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A List Of Offences – Book Review

Every now and then, you come across a writer whose voice is so fresh – whose message is so important – whose book is so timely – you’d like to put a copy into the hands of every person you meet.

Dilruba Z. Ara is one of those writers and her first novel, A List Of Offences, is one of those books!

A List Of Offences tells the story of a young, Bengali girl named Daria who is born into a very superstitious village. Even before her birth, rumors and gossip surround her. When she is born, many of the villagers believe she is cursed just because of her shimmery, silver hair!

Daria is born to parents who love her, but who are products of the religious and cultural environment in which they are raised. They want the best for her but, like most parents, try to impose their traditions and values upon her – regardless of the cost.

As Daria matures, she develops into a sensitive, intelligent young woman who must find her place in a world that does not intrinsically value her or recognize her worth. How will she deal with the daily injustices forced upon her as a woman living in a third world country? Will she succumb to familial and societal pressures – or will she break tradition and risk facing the wrath and backlash that is sure to follow?

A List Of Offences is a beautifully written story that transcends race, religion and culture and provides fresh insight into issues that impact women everywhere. The book is highly relevant and I’m pleased to recommend it to my readers.

About Dilruba Z. Ara

Dilruba Z Ara

Dilruba Z. Ara was born in Bangladesh. Nurtured on Greek mythology by her father, and hearing Indian fairy tales as bedtime stories from her mother, Dilruba had her first story published when she was eight years old. While in university at the age of twenty, she met and married her husband, a Swedish Air Force officer, and moved to Sweden, where she obtained degrees in English, Swedish, Classical Arabic and linguistics. She now teaches Swedish and English in Sweden. An accomplished, exhibited artist, her paintings have been used as the covers for the Bangladeshi, Greek, and U.S. editions of A List Of Offences.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. I was not compensated or required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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