Organization: Bling’s The Thing!

Like many of you, I am seriously addicted to bling! I love bling in all of its various forms – beautiful gems, sparkly jewels, shaped rhinestones, precious pearls. I like to keep generous amounts of bling on hand. Not only does that make it easier to find the right size, color, and shape I want for my projects – it also gives me the freedom to apply as much bling as I want to any given piece of art!

For a long time, keeping track of these beauties was challenging – I either had bling floating all over the place, or I couldn’t find the right pieces when I needed them! But, since I started storing my packaged pieces in see-through containers, organization has been a breeze! The container in Photo 1 is a recycled Prima box. The container in Photo 2 is a tin that came from a bling kit I purchased from QVC a few years ago!

What is your favorite way to store your bling?

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  1. Crafty Chris says:

    I try to be that organised but it never works out, Happy crafting
    Christine x

  2. jacque4u2c says:

    Fantastic idea! i love bling too!

  3. ThePurplePlace says:

    I bought some wonderful drawer units from IKEA – They are called ALEX Drawer Units and I LOVE them. I started with one when I first created my craft room and then one day my son called and said he was heading down to IKEA and asked if I wanted anything, and I asked him get me another one, which he did. I absolutely LOVE them, and they hold a ton of "blind", plus they are n casters, which makes them very easy to move around, if needed!!

    I now have both totally filled and would buy another, if I have ANY more space, LOL! They are so nice and the quality is awesome. I also used one draw for punches and one draw for stamps pads and stamping supplies. The rest is pretty much all "Bling" – Gems, Pearls, Rhinestone, Glitter, Flowers, Stickles, and so much more!! For the very small items, I keep them inside of clear boxes that fit in the drawers perfectly.

    I've learned it works best to be very organized and it makes it so easy to find what you want and keeps me from buying duplicates or things I really do NOT need! I love hat I can simply pull out a draw and then pick my flowers or my glitter, or a gem!! It works wonderful and I love IKEA because they have so much fabulous furniture and organizing ideas!!

    Thanks for a great post! 🙂


  4. julietk says:

    I have a twelve drawer (120 compartment)curver storage unit Which I was lucky enough to get at a charity shop for 5 pounds. Anything too big to go inthere is ina tin or basket.
    Containers with see through lids are great too 🙂

  5. marsha says:

    Oh, to be so disciplined! I try and it looks great for such a short time.

    Hugs, Marsha

  6. Julia Dunnit says:

    I will show you tomorrow!

  7. christina d says:

    I like how you have yours stored. Right now mine is all stuffed in a drawer. Guess I better change my ways.

  8. Kate says:

    Creativity and organization just don't seem to be in the same skill set for me. But I love the unit from Ikea. When I get my studio organized, I might have to look into something like that!

  9. Hands to Work, Hearts to God says:

    Oh my bling is all over the place. i don't get to use it cause I'm always saving it for something special!
    :^) patsy

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