Chasing The White Lion – Book Review

Chasing The White Lion

Chasing The White Lion by James R. Hannibal – Book Review Last Fall, I had the pleasure of becoming immersed in rookie CIA agent Talia Inger’s world through James R. Hannibal’s exciting thriller, The Gryhpon Heist. Now, Hannibal has released the next Talia Inger adventure with Chasing The White Lion – a book that’s every […]

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Ishmael Covenant by Terry Brennan– Book Review & Giveaway

Ishmael Covenant

My husband is a huge fan of Terry Brennan, the Pultizer-Prize winning journalist and award winning author of The Jerusalem Prophecies Series, so, when I learned that Terry was releasing the Ishmael Covenant, the first book in The Empires Of Armageddon Series, I knew that surprising him with a copy of this highly coveted book […]

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Off The Hook: How Forgiving You Frees Me – Book Review & Giveaway

Off The Hook

Off The Hook – Book Review As you think about all of the various people who have crossed your path or have impacted your life in some way, shape or form, are there any names, faces, or situations that come to mind that leave you feeling hurt, angry, bitter, betrayed or ashamed? Are there people […]

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Collision Of Lies by Tom Threadgill – Book Review

Collision Of Lies

Collision Of Lies – Book Review There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new-to-you author who has the power to reel you in from the very first line of their book, but Tom Threadgill has managed to do just that. From the unimaginable yet all too real opening chapter of Collision Of Lies, suspense lovers […]

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Keeping The Faith: A Study In Jude– Book Review & Giveaway

Keeping The Faith A Study In Jude

Keeping The Faith: A Study In Jude: Book Review– Book Review Imagine the following scenario: You are looking for an in-depth study that focuses on a single book of the Bible. However, due to scheduling constraints, you and your group can only devote 6 weeks or so to whatever Bible study you select. Sound daunting? […]

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Buzz Books Great Reads 2020 Spring/Summer – Book Review

Buzz Books Thumbnail

Buzz Books Great Reads 2020 Spring/Summer Sampler– Review If you love reading about new releases from established authors and discovering new books from upcoming authors – if you enjoy exploring new genres but prefer sampling books before you commit to reading them – then rush over to Netgalley (or the publisher’s website) and pick up […]

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The Secrets Of Bones by Kylie Logan – Book Review

The Secrets Of Bones - Thumbnail

The Secrets Of Bones: A Mystery – Book Review Recently I was introduced to the work of cadaver dogs through The Finders by Jeffrey B. Burton and I’ll be honest – that book got me totally intrigued about how these dogs are being used to solve crimes. So, when I saw The Secrets Of Bones, […]

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