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My husband is a huge fan of Terry Brennan, the Pultizer-Prize winning journalist and award winning author of The Jerusalem Prophecies Series, so, when I learned that Terry was releasing the Ishmael Covenant, the first book in The Empires Of Armageddon Series, I knew that surprising him with a copy of this highly coveted book was a must!

I was not mistaken. When he heard that the Ishmael Covenant was on its way, he transformed into a little child, badgering me every day with the question: “Is my book here yet?

With that said, it should come as no surprise that when the Ishmael Covenant finally arrived, he immediately dropped everything else he was reading to delve into the book.

What are his thoughts on Terry’s latest end-time novel? Enjoy my husband’s review!

Ishmael Covenant by Terry Brennan – Book Review

Ishmael Covenant

Good writing by any measure is both difficult and unforgiving. Writing by its very nature lacks all of the non-verbal cues all of us take for grant it in our everyday lives. So, when a writer like Terry Brennan wishes to share a story, I know I want to be among the first to devour it.

Terry has the ability to engage and enthrall the reader in a web of mystery in a way that few possess, bringing to life characters you wish to root for and villains that will chill you to the bone. As a result, I always look forward to seeing what he has to offer.

It’s been 4-5 years since I finished reading The Aleppo Code, the third and final book in The Jerusalem Prophecies Series, and I have often wondered when Terry would write another book or series for us to enjoy. I can tell you now with great joy that the Empires of Armageddon Series has launched – the first book in the series, Ishmael Covenant is out – and the second book in the series, Persian Betrayal, is slated for release in July 2020.

Like the Jerusalem Prophecies series, Terry targets the pre-rapture niche and weaves a very compelling and interesting fictionalized imagining of events leading up to the Messiah’s return. He does this through wonderful character development and intricate storytelling set in a well-researched geopolitical and historical context.

In summary, Ishmael Covenant is a well-written book!

The narrative starts with Vilna Gaon, a kabbalistic Talmudic scholar from the 1700’s who seeks to protect two prophecies that are given to him by God and not to be revealed until the time is right. The first is the Russian annexation of the Crimean and the second… well, you’ll have to wait until Book Two to find out!

From there, the story moves on to a complex array of characters, from world leaders and their associates to officials and leaders in the U.S. Each of these characters are seeking their own ends, whether that be power or security, but, isn’t that the way of the world system? However, even in the midst of that, God has placed honorable albeit flawed people in positions and places where they try to strike a balance between national duty and personal faith, a challenge that anyone in Christ can attest is no easy task.

As one might suppose, where God and His providential hand are at work, evil exists, both human and demonic, seeking to oppose Him while promoting their own ends. This is exactly what happens. Enter the Turk, an entity who seems more demonic than human. Under the direction of Satan, the Turk seeks to harness the excesses and greed of man by enticing leaders to do his bidding while thinking they are serving themselves and gaining their desires. We are in the midst of this storyline when Volume One ends.

Can our heroes, Brian Mullaney, the DSS Regional Security Officer and Joseph Atticus Cleveland, the Ambassador to Israel, keep the prophecy safe and deliver it to the Rabbinate Council at the Hurva? Can anything be done to thwart the evil forces that are moving in concert against these men and the purposes of God? How will evil ever be overcome?

I can tell you this, you are left painfully hanging with barely a prayer at the end of Ishmael Covenant as you wait with anticipation for the release of Persian Betrayal.

Thank you Terry Brennan for another thrill of a read!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Evelyn B says:

    Thanks for the review of this new book! It sounds really good and I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Tina at Mommynificent
    Twitter: mommynificent

    I enjoyed your husband’s enthusiastic review! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!

  3. Pam says:

    It sounds really interesting! I’m intrigued and anxious to read it!

  4. Anna says:

    This sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Brian Frum says:

    That sounds really good, we checked out his website too.

  6. Wow! “Husband”, you should write your own books. You have a masterful way with words.

    Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response to Ishmael Covenant. I know it was a long time coming, so, thanks for your patience. I am grateful, and humbled, by your review. More than anything, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the beginning of the new series as much as the last one. I think you’ll like the rest of the series, too.

  7. Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 10, open March 1 to 26.


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