WOYWW – Who Do I See? Miss Sally!

Who Do I See ATC - Redanne
This week, I received a beautiful card and a delightful ATC from Anne at Redanne – a craftaholic who says she does not have a defined style but loves to create! I am going to share her beautiful card on an upcoming WOYWW and delight you with her whimsical ATC today!

Do you ever wonder what is going through the mind of an artist when he or she is creating?

And what thoughts, feelings and associations run through the recipient’s mind?

When I was a little girl, one of the popular children’s shows of my day was Romper Room – a franchised series where hostesses in various cities taught local children The Pledge Of Allegience, good manners and social skills in a kindergarten setting!


At the end of the show, the local hostess always looked through a “magic mirror” to view her television audience. She would recite the words:

Romper, bomper, stomper boo.
Tell me, tell me, tell me, do.
Magic Mirror, tell me today,
Have all my friends had fun at play?

And then begin to name the children she saw in “televisionland”, saying, for example:

I can see Mary and Lisa and Bobby and Sue…

As you can imagine, it was quite a thrill for a four or five year old to hear their name being read on television (and I’m sure, quite believable that they had been seen through that Magic Mirror!)

Romper Room Mirror

Of course, the psychological scarring of not hearing your name called was unbearable, as evidenced in this hysterical post, Romper Room Magic Mirror Never Saw Me!

Anyway, I don’t know what went through Anne’s mind when she created her fabulous card – but I thought I’d reminisce and share what went through my mind when I received it!

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  1. Dawn
    Twitter: breathoffaith

    I loved that show. And despised the fact I never heard my name called! Fixed, it was!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      I never heard my name either, for the record! Found it fascinating to read up on the show, now as an adult! I had no idea it ran so long – or that it was aired and produced locally in so many cities!

      I watched several of the videos on You Tube – for today’s sophisticated audience, it all seems rather hokey, I’m sure – but I know that a whole era of children were transfixed to their televisions during that show! 🙂

  2. rachel katzelbows says:

    I hope Anne is thrilled to hear the memories her art brought back to you. That’s very special and must have been a lot of fun for you.

    Happy WOYWW, rachel 5

  3. Bridget Larsen
    Twitter: YeeLarsen

    That ATC is lovely, I think I got one from her too
    Bridget #5

  4. Shoshi says:

    That’s an amazing ATC! It’s really bold and different. The thing that’s affected me the most about the swap is that we see each other’s art week by week online, but to actually hold it in your hands is another matter altogether – it creates a link between us that is very real and close. What a wonderful family WOYWW is!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  5. Peggy C says:

    thanks for the blast from the past LOL too funny. love the glasses on the card

  6. Mary Anne says:

    Nope. Never saw me either. Now I’m all nostalgic for b&w tv of the 60s! What ever happened to Captain Kangaroo? And when Annette Funicello was a Mouseketeer? Before she became the queen of the beach blanket movies 🙂

    I am off on a trip down memory lane.

    Oh and WHAT tray?

    MA (1)

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      The Mousketeers were before my time but I really will have to look Captain Kangaroo up as he was on my mind as I read this post!

      I had actually wanted to pull a black and white clip of the Magic Mirror but the only one I could find was for the original Romper Room Queen, Miss Nancy, who was on in the 50s (Miss Sally was her daughter!)

      On Anne’s blog today, she had a wooden TV tray in her photos – I am guessing you saw my comment and that was what I was referring too! 🙂

  7. Anne Rx says:

    Wow, couldn’t sleep, got up, linked up, started at No. 1 and here I am! What a shock to see my little ATC featured on your blog! I wasn’t expecting that……… That is my favourite of all the ATCs I did, I bought the stamp because I loved it and just thought it would be fun to put specs on because I wear them, it was really as simple as that. Sorry if that shatters any illusions! Love the fact that it took you back to your childhood though. I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving ATCs from fellow WOYWWers and hope we do the whole thing again sometime soon. Crafty hugs, Anne x #9

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks for the share, Anne, and of course for the fabulous ATC! I hope we get to do a swap again too – this has been such a blast!
      Everyone will enjoy seeing your card as well (which is quite different from the ATC!)

      And – for those who have not stopped by Anne’s blog today – go and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  8. Judy McCarthy says:

    Love Anne’s Atc.
    Judy #27

  9. Spyder says:

    fabulous ATc! Thank you for my snoop!! Have a great week! HaPpY WoyWw!!!

    ((Lyn)) # 28

  10. Joynana says:

    I watched Romper Room with my children. it was one of their favorites. I really love Anne’s ATC. #30

  11. Brenda says:

    Hi Ramona
    I’ve enjoyed seeing all the atc’s people received too and I liked your interesting thoughts on it when you saw it… I like how art means different things to different people, like 10 people looking at a painting in a gallery will probably have 10 different opinions, thoughts or feelings about it, and they’re all right at the end of the day as it’s what it means to them! The ribbon storage has been great for me because I like neat and tidy, I’m glad he’s had the courage to take it to the next level!

    Brenda 8

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Thanks for sharing, Brenda – love your thoughts! I too love how different people interpret art – especially when it is SO different from what the artist rendered! 🙂

  12. samantha kania says:

    What an awesome story of how art effects each person differently, thanks for sharing Anne’s ATC.


  13. sandysewin says:

    What a great card! And thanks for the trip down memory lane with Romper Room, lol.

    Happy creating and Happy woyww,

    Sandy #37

  14. sandeeNC says:

    LOL, well, I am glad that this was one generation behind me and never had to worry about Captain Kangaroo and Mr Green Jeans never calling out my name! Thanks for the giggle! And yes, Anne’s ATC is awesome!! waving hi from hills of North Carolina 🙂 ( not yet numbered )

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Oh, Sandee, how you missed out! No Captain Kangeroo and Mr Green Jeans? I thought about them when I was writing this post! Maybe there will be some more nostalgia in the upcoming weeks! 🙂

  15. Never heard of the show but I can imagine lots of children avidly watching it and waiting for their name! Fab ATC – I am doing a piece of artwork that could do with a big pair of glasses on it too! Thanks for sharing – Sunshine Girl No. 58

  16. Okienurse says:

    OMG! I loved Romper Room. Remember the Do Bee’s and Don’t Bee’s. I called my son Doobie for years before he asked me did I know I was calling him a marijuana cigarette…I rolled on the floor laughing so hard…Chad was such a good baby he was just a Do Bee!
    Thanks for sharing Joy! Have a great week. Vickie #67

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Oh that is hysterical (I guess you must think of that whenver you hear the Doobie Brothers!)! I started to include a longer video that showed the Do Be’s but wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested… Now that I know I’m not the only one who remembers this stuff, I will keep that in mind for future posts! 🙂

  17. Helen says:

    Hi Joy – Lovely trip down memory lane. We didn’t have that programme – I wonder if they ever thought that that end section would mean so much to some children!! Poor Ally. I bet there are quite a few kids today with unusual and often made up names who the magic mirror would not see either!!

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      You know, Helen, when I watched the show, I was really young, so I didn’t know that parents sent their child’s names in (I was shocked to find out that people put their kids on a waiting list BEFORE BIRTH to get them on this show!) – but I watched a later, local show when I was older where they also did an on-air reading of members and I sent my name in for that! I remember eagerly rushing home from school each day waiting to hear my name and being SO disappointed when it wasn’t called (apparantely there was QUITE a backlog!)

      I can tell you it was quite an effective marketing tool for children – you don’t to miss a day in case that’s the day your name is called!

  18. Inkypinkycraft says:

    A great atc and fun to share childhood memories trace x 56

  19. Shoshi says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment, Joy – sorry Blogger didn’t let you leave a comment last week. Various people have said how it was playing up… again… Mostly I find it’s just pages timing out and not loading until after many repeated attempts!

    Shoshi #3

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Great post – The ATC is superb … can quite see how it triggered that blast from your past :)) We never had that programme over here in Scotland but I can just imagine you sitting waiting for your name to be mentioned. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #75

  21. Twiglet says:

    Great post – we didn’t see Romper Room but how funny that one little ATC could take you right back to those days!! x Jo

  22. - KAT - says:

    that is great/…and I also remember romper room Not so much for me as for my younger brothers and sisters I think. But I did watch Captain Kangaroo and Mr Green Jeans Bunny rabbit and Mr Moose _Wow no wonder I am weirdly imaginative and creative-a holic Any thing was possible in my childhood! Magic mirrors and talking moose
    -KAT- #124

  23. Bernice says:

    Oh – my DH watched Romper Room as a child – so now I know what he’s been talking about! I’d never seen it before!
    Bernice #25

  24. I don’t remember the magic mirror bit but I didn’t watch TV much as a kid. My Camp Fire troop (there’s a traumatic memory) was on some kiddie TV show like that once, I thought maybe it was Romper Room. Anyway that is when young me discovered that people profile you and it ain’t good. During commercial breaks they played games so the girls could win prizes. The prizes were cardboard cylindrical containers painted up to look like giant Tootsie Rolls and were filled with Tootie Rolls. The top had a slot in it so after you ate all the candy you could use it like a piggy bank. I was so excited that I won one of the contests and would get a Tootsie Roll bank. Nope, the lady took one look at me and said, “Look at those thick glasses! You must be a reader!” and reached into her box of prizes, shuffled around and pulled out a Reader’s Digest Condensed Book for me. I was horrified. The other girls giggled and tittered at me. It was so not age appropriate. Judy #134

    • Create With Joy
      Twitter: CreateWithJoy1

      Oh Judy, I am sorry you had such a terrible experience! I remember both the Tootsie Roll banks and the Reader’s Digest Condensed Books (truth be told, neither was that great a prize!) Adults can really be twits! If they really wanted to rock your world, they should have given you Etch A Sketch’s (that’s what I always wanted and never had!)

  25. Annie G says:

    Happy WOYWW x gorgeous ATC from Anne x

  26. nora clemens-gallo says:

    Love your ATC, I never saw that show, but I’m not form the USA, … maybe that’s why 😉

    Have a great day!

  27. Great posting of the association you made when you looked at Anne’s amazing ATC! Mine was never a name that one would hear, but that’s okay, because I never saw the program. I do remember Capt. Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans, vaguely. You’ve brought everyone some “pausing” time today, Joy, and that’s a good thing … either to smile at a happy memory, or forgive and let go of an unhappy one.

    Happy WOYWWING! Darnell #142

  28. Kathryn says:

    What a great story and memory! We didn’t have that in the UK, but it sounds like it made such an impression on thousands of small American Children! Love the ATC, the glasses are great K x

  29. Emma says:

    Never saw the programme, but love your memories. Great ard too.

    Emma #109

  30. snosler says:

    Romper Room … WOW … I always hated that show – watched it ALWAYS too … but of course my name wasn’t very popular so I was crushed when I was never called out – anyhoo, I’ve been on Mars for two months but I’m back now – Happy Summer! And hey … I didn’t realize you did book reviews – I’d love to have you take a look at mine … and I’d gladly do a giveaway – maybe you could even do a a post about what I have up my blog right now – I’d love to hear public opinions on the matter. Anyway – things look good here! “talk” soon!

  31. Charlene says:

    Romper Room! I had forgotten all about it! Makes me yearn for simpler times…that’s one cool ATC! #38

  32. great ATC and what a cute and funny post!
    happy WOYWW!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  33. sandy :) says:

    Yes I remember that show too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Sandy 🙂

  34. Great ATC — just read an article in Quilting Daily about them and can’t wait to try it. Wouldn’t it be fun to do an ATC Hop!

    Following from Friday Blog Hop! Happy Friday!

  35. Monica Smith says:

    never heard of the show but it made me laugh. That is a really neat ATC.

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