WOYWW 7, Cat Chat, Updates

I thought I would start today’s post by sharing a second photograph I took of Tsunami that captures his full reflection in my coffee table – in part, because it’s one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken in a long time, and in part, because you’re going to need something beautiful to feast your eyes upon once you see my hubby’s contribution to today’s post!

I think I’ll save that for a bit. First, I want to share some highlights from my week!

For those of you who scan my Candy Bar on a regular basis, you might recall that Donna of Donna’s Den Of Crafts offered Daily Giveaways during January. I was fortunate enough to win one of these beautiful prizes, which arrived a few days ago – as you can see, it was the perfect gift for a girly girl like me to receive, particularly around Valentine’s Day! Thank you Donna so very much! Donna also hosts a challenge blog called Cards For Men that you may enjoy checking out if you are surrounded by testosterone-laden clan!
Next, I’m excited to share that a few days ago, Kathyrn Lantz of Sassmowth Designs contacted me to tell me that I was one of her OWOH winners! I am so excited – I did not join OWOH with the expectation of winning anything – in fact, there were actually only a handful of giveaways I even entered! For me, OWOH was about making connections – I’m still visiting blogs, and I’m actually enjoying my visits more now that I know I don’t have to visit them all in just a few short weeks! Nonetheless, I am so excited that this beautiful Clematis photograph is heading my way that I could not wait until it arrived to share the news. So, if you’d like a sneak peek, you can read the winning announcement here! Kathyrn has a delightfully wicked sense of humor, so I know you’ll all enjoy her blog!
OK, I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough – the Princess of Packages is back! After my hubby picked himself up off the floor from laughing after our esteemed WOYWW Leader Julia recognized my “Suzy Homemaker” skills last week (hmmm… I wonder if she’s sending me a merit badge for that!) – he’s been looking for a way to set me up and “tell the world the truth – the whole truth – and nothing but the truth” in his words! Obviously, his slant on the truth is a tad slanted – while a picture may be worth a thousand words – you always have to check the source (some publishers are more credible than others!) So, here is his photo – now here is the story behind it…

We are in the midst of doing some early spring cleaning and reorganizing throughout our home – with one of the main goals being the opportunity for me to make-over the Paper Palace! So, as part of this process, I have been pulling, sorting, and organizing items as I’ve had time – and as things have gotten frenzied, I’ve been putting items in plastic baggies so I can see what I have to work with! I was doing a good job of keeping up with things until this past weekend, when fatigue took over – as a matter of fact, I’m taking a few days to rest and clear my head! However, hubby took this photo when the pile was at its worst and insisted I publish it- so he is contributing the WOYWW photo, and I’m contributing the thousand words!

That’s all for today! I look forward to sharing more exciting news and more OWOH post-giveaway updates soon!

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  1. Kathryn Lantz says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out about me on your amazing blog! And of course thanks for the comment! I would love to participate in the WOYWW because I believe my lovelies have the wrong idea about my workspace – I *cleaned* it before I took pictures lol.

    I agree with preferring to have blog followers who are actually people who enjoy your blog and read it as opposed to "followers" just to have "followers" lol. I suppose I may piss a few people off. A few times I've had to let my lovelies know that hey, this is what my opinion is, and if you need to stop following me because of it, okay. lol. I never lost any then though! 🙂
    Love your blog! I'll definitely have "whats on your workdesk wednesday' picture next week! thanks so much for letting me know about it, it looks like so much fun! And very revealing! LOL 🙂

    Oh and I'm *loving* your picture with the cats reflection! It's amazing!

  2. Wipso says:

    What a stunning photo of your cat. I hope you have it framed.
    I love your pile of stash all bagged up and ready for rehoming and hope you are feeling well rested now and ready to use some of it.
    A x

  3. Julia Dunnit says:

    Can't scare me with a photo like that! How fascinating. And how I hope that your DH never gets a chance to visit me and make the comparison twixt you and I..then he'd know for sure, you are a Suzy! I have been known, in workshops, to tell people, when handling glue tape and ink to 'think american' and put a decent amount of the stuff onto whatever they're doing. (There exists a peculiar English 'thing' that means some people expect a pin head drop of glue to fix anything…) Anyway, imagine the thrill I got when I enlarged your photo and see a blue tube with the words 'Lay it on thick' across the top! Vindication!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carmen says:

    That is a simply stunning photo of your cat are you going to frame it? I hope so.

    Aren't our OH's eeeeevil? Just eeeeevil! I bet he doesn't take a piccy when you are all sorted and go tadaaaaa look how tidy she made it. Oh no. I sympathise – mine is the same 😛

  5. butlersabroad says:

    Lol, that's what you're telling us young lady…. as you say, consider the source!!


  6. Reta says:

    He's the cat's meow and I just love that orginal pose with his reflection.

    Your husband's attempt to show his funny bone by distracting from your attempts at organization on your work space failed with your comments. Smile

    This whole blog made my day!

  7. christina d says:

    I love the pic of one of your boys. They sure are handsome kitties. Gee, I saw nothing wrong with your photo. I have stacks of baggies like that all over the place!

  8. Leah says:

    the reflection picture is so cool!

  9. Paula Gale says:

    Your pic of the cat is sooo fantastic – he really is a handsome chap – i enjoy coming to your blog to look at pics of him as much as anything else!!!

    Good luck with the clear out – but i bet you don't throw much out – us crafters don't tend to… do we??

    Paula x x x

  10. Lisa aka Allissa says:

    Just fabby! love it. Look at this gorgeous feline.
    I think he's rating it all for mummy and making sure you are doing a grand job! haha!
    Thanks for sharing darling.

  11. KarenB says:

    Hi and thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. Good luck with the draw for the Purple Stuff 🙂 I don't have a follower sidebar widget-thingie but if you're interested in following my blog there's a 'follow' link on the top blogger header which will sign you up. I've joined as a Kindred Spirit – I know I've visited before so I'm glad I know where to find you again 🙂

  12. Michelle says:

    Glad you dropped by my blog, we do have a lot in common, I have a kitty that looks like yours, only short haired. I love photography also, and that picture of your cat turned out great! It reminded me that I need to post some pictures of my pets on my sidebar, I have been meaning to do that.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Stempelientje says:

    The picture of Tsunami refelcting on the coffee table is one of my favourites!

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