Ottoman Dominion by Terry Brennan – Book Review & Giveaway

Ottoman Dominion

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I love surprising my husband with his favorite books – and surprised he was when I presented him with Ottoman Dominion, the final installment in the Empires of Armageddon Series. Isn’t this a stunner of a cover? Hubby was so excited by the […]

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Nine by Rachelle Dekker – Book Review


Nine by Rachelle Dekker – Book Review Are you looking for an emotionally gripping, action-packed thriller to lose yourself in this season? If so, consider adding Rachelle Dekker’s newest novel Nine to your must read list. Nine tells the story of a teenager named Lucy who is running for her life. Why, you may wonder, […]

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Persian Betrayal by Terry Brennan – Book Review & Giveaway

Persian Betrayal Giveaway

If you have read any of my husband’s reviews over the past several years, then you know he’s a huge Terry Brennan fan. Since the release of Ishmael Covenant – the first book in the new Empires Of Armageddon Series – he’s been counting down the days until the release of the next book in […]

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A Cross To Kill and Cross Shadow – Book Review & Giveaway

Cross Kill - Cross Shadow

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a good Christian thriller and suspense series as much as I do, then schedule some time on your reading calendar to delve into A Cross To Kill and Cross Shadow by Andrew Huff. These are the first two books in the exciting Shepherd Suspense Novel series (the third book, […]

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Standoff by Patricia Bradley – Book Review


Standoff by Patricia Bradley – Book Review If you tend to think of a park ranger’s job as laid back and peaceful due to the idyllic setting in which they spend their days, then Standoff – the first book in the new Natchez Trace Park Rangers Series by Patricia Bradley will be a real eye-opener […]

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The Traitor’s Pawn by Lisa Harris – Book Review

The Traitor's Pawn

The Traitor’s Pawn by Lisa Harris – Book Review One of my favorite genres of fiction is romantic suspense because I enjoy being immersed in a thrilling plot and seeing how characters I grow to care about resolve the pre-existing and current tensions and conflicts that exist between them. If stories like this speak to […]

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Chasing The White Lion – Book Review

Chasing The White Lion

Chasing The White Lion by James R. Hannibal – Book Review Last Fall, I had the pleasure of becoming immersed in rookie CIA agent Talia Inger’s world through James R. Hannibal’s exciting thriller, The Gryhpon Heist. Now, Hannibal has released the next Talia Inger adventure with Chasing The White Lion – a book that’s every […]

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Ishmael Covenant by Terry Brennan– Book Review & Giveaway

Ishmael Covenant

My husband is a huge fan of Terry Brennan, the Pultizer-Prize winning journalist and award winning author of The Jerusalem Prophecies Series, so, when I learned that Terry was releasing the Ishmael Covenant, the first book in The Empires Of Armageddon Series, I knew that surprising him with a copy of this highly coveted book […]

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Collision Of Lies by Tom Threadgill – Book Review

Collision Of Lies

Collision Of Lies – Book Review There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new-to-you author who has the power to reel you in from the very first line of their book, but Tom Threadgill has managed to do just that. From the unimaginable yet all too real opening chapter of Collision Of Lies, suspense lovers […]

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