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What’s New This Week?

Tsunami Selfie 2

First of all, thank you once again for your concern about Tsunami. It’s been another challenging week – Tsunami’s blood sugar levels remain high (the vet doubled his meds), he’s eating very little, he’s dealing with additional issues (he now is on a third med), and he’s not making the progress we hoped for. He returns to the vet on Monday. Please continue to pray for Tsunami’s healing but also for wisdom on what is our best course of action for our beloved cat.

Comfort Food Cartoon

As you can imagine, this has caused us all to be under a tremendous amount of stress. I hate to admit it, but I’m a stress eater. I try to do my best to manage it (at the moment, I’m doing well because I’ve purged the house of things I shouldn’t eat – my current snack choices are either watermelon bites or raw cashews!) – but the term “comfort food” totally resonates in my heart. With that in mind, I picked a few of my favorite recipes from this week’s party that I’d like to share with you:


When I think of comfort food, pasta is the first thing that comes to mind, so Estelle’s Asparagus Mac And Cheese made my mouth water! The asparagus is a nice touch because it’s a vegetable most of us don’t eat every day – the bacon really adds flavor to the dish – and this homemade version is so much better than anything you could ever pour out of a box!

Berry Cherry Almond Tart

Another dish that caught my eye was Pat’s Berry Cherry Almond Tart. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate fresh fruit into my life, and Pat’s recipe is not only healthy, but it’s also versatile!

Making new friend’s is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Please be sure to visit Estelle and Pat this week – explore their blogs –and congratulate them for being our Featured Friends at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy!

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17 Responses to “Friendship Friday Blog Hop 443”

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  1. Pat says:

    Thanks so much for the feature! I hope you enjoyed this Berry Cherry Almond tart!

    I am so sad for Tsunami and you all. I know how worrisome it is to have an ill cat. Sometimes old age brings so many problems to them. Enjoy him as much as possible and know you gave him a well-loved life, no matter what the outcome.

  2. catladymac says:

    We are sorry Tsnumai is still having prolems. Continuing to send purrayers and Power of the Paw (POTP)

  3. Oh Tsunami we’re praying so so hard for you and sending you all the love and light and good things!

  4. NormanWilkes says:

    Your post got me hungry!

  5. Amy Johnson says:

    I’m so sorry to hear Tsunami isn’t feeling any better. Thank you for the party.

  6. Brian Frum says:

    We sure are sending lots of prayers to dear Tsunami and we hope the Vet gets a handle on everything soon. That sure is some yummy foods featured today. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. I am so glad you like my Asparagus Mac & Cheese recipe! Thank you for including it in your post this week.

  8. Marielle says:

    I just found this blog hop…thank you for hosting! I’m Marielle and I blog at Lovin’ Life with Littles, where we focus on building stronger and happier families. I’m all about peaceful parenting and creating more opportunities to learn, laugh, and love together. I’m looking forward to clicking around here. Definitely adding that asparagus pasta to my Must Try pinterest board! Thanks again!

  9. That asperagus mac and cheese looks delish.

  10. Joanne says:

    So sorry to hear your poor cat is still struggling. I too am a stress eater! That mac and cheese sounds delicious. I just love anything with asparagus.

  11. Thank you for hosting, and have a great week!

  12. I’m so sorry that Tsunami is so unwell, Ramona. You are all in my prayers. No wonder you are craving comfort food. That is so very stressful. Thank you for hosting the party. Praying things improve.

  13. I’ll be continuing to pray for Tsunami and your family. We have cats and they aren’t just cats. Thanks for hosting. Now I’m off to check out some of those posts! Try to have a good weekend.

  14. meowmeowmans says:

    We’re so sorry you’re having a hard time regulating Tsunami’s blood sugar levels. Stay hopeful, Ramona. Sometimes it just takes a while. We are purring and praying and sending all good thoughts for Tsunami, and all of you.

  15. Praying for his healing. Sending positive thoughts for the Vet visit tomorrow. Thanks for hosting and I hope some good news this week.

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