The Weekly Habits Project – Book Review

The Weekly Habits Project – A Challenge To Journal, Reflect And Make Tiny Changes For Big Results One of my favorite Scriptures in the Bible is Romans 12:2 NKJV, which says: And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that […]

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But God Can by Becky Kiser – Book Review

But God Can by Becky Kiser book review

But God Can – How To Stop Striving And Live Purposely And Abundantly Have you ever felt stuck in life because something that happened in the past continues to haunt you? Can you recall a time you needed emotional support and practical assistance but were unable to get either because you were taught to never […]

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Day By Day – 101 Ways To Capture Memories & Create Your Own Story

Day By Day - A Guided Journal

Day By Day – A Guided Journal by Jess Conte Do you like to journal but sometimes find the crisp stark pages of a new blank notebook a little intimidating? Would you like to incorporate a little more creativity into your life but could use a little help? Social media influencer Jess Conte can relate […]

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Intimacy With God: 30 Conversations With My Heavenly Father

Intimacy With God

Intimacy With God: 30 Conversations With My Heavenly Father by Becky Meyerson Have you ever heard someone say they have a personal relationship with God and wondered what they meant? Do you long for a deeper relationship with God but aren’t sure how to get there? Well Bible teacher and author Becky Meyerson can show […]

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Young Women Love God Greatly Bible – Review

Young Women Love God Greatly Bible - Square

Young Women Love Greatly Bible – NET Translation – Book Review Today I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new Bible that not only comes with a bounty of fabulous features that I simply can’t get enough of, but is also written in an engaging new translation that is easy to read and understand. […]

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A More Beautiful Life – Book Review

A More Beautiful Life 1

A More Beautiful Life by Whitney English – Book Review Are you a woman who’s ready to create a life you love but finds that traditional goal-setting and productivity books don’t seem to work for you? It’s not that you aren’t prepared to define your goals and put them into action. It’s just that traditional, […]

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Who Are You Following – Book Review

Who Are You Following - Feature Photo

Who Are You Following by Sadie Robertson Huff – Book Review Who do you think currently has the greatest impact on your life? Take a moment and jot down whoever comes to mind. Besides their name, also jot down the number of hours you spend with that person each day. Now, think about how much […]

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Are You Ready To Live On Purpose?

On Purpose - Book & Author

Are you currently living the life of your dreams? Or are you so caught up with the daily grind of the life that you’re leading that somewhere along the line you placed your dreams on a dusty shelf and forgot about them? If you’re not passionately pursuing your heart’s desires or living a life that […]

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2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planner Review

2022 Horacio Dream Planner & Accessories

Introduction To The 2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planners Are you the type of gal who looks forward to autumn not only because of cooler days and fabulous fall foliage, but also because of the anticipation of finding the perfect, new planner to ring in the New Year? Do planners hold special meaning for you because […]

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Courageous Simplicity – A New Bible Study From (in)Courage

Courageous Simplicity: Abide in the Simple Abundance of Jesus – Book Review If you have spent any time reading my blog, you have probably gathered that I love God and His Word. Included among my favorite Bibles is the (in)Courage Devotional Bible because it not only faithfully renders God’s Word but it is designed so […]

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Butterfly Box Review & Giveaway

Butterfly Box Subscription Review When was the last time you received a box filled with inspirational gifts designed to transform your faith, renew your spirit, and encourage you in your daily pursuit of the Lord? Imagine the anticipation you would experience each month as you waited for your next box to arrive and the excitement […]

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