ATC: I Dream Of Barbie & Giveaway Updates

Welcome, especially those who have hopped here for the first time as part of The Good Egg Giveaway! Today’s ATC, I Dream Of Barbie, provides another look at an Artist Trading Card I made for my Collage ATC Girly Swap. Each card in this swap features one or more items contained in a package of girly-themed items I received from the swap hostess. You can see a photo of my other ATCs here
I Dream Of Barbie features three items from my collage package: the Barbie sticker, the little black heart, and the pretty pink poodle. Pink and black is one of my favorite color combos; on this card, I added a touch of mint green paisley which serves as a “dream blurb”. The pink flower paper is embossed with the alphabet – I thought the end-effect was interesting!
This card, to me, is all about play. It’s fun and frivolous, light and fluffy, not that serious – just like Barbie. Now, I’m curious: how many of you played with Barbie dolls growing up? I didn’t – nor did any of my friends. Not that I had anything against Barbie – she just wasn’t a part of my social circle!
Anyway, if you have not already done so, be sure to enter my Good Eggs Giveaway – have fun exploring my site – and be sure to join my family of Kindred Spirits so you won’t miss out on any of my upcoming events! Then, when you’re ready, continue hopping to the sites of the other participants by visiting the Hoppin’ Good Eggs site!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Ah, a cat person. Please enter me in your give-away!

  2. christina d says:

    I was too old before Barbies came around. Mine was paper dolls. My daughter didn't like dolls and her brothers were horrible with them. I love your ATC though. It is cute and girly.

  3. Guilitta says:

    I had no barbie. It was the time befor barbie came out. Sorry.

    Thank you very much for your generous giva away. Please sign me in.

    My mail addy is in my profil at my blog.

    Greeting Guilitta from Germany

  4. Cathy says:

    No barbie's for me either, but I sure bought enough of them for my daughter when she was growing up. Please enter me in your awesome give away. I am off to see you blog now, I came here from another blog that mentioned you.

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