The Maxwell Leadership Bible – Review

NKJV Maxwell Leadership Bible

Review Of The Maxwell Leadership Bible – NKJV Third Edition Do you consider yourself a leader – a person positioned to influence others? If not, perhaps it’s time to change your perspective. Even if you’re not currently in a job, role, or position associated with power, chances are, God has positioned us to meet, interact, […]

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Overwhelmed Writer Rescue – Book Review & Giveaway

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue by Colleen M. Story – Book Review If you are a writer or creative artist who invests your time pursuing your passions and dreams, chances are that somewhere along the line, you’ve had to re-adjust your vision of what living a creative lifestyle really looks like. Many of us who pursue creative […]

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Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins – Book Review

Real Artists Don't Starve

Real Artists Don’t Starve: Timeless Strategies For Thriving In The New Creative Age – Book Review If you are a creative person with creative gifts and creative longings in any way, shape or form, I’m sure you are familiar with the myth of the starving artist. Well, I have some wonderful news for you. According […]

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Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge – Book Review

Launch Your Dream

Launch Your Dream: A 30 Day Plan For Turning Your Passion Into Your Profession – Book Review Have you ever been stuck doing a job that you hate? According to Dale Partridge, 70 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. He says: If 70 percent of Americans woke up with polio tomorrow, we would […]

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Chazown – Discover And Pursue God’s Purpose For Your Life


Chazown (Revised And Updated Edition) by Craig Groeschel – Book Review In Proverbs 29:18, the Lord tells us that “where there is no vision, the people perish”. Are you going through a season in life where you feel like you’re floundering because you’re unsure of what God’s purpose and plans are for your life? If […]

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Winning Plays – Book Review

Winning Plays by Matt Mayberry – Book Review I love reading success stories – especially when it involves individuals whose beginnings are not so auspicious, whose futures are less than bright. I enjoy rooting for underdogs – the guy who everyone is betting against in the game of life. Stories like these give us hope […]

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The Book Nook At Create With Joy #20 Featuring Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

Book Nook 200

Welcome to the Book Nook At Create With Joy! Welcome to the Book Nook at Create With Joy – a place where book lovers from around the world gather to share their collective love of books, reading, and all things literary! We are a family-friendly community of bibliophiles from all backgrounds – readers, bloggers, book […]

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The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance – Book Review & Giveaway

The Five Truths About Work Life Balance

The Five Truths About Work-Life Balance – Book Review Every now and then you come across a book that seems somewhat simplistic on the surface but, in actuality, contains exactly the words of wisdom that you need to hear during a particular season in your life. Many readers are going to be surprised to discover […]

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The Greatest Prospector In The World – Book Review

The Greatest Prospector In The World

The Greatest Prospector In The World by Ken Dunn – Book Review If you are a business person, entrepreneur, or salesperson who is interested in improving your prospecting skills and learning to deal with adversity in business and life, I have a unique book to share with you! Ken Dunn – a man recognized by […]

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Giving Candy To Strangers by Stan Holden – Book Review & Giveaway

Giving Candy To Strangers

Giving Candy To Strangers – Tips For Creating Abundance Through Heart-Centered Sales – Review Are you a creative professional or entrepreneur who needs to connect with the world around them in order to grow your audience or your business, but cringes at the thought of using some of the traditional sales techniques and business methodologies […]

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