Wendilee’s Name ATC

Art is not created in a vacuum.  It is shaped by everything around us, and molded by both the past and present influences in our lives.

Today’s feature is Wendilee’s Name ATC, the third card I’ve created for the ATC Names swap.  If you missed the details about this project, you can read about it here.

Wendilee’s card was hard for me to conceive initially, because I did not know much about her, and her favorites list was short.  The first three suggestions were out, as I don’t own any Stampscapes stamps, and I did not want to risk offending someone I was just getting to know with my interpretations of “exotic” or “humor” on so personal a card!  That left only one choice – “realistic” – to work with.  Realistic.  Whatever that means!

Ultimately, I was having fun designing Victiorian-themed cards at the same time I was working on Wendilee’s ATC, so I decided to incorporate the theme of “yesteryear” into her card. 

The first element I chose was this wonderful image from the Altered Pages Mini Images Collage sheet.  I knew I wanted a picture on Wendilee’s card, and this image reminded me of the hand-tinted portraits of my ancestors that surrounded me in my youth. 

Next came the color scheme.  I chose black and brown not only because they are considered heritage colors, but because they imply reliability and steadfastness as well.  I associate these two character traits with the “realistic” types of personalities described in “What Color Is Your Parachute”, as well as with the woman in the photo, and Wendilee!

Finally, I layered the pieces, using paper tearing to provide a hint of brightness, and added the fan for a touch of elegant flair.  I love the final result – I think the finished ATC is inviting and warm, while the woman in the portrait is accessible yet a tad mysterious.

What do you think?

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  1. christina d says:

    I love it. I think she ill too. I love how you do the names, you're giving me some good ideas.

  2. The Paper Princess says:

    Thanks Christina – I'd love to see the cards you have done to date – I can't see any of the attachments on our ATC group so the only name cards I've seen so far are the two I received early since swap members don't have to send my cards to me until next June! 🙂

  3. Vicky says:

    wow! lovely name atc's …you inspired me to make some with your posts 🙂 thanks,Vicky

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