Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Firmoo Burgundy with Cloth

Fimoo Sunglasses Review Could you use a new pair of sunglasses? Chances are, you could – even if you already own a pair! How many times have you: Left home without your sunglasses – and wished you had a pair to spare? Lost or misplaced the sunglasses you currently own? Broken your sunglasses – and […]

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Upere Wedge Sneakers Review

Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede In Black

Upere Wedge Sneakers Review When it comes to shoes, which is more important: fashion or comfort? Personally, I don’t believe you should have to make that choice. I believe all footwear should be luxurious, stylish and comfortable! That’s why I’m delighted to introduce you to Upere – a specialty fashion brand established in 2012 to […]

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Meet The Fairy Hobmother!


Remember when you were growing up and you sensed something extraordinary was about to happen? Christmas came and gifts magically appeared under the Christmas tree. Easter came and beautiful baskets overflowed with treats. A lost tooth was placed under your pillow and, in the morning, something special appeared in its place! Don’t you think it’s […]

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Miele S2 Olympus Vacuum Review

Miele S2 Olympus Vacuum S2120 - Close-Up

When it comes to housekeeping, what is your biggest challenge? For me, keeping the carpets clean ranks pretty high up on the list! You see, when you live with two large shedding machines (also known as “the cats”), a household of humans who are constantly bringing the outdoors inside, and an upright vacuum that weighs a […]

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GlassesUSA – Review

GlassesUSA - Coach

As December approaches and we begin making our holiday lists, one of our most important family rituals are our end-of-the-year check-ups. We like to schedule one final appointment with all of our doctors to make sure all of our prescriptions are in order. We also have our eyes examined to ensure that our eyes are […]

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Peggy Bank – Review & Giveaway

Old Memories

How many of you have irreplaceable treasures buried in your homes? They come in boxes holding a lifetime of memories. They’re found in treasured heritage photos of our ancestors. They’re hidden in childhood moments captured in home movies. They’re tucked away in poignant speeches recorded on cassettes. They’re even found in aging slides and yellowing documents containing your family’s history What happens […]

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The High Calling – Newsletter Review

Who Is The High Calling? A few days ago I received an unusual invitation in the mail. I was invited to review the weekly newsletter for The High Calling, an online community that believes: God cares about our daily work! Intrigued? Me tooI! Since I was unfamiliar with this group, I visited their website to […]

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Cloud 9 Living Santa Monica Food Tour

Cloud 9 Living Logo

When was the last time you gave someone a truly memorable gift? I’m not talking about some fad that will soon be passe or some gadget that will soon be obsolete. I’m talking about something truly mind-boggling – a gift the recipient will talk about for years to come! If gift giving stumps you – […]

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