OWOH Gift 1: Altered Heart Box & Gift Bag

Last week, I announced that as a special thanks to all who helped make my first OWOH experience such an overwhelming success, I wanted to surprise a few more participants with something special from me. So, I have picked three handmade prizes to bless three additional people with! There is nothing additional you need to do – if you left a comment on my original OWOH post, you are automatically entered in the drawings! And, if you missed out on this year’s event, don’t fret – I hope to offer some new blog candy in the not too distant future!
Since the event was called One World One Heart, I wanted to offer at least one gift with a heart theme, so my first gift is an altered heart box in a red mesh gift bag. I will enclose a few little goodies inside the box to surprise the recipient of this gift with. I love collecting both boxes and bags – they are versatile for both gift-giving and for storing your special memorabilia and trinkets in!
I hope you’re as excited by these bonus drawings as I am! I look forward to announcing the recipient of this gift and unveiling the next RAK very shortly!

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  1. Heckety says:

    That's just lovely! I decided to do the same and people didn't answer their emails, or when I left the news on their blogs, even the main winner, so the two who did answer are getting everything split between them. Its kinda disappointing but I guess you win some, you lose some, and my Giveaway wasn't much compared to all the other gorgeous stuff out there.
    Never mind- I hope your people really love this extra you are sending them!

  2. Peggy says:

    So pretty!
    I had a great time visiting all the blogs .
    Sad that some didn't answer

  3. christina d says:

    It's beautiful. I love that set. Someone is going to be very happy!

  4. The Paper Princess says:

    Thanks Christina – I love this set too! I was thinking at first, perhaps I should raffle it to someone's hubby or boyfriend and let them surprise their special ladies with a ring or special piece of jewelry, lol!

    Heckety, I had a chance to visit your blogs the other day – I think I got called away before I had a chance to leave a comment to let you know I had stopped by – but your offerings were wonderful and I'm so sorry that you never heard back from all of your winners! I would try to put a different spin on things so that you don't feel bad. Perhaps the people never checked their e-mails (hard to fathom, I know, but I hear that from people all of the time!) – or never got it for some reason (misdelivery, it got lost in their box – both of which has happened to me before!) or for some reason, had something crop up in there lives (illness, loss, etc) that simply prevented them from responding back to you. Sometimes things aren't what they seem. The very first prize I won I almost lost out on because I was sick with the flu and forgot to check back to see who won the contest. Over a month later, I posted something on a group that the sponsor of the contest was on – she recognized my name and asked if I had entered her contest – THAT is how I found out I won the prize! She was kind enough to send it to me, even though sufficient time had passed that had she passed it on to someone else I would have understood. In any case, don't lose heart – use this as a learning experience to tweak your rules in future giveaways – and know that the ladies who will receive your goodies will be extra blessed by them! 🙂

    Peggy, I'm so glad you had fun visiting all of the blogs! I am STILL visiting them – and loving the process! It is so much fun to meet so many people and to see how everyone expresses their creativity!

    Good luck in the drawings ladies! Since I have already posted the second prize, I just have one more to share with you, and then the drawings begin! 🙂

  5. Stephanie J says:

    Hi Ramona!

    I just wanted to pop in & say thanks for entering my candy – good luck!

    I love that little trinket box, by the way; I love all boxes, but that one is particularly sweet! I'm going to add myself to your follower list – looking forward to your future projects, as I've been enjoying the past ones!

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