Go Clean, Sexy You – Book Review

Go Clean Sexy You

Go Clean, Sexy You by Lisa Consiglio Ryan – Book Review

Are you ready to kick off the healthiest year of your life? Are you looking for a nutritional program that will enable you to regularly cleanse and balance your body? Do you need a healthy way to shed, bloat and excess pounds during certain times of the year?

That’s the promise that awaits you in Go Clean Sexy You – Your Guide To The Healthiest Year Of Your Life by Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Lisa Consiglio Ryan.

What’s unique about Go Clean, Sexy You is that it does not contain a year-long dietary plan. Instead, it provides four seasonal plant-based detoxification plans, based on clean eating principles, that are designed to rid your body of toxins and excess weight and help bring you back into balance (among other things!)

The menu plans vary in length from 7 to 10 days based on the season. The book includes 4 seasonal menu plans, complete shopping lists, and more than 100 easy-to-make recipes.

Lisa’s approach to clean eating is based on her philosophy of living a clean life, which she summarizes as follows:

You strive to eat anti-inflammatory whole foods (a lot of plants and greens, gluten-free grains, and organic produce), you use natural ingredients when cooking, and you are eco-conscience. You tend to follow the 80/20 guideline: 80 percent of the time you eat clean,
move your body, practice gratitude, do what makes you feel amazing. The other 20 percent of the time you drink wine with your girlfriends, eat pizza at the birthday party, skip a workout… all without guilt. You listen to your body and tap into the body, mind and spirit connection.

What I like about Go Clean, Sexy You is that it is inviting, easy to read and use, well organized and full of helpful tips. You don’t have to be a health expert to read this book, and you don’t have to turn your life upside down to do the seasonal detoxes.

Go Clean, Sexy You is a great choice for readers who want to make positive changes to their lives and health and are looking for a flexible plan that anyone can pick up and use.

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

About Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is the author of the cookbook, Go Clean, Sexy You. She is also the founder of Whole Health Designs, juicy clean living advocate and mama of two. She loves her yoga practice, running, and has a mission to spread the word, “Food is love.” She provides detox programs and private coaching for women who desire to embrace clean living.

As a nationally acclaimed Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lisa has worked with thousands in her Renewal 10 Day Detox programs. Her work has been featured in Fitness Magazine, TinyBuddha, Elephant Journal, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life , The Daily Meal, Fox News and Mind Body Green. You can also check out Lisa’s membership program, Clean + Sexy (year-long detox + community), Eat Clean 21- 21 days of gluten-free meal plans for plant lovers, and Juice Shop.

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5 Responses to “Go Clean, Sexy You – Book Review”

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  1. Having already completed one of Lisa’s detox plans, and now half way the Spring detox from this book I can say that it’s a very rewarding plan to follow, both for weight loss, mental health and general health problems.

  2. I am always looking for ways to improve my diet and health so I love the fact that this book on Clean Eating provides four seasonal plant-based detoxification plans, based on clean eating principles designed to rid the body of toxins and excess weight. Thank you for sharing this valuable book at the Plant-Based Potluck Party. I’m pinning and sharing.

  3. Krisitne says:

    Always looking for a way to eat healthier, cleaner, and less processed! I will definitely check this book out! Thank you for the review! 🙂

  4. Barbara says:

    This sounds like a good book. I especially like the idea of seasonal whole foods. 🙂

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