All About Klout

Understanding Klout

Did you know that as a blogger, you’re uniquely positioned to influence not only your readers, but entire social networks as well? Every item you publish has the potential to be seen not only by people who visit your website, but by countless others as it is shared across the blogosphere. As a result, measuring […]

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Chomping At The Bit

Hi Everyone, It’s Legend, and I am doing my best imitation of Mom right now. As you can see, she is chomping at the bit (not very flattering, is it?) If all goes according to plan, this will be our last time writing you from Blogger. Our migration is scheduled to begin in just a […]

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Hosting Companies

How happy are you with your current hosting company? Are you satisfied with the tools and services they provide? Are their representatives courteous and knowledgeable? Do they promptly resolve your problems? Are they up 99.9% of the time? Or, is your hosting company infamous for: Poor to non-existent customer support? An inability to resolve problems in […]

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