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Fired Up – Book Review

If you like Western Romances, you may be familiar with the name Mary Connealy – an author known for writing “romantic comedies with cowboys”.  Since I have enjoyed several books in this genre, and I have heard only good things about this writer, I thought I would give Fired Up – the second book in the Trouble In Texas series – a whirl.

Fired Up is the story of Glynna Greer and Dare Ryker. Glynna is a former mail order bride who is now widowed in the Wild, Wild West and decides to make a living for herself and her sons by opening a diner – even though she can’t cook. Dare is the town’s acting (though not licensed) doctor who is interested in courting Glynna, when he’s not dodging danger and treating the townspeople for eating Glynna’s home cooking!

Sound like fun? I thought so too! I’m sad to say, however, that Fired Up failed to ignite any sparks with me.

I really wanted to like this book. I tried rereading it from the beginning on three different occasions hoping I would enjoy it more. But no matter how many times I reread the book, I just couldn’t connect with the story or the characters.

The synopsis follows for your enjoyment. If the plot interests you, check it out! Most of the bloggers who read this book liked it. This particular story just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fired Up – Book Synopsis

Dare Riker is a doctor who saves lives, but someone seems determined to end his. It may have something to do with the traitors he dealt with during the Civil War, or it might be related to the recent incident with Flint Greer and the ranch. Whoever the culprit is, he or she seems really fired up, and Dare can’t let his guard down for a moment, which is a challenge, since right now he’s trying to win the heart of the recently widowed Glynna.

Glynna Greer came west as a mail-order bride and ended up in a bad situation. Now her husband, Flint, is dead, and she’s determined to care for her son and daughter on her own. She wants to believe Dare Riker is as decent as he seems, but she’s terrified to lock herself into another marriage. She plans to support her small family by opening a diner–never mind that cooking is not her greatest talent. The men in Broken Wheel, Texas, are so desperate for home cooking that they seem willing to overlook dried-out beef and blackened biscuits.

Glynna can’t help but notice that danger follows Dare wherever he goes. There’s the avalanche. And then the fire. But things really get out of hand when someone plunges a knife from Glynna’s diner into Dare’s back. Are Flint’s cronies still plotting revenge? Is Glynna’s son engaged in a misguided attempt to protect his mother? Is a shadowy outsider still enraged over past injustices? And can Dare survive long enough to convince Glynna to take another chance on love?

About Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy

Mary Connealy writes fun and lively “romantic comedy with cowboys” for the inspirational market. She is the author of the successful Kincaid Brides, Lassoed in Texas, Montana Marriages, and Sophie’s Daughters series, and has been a finalist for a Rita and Christy Award and a two time winner of the Carol Award. She lives on a ranch in eastern Nebraska with her husband, Ivan, and has four grown daughters.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.


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