Tsunami Gives Thanks

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was great – I spent Thanksgiving with family and friends, eating delicious food, watching movies, and catching up on some much needed sleep!  But – I am convinced that no one had a grander time than Tsunami, my two and a half year old Blue Maine Coon cat!

Tsunami loves holidays.  To be precise, Tsunami loves any day – holiday or not – when poultry is served.  He is a chicken and turkey kind of guy.  So, you can imagine his delight last Thursday, when turkey was the centerpiece of the meal.  Since the turkey was free-flowing, from his perspective, I’m convinced that Thanksgiving is his favorite day of the year!

Tsunami has an impeccable sense of smell.  We cooked everything except for the turkey at our place – we sent the turkey to our neighbor’s, since she has a larger oven.  Tsunami lounged all day, but the moment the turkey appeared, he sprung to life.  Out of nowhere, Tsunami zoomed between my husband’s legs, stuck his head over the counter (he’s that tall when he stands!), and began “singing for his supper”.  My husband (who is completely ruled by that cat!) attempted to satiate our 20 pound baby by serving him the first dish of the day.  Tsunami gave thanks by devouring an entire turkey breast by the time we finshed our meal!

Needless to say, Tsunami has been in a happy, tryptophan haze all weekend!

Today’s photo, taken the Saturday before Thanksgiving, shows a clear-headed Tsunami in all of his regal, self-assured splendor!

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  1. harrowjet says:

    Tsunami is a beautiful cat. I'm glad he enjoyed the holiday. 🙂


  2. Heather says:

    Tsunami is a gorgeous cat!!!! Oh how I'd love to have a cat like him. I have had cats all my life, but we had to give my last cat to my Mom after my daughter was born. Weeble wasn't able to adjust to having a small child around all the time and sharing her household. Since she still has her claws we worried about the safety of my daughter. Weeble is very happy with my Mom now and enjoys visits from my children, but I think she is happy not to live with them. I truly miss having a cat around all the time. I'd love to have a Maine Coon, as they are such gorgeous cats, or a Himalayan, but right now we can't afford a purebred cat or even one from the humane society. Hopefully when we get back on our feet financially we can get another cat.

  3. The Paper Princess says:

    Thanks Judy – Tsunami enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner so much that he has continued to celebrate for the past several days! He is going to be one sad cat when the leftovers run out. Fortunately for him, Christmas is just around the corner! 🙂

  4. The Paper Princess says:

    Oh Heather, I'm so sorry you had to give Weeble away after the birth of your daughter – I know how difficult a decision that was – but I'm so glad that she is living with your mom and you still get to see her! I hope your situation changes soon and you are able to add a new cat back into your household. Himalayans are wonderful cats – I had one named Nutmeg who was a companion to my very first Maine Coon – but as much as I loved her – it was the Maines that stole my heart! I can tell that any cat you adopt, however, will have a wonderful home! 🙂

  5. christina d says:

    It sounds like Tsunami had an outstanding Thanksgiving along with the rest of the family. He sure is a pretty cat!

  6. The Paper Princess says:

    Thanks Christina! We finally ran out of turkey so Tsunami is a sad little kitty right now. For the several days that we had leftovers, he was at the kitchen counter every time we pulled the turkey tupperware out of the fridge! Poor baby! Oh well, don't feel too sorry for him – we're thinking of serving up another turkey (just for him, of course!) at Christmas! 🙂

  7. Reta says:


    As I promised to view all your latest postings with Tsumani on Friday at work; and I don't blame him for making sure he had his turkey first! The dinner menue looked fabulous and mouth watering even now. By the way did your prince charming surprise your quests by having the turkey done on time this year? I will try your cranberry creation when I do my turkey. I'm going grocery shopping Saturday as I'm not a Black Friday Shopper even if the cash flow was good, which is not!!! As you would say join the club.

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