2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planner Review

2022 Horacio Dream Planner & Accessories

Introduction To The 2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planners

Are you the type of gal who looks forward to autumn not only because of cooler days and fabulous fall foliage, but also because of the anticipation of finding the perfect, new planner to ring in the New Year?

Do planners hold special meaning for you because they’re not just places to track your daily appointments but because they’re dream books for mapping out your life vision and mission as well?

If so, dear dreamer, I’d like to introduce you to the 2022 Horacio Dream Planners – a collection of four 7 x 9 weekly planners designed by Horacio Printing CEO, founder and visionary Polly Payne to help you unleash your inner artist as you design the canvas of your life.

Horacio Dream Planners

My 2019 and 2022 Horacio Dream Planners side by side!

I first became a part of the Horacio Printing family back in 2019, when I purchased my first Horacio Dream Planner after searching for a faith-based planner that would help me better integrate my Christian beliefs and values into my everyday life. Over the years, the basic format of the planners has remained the same – what stands out this year is the addition of the beautiful blush formats to the line-up of options – but the basic things that initially drew me to the planner continue to appeal to me today:

  • First, the inspiring message, The best is yet to come, appears on the cover of all of the Horacio Dream planners. Who doesn’t need a daily dose of hope during these challenging times?
    2022 Horacio Printing Accessories

    Their journals carry their inspiring message too!

  • Next, there’s the elegant design, the high quality materials inside and out, and the neutral layouts. While I normally prefer a splash of color inside of my planners, the Horacio Dream Planners’ calm backdrop is appealing because it allows you to create as elegant and understated or as colorful and exciting a layout as you like!
    Sample Layout

    Here’s an example of an elegant layout I created against the neutral Horacio Dream Planner backdrop.

  • What I like most about the Horacio Dream Planners, however, are the quarterly, dream planning sections that Polly incorporates into each of the planners. Not only do these planning sessions help you to keep your goals front and center throughout the year, but Polly also provides personal training that is now easily accessed through QR codes that are built into the planners!

There are many great planners on the market but what truly distinguishes Horacio Printing from the competition is the person behind it. Polly truly cares for her customers – her love shines forth in everything she does!

2022 Horacio Planner Stickers

Pens and stickers and washi – oh my!

Now that I’ve had the chance to experience both the spiral-bound and the hardbound planners for myself, they are both wonderful to work with and truly a matter of personal choice.

Once you’ve selected your choice of exteriors, you’ll need to determine whether you prefer the horizontal layout (great for list-makers like myself!) or the vertical layout (perfect for gals who like to color block!) The best way to make those choices is to peek inside the planner by watching Polly’s video!


Excited by what you see? Here’s what you need to do next!

2022 Horacio Dream Planner Discount Code & Giveaway


Look what you can win!

If you’re learning more about Horacio Printing and their wonderful 2022 Horacio Dream Planner Collection, here are your next steps to take:

  1. Visit Horacio Printing to learn more about the 2022 Horacio Dream Planner Collection.
  2. Use Coupon Code 2022ISMYYEAR to SAVE 10% on your 2022 Horacio Dream Planner order.
  3. If you are a US Resident 18 years of age or older and would like the opportunity to win 1 of 3 2022 Horacio Dream Planners from Horacio Printing, enter this giveaway by October 31, 2021. Note that we are not sponsoring this giveaway – but if you enter, please let us know in the comments so that we can make you aware of similar opportunities in the future!

Disclosure: I received a review copy of the 2022 #HoracioPrinting #2022DreamPlanner through FrontGate Media. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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