do love keyboards, don’t they? Ours don’t care for them most. Amusingly enough, our three kitties have their own favorite spots that just make me twitch –

    Tuxedo kitty – anywhere on the piano, where he’s not supposed to be. He used to just hop up there to perch, but now he does it to get one of his humans to stand up and chase him. He’s turned it into a game, and we fall for it every time, the stinker.

    Black kitty – He likes lying on my arms when I’m working, preferably the left one. It makes typing rather difficult.

    Tabby kitty – She loves sitting on our bedside endtable for some reason. We have one of those combination radio/CD player alarm, and she’ll step on that so the CD cover pops open, then sits in just the perfect spot to block me from seeing the time. She also has a thing for trying to share our pillows. Nothing like rolling over and getting a faceful of cat fur in the middle of the night.

  42. Rorybore says:

    beautiful cat!
    ours seems to have grown fond of lying on top of the entertainment unit while we watch TV. so we are watching TV, and he is watching us – watch TV, and it is very very disconcerting.

  43. Alexandra says:

    Your cat is so sweet looking! He looks very soft and fluffy. My cat, Shiloh, always tries to step all over my computer but I don’t let him. I am always afraid he’s going to mess up something that I am working on. I usually just put it aside, and give him some lovin and attention, while he’ll let me. I am sure you can relate to that.
    Such an adorable video you’ve found too! I have pinned and shared it. Too cute.

  44. Jack says:

    I would suppose that a kitty’s thought process works like this,,,,If a person’s fingers are to be stroking something,,,they should be stroking kitty,,,,not keys !

  45. Socks likes sitting on the keyboard too. He is actually becoming a very adequate typist.

  46. speedyrabbit says:

    Great photo’s,xx Speedy

  47. Annabelle says:

    Great Selfie!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, and Mr Jinx


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