Write Satisfied On My Heart – The Power Of Scripture Journaling

Write Satisfied On My Heart - Interior

Are You Satisfied With Your Life? If I asked you to share a few unique qualities about yourself, what words would you choose? Chances are, the word “satisfied” never entered your mind. Satisfaction is not a quality we’re taught to aspire to in our culture. In fact, the opposite is true. From an early age, […]

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Christian Journals Direct Review & Giveaway


Christian Journals Direct Review If you are an avid note-taker and journaler, then you know how difficult it is to keep a fresh supply of notebooks and journals on hand to meet all of your writing needs. I’m always looking for books that are pretty, portable and affordable – books with quality paper that’s a […]

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30 Days To Peace: A One-Month Creative Journal – Book Review

30 Days To Peace

30 Days To Peace: A One-Month Creative Journal – Book Review This year, as we move into the holiday season – traditionally, the season that’s considered the busiest time of the year – why not join me in doing something a little counter-culture? Instead of spending your days fretting over the perfect holiday decorations, the […]

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Here’s Some Happy – Coloring Journal Review & Giveaway

Heres Some Happy

Here’s Some Happy – A Coloring Journal To Lift The Soul By Gina Graham If you love to color – love to journal – and are looking for a way to life your spirits this season, I have the perfect gift for you! Here’s Some Happy: A Coloring Journal To Lift The Soul by Gina […]

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Tranquility – A Prayer And Reflection Coloring Journal – Book Review


Tranquility – A Prayer And Reflection Coloring Journal – Book Review As Christians, we often hear about the benefits of having “quiet time” in our lives – time to pray, meditate, journal and spend with God – but often, when try to put that into practice, we find it hard to do. Our minds wander. […]

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Gratitude – A Prayer And Praise Coloring Journal – Book Review


Gratitude – A Prayer And Praise Coloring Journal – Book Review If you are looking for fresh new ways to connect with God – opportunities that allow you to bring your creative gifts into your prayer, praise and devotional times – you are going to love Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal! Gratitude: A […]

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Anchored Press Planner Review And Giveaway

Anchored Press Planner - L

Anchored Press 2016 Daily Planner – Review Are you the kind of gal who loves to plan her days? Do you love to pour over all of the beautiful planners on the market as you decide which planner will best serve your needs in the months ahead? Are you looking for a high-quality planner that […]

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Life Verse Creative Journal Set – Book Review

Life Verse Creative Journal

Life Verse Creative Journal Set – Book Review Have you ever received or chosen a Bible verse from Scripture to guide you through your life? Do you find that as you move through the various seasons of your life, that God uses His Word to speak to you powerfully in fresh new ways? Writing and […]

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ESV Journaling Bible – Review & Giveaway

ESV Journaling Bible 1

ESV Journaling Bible – Book Review Did you know that one of the biggest trends to hit the Christian community in recent years is Bible Journaling (also known as Faith Journaling?) Bible Journaling is a creative method of documenting your spiritual journey through both traditional and artistic journaling in the pages of your Bible. As […]

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Grace Of Gratitude Journal by Deborah Perdue – Book Review

Grace Of Gratitude Journal

Grace Of Gratitude Journal – Book Review It doesn’t matter who you are or what your spiritual belief system is, if you want to improve the quality of your life, one of the simplest yet most profound things you can do each day is simply practice the act of gratitude. As author Deborah Perdue writes: […]

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Live Inspired, Live Inspired Book 2 & Bounce – 3 Devotional/Journal #Giveaway

Live Inspired

3 Inspiring Devotional/Journaling Books To Deepen Your Spiritual Life Are you looking for ways to live a more meaningful and inspiring life? Are you a spiritual seeker who wants to live out your faith in ways that impact the world around you? Do you enjoy reflecting on the deeper things in life? If so, I’d […]

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