Valentia Even Glow Serum Review

When You Look In The Mirror, Do You Like What You See? Today, I’d like to ask you a very personal question. When you look in the mirror and examine your skin, are you happy with what you see? For the past few months, when I’ve looked in the mirror, I’ve noticed my face hasn’t […]

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JORD Watch Review & Giveaway #JORDWatch

JORD Watch Face

JORD Watch Review Today I’d like to share something truly extraordinary with you. Have you have ever seen a hand-crafted, wooden watch? If not, envision a watch exquisitely designed from one or more diverse woods gathered from all around the world, linked together in interweaving patterns! What would you want your watch say about you? […]

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Beautiful AM Moisturizer & PM Revitalizer – Review & Giveaway

Beautiful - Personalized

Beautiful AM Moisturizer & PM Revitalizer Review Today I’d like to invite you to try a beauty experiment. The next time you have a little time on your hands, wash your face using whatever product you normally use to cleanse your skin – then stop. For the next 30 minutes or so, don’t moisturize or […]

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Denise Richards Perfume – Review & Giveaway

Denise Richards Perfume

Denise Richards Perfume – Review Imagine that you have the opportunity to create your own signature fragrance. What elements would you choose to define your personal style? Would you strive to create a fragrance that evokes a sense of beauty, confidence and femininity? Would you long for a special scent that reminds you of romantic […]

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Novica Jewelry Review & $50 Giveaway

Novica Lime Ice Necklace - Up Close

Novica Jewelry Review Do you love shopping for handcrafted jewelry and one-of-a-kind gifts? Would you to travel around the world to collect exotic treasures? If so, you will love Novica – an online marketplace that connects you with artisans and craftsman around the world and enables you to purchase dream items at incredible values! You […]

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Cafe Press Review & Giveaway

Cafe Press Messenger Bag

Café Press Messenger Bag & Journal Review One of the things I love about blogging is that I have the opportunity to discover fabulous companies I might not otherwise hear about – and, in turn, introduce those companies to you! Case in point: Recently, Café Press – a unique company that allows you to create […]

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Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Firmoo Burgundy with Cloth

Fimoo Sunglasses Review Could you use a new pair of sunglasses? Chances are, you could – even if you already own a pair! How many times have you: Left home without your sunglasses – and wished you had a pair to spare? Lost or misplaced the sunglasses you currently own? Broken your sunglasses – and […]

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