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Books To Help You Cultivate Your Prayer Life

As 2017 begins to draw to a close, have you begun to think about your goals for the upcoming year? I”d like to be a more thankful, joyful, and prayerful woman in 2018!

1 Thess 5:16-18

How do we learn how to pray without ceasing? How do we begin to develop authentic conversations with God? How do we pray for others who are in need? How do we develop enough faith to believe that our prayers actually matter and can make a difference in our own lives and the lives of those around us?

This month, I’d like to share some wonderful prayer resources that can help us answer these questions and grow into the mighty prayer warrior God wants us to be!

There are many other great resources out there as well. Please share your thoughts, tips, reviews, and resources with us as well, and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

5-Word Prayers: Where To Start When You Don’t Know What To Say To God by Lisa Whittle

5-word prayers

When we first come to Christ – or if we grew up in a religious tradition where we learned to pray rote prayers – then learning how to talk to God can be difficult. It places us outside of our comfort zone. Often, we don’t know where to start.

If that’s where you’re at in your prayer life, then 5-Word Prayers is the perfect place for you to begin your dialog with God!

5-Word Prayers is an encouraging 40-day devotional that teaches us that it isn’t the length of our prayers or the number of fancy words that we pray that impresses God – it’s our heart and authenticity that matters. God honors short prayers – even 5-word prayers – when they are prayed in faith!

5-Word Prayers is a gem of a book that all Christians could benefit from, but is especially relevant to Christians who are just learning how to pray.

5-Word Prayers is available through Amazon.

Praying With Eyes Wide Open: A Life-Changing Way To Talk With God by Sherry Harney

Praying With Eyes Wide Open

When you are ready to deepen your prayer life – when you want to go beyond the walls of your church or your prayer life and take your conversation with God into every moment of your life – when you’re ready to experience what is possible when you “pray without ceasing” – then Praying With Eyes Wide Open is the book for you!

Sherry’s goal in this book is to make prayer a continuous, natural, spontaneous part of our lives – not something we do as part of a spiritual checklist. Through this book we’ll learn how to pray through the flow of life as we keep our eyes wide open to how God is working in our life and those around us – as we keep our ears open to the things that God is saying to us – as we keep our hearts open to how God is moving in the world around us – and as we keep our lives open to the ways that God wants to use us to minister to others through prayer.

In each chapter of Praying With Eyes Wide Open, Sherry takes us on a prayer journey through exercises that will expand our ability to pray.

Praying With Eyes Wide Open is both profound and accessible. I highly recommend this book to you!

Praying With Eyes Wide Open is available through Amazon.

Praying The Scriptures For Your Adult Children: Trusting God With The Ones You Love by Jodie Berndt

Praying The Scriptures For Your Adult Children

God answers prayers that are prayed in accordance with His Word. This means that praying Scriptural prayers (prayers that incorporate God’s Word from the Bible into them) are a particularly powerful means of praying.

In Praying The Scriptures For Your Adult Children, Jodie Berndt has crafted 20 specialized prayers that reflect the heart of a parent for their adult child in situations where extra grace, blessing, and mercy are needed. Prayers of general blessing are included, as well as prayers for your adult child’s relationships, health, safety, well-being, and prayers for your adult child’s victory over temptation.

This book contains a lesson, a prayer principle, and a specially crafted prayer for your adult child.

Praying The Scriptures For Your Adult Child is the perfect gift for anyone who has an adult child in need or a child who is about to leave the nest.

Praying The Scriptures For Your Adult Children is available through Amazon.

God’s Wisdom For Women: Topical Scripture And Encouragement by Patricia Miller and Rachel Gorman

God's Wisdom For Women

Have you ever been faced with a situation where you needed godly counsel but you weren’t sure where to go? Have you ever needed to pray with a friend over a situation she’s shared with you but weren’t sure where to find Scriptures that applied to her circumstances?

God’s Wisdom For Women is the book you’ll find yourself turning to again and again in these moments!

Consider God’s Wisdom For Women your topical field guide and reference tool to turn to whenever you need biblical advice on a situation. Sorted by topic, you’ll find the biblical perspective on over 50 issues, with Bible verses, encouraging quotes, practical steps you can take to apply God’s wisdom, and suggestions for further reading.

This book also contains some wonderful resource material in the Appendixes that is useful for new Christians and for women who are seeking to mentor and counsel others.

While God’s Wisdom For Women is not written specifically as a prayer book, ministry leaders and prayer counselors will find that it is an indispensable tool in their prayer arsenal.

God’s Wisdom For Women: Topical Scripture And Encouragement is available through Amazon.

The Book Nook At Create With Joy #34

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