2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planner Review

2022 Horacio Dream Planner & Accessories

Introduction To The 2022 Horacio Printing Dream Planners Are you the type of gal who looks forward to autumn not only because of cooler days and fabulous fall foliage, but also because of the anticipation of finding the perfect, new planner to ring in the New Year? Do planners hold special meaning for you because […]

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Overwhelmed Writer Rescue – Book Review & Giveaway

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue

Overwhelmed Writer Rescue by Colleen M. Story – Book Review If you are a writer or creative artist who invests your time pursuing your passions and dreams, chances are that somewhere along the line, you’ve had to re-adjust your vision of what living a creative lifestyle really looks like. Many of us who pursue creative […]

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What’s The Deal With Teens And Time Management – A Parents’ Guide To Helping Your Teen Succeed

Whats The Deal With Teens And Time Management

What’s The Deal With Teens And Time Management by Leslie Josel – Book Review Do you have middle and high school children who are struggling to manage the ever-increasing demands of their modern-day lives? Would you like to help your teenagers develop good time management skills that will help them succeed at whatever they do […]

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